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Denver, CO vs Boulder, CO

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- There are 322 physicians per 100,000 people in Boulder.
- There are 368 physicians per 100,000 people in Denver.
- The US average is 210 physicians per 100,000 people.

 Denver, COBoulder, COUnited States

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Reviews for Denver    461 Reviews
Creepy white straight men and damaged women - 4/8/2021
Denver has become full of the creepiest, anti social, anti masculine, physically and mentally effeminate, rude selfish type of straight white nerdy techs men who spend... Read More
Josh |  | Reply | No Replies

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Not as woke as it seems - 3/20/2021
I never sought to live in Denver—it reminded me too much of the Midwestern city where I'm from, which I never wanted to live in either—but a job brought me here, after... Read More

Lived in a lot of places; Non-native review - 3/18/2021
I lived in a lot of different cities in the 90s and 2000s including Denver. Now I'm back in Denver and while it is not perfect, honestly the city is pretty good,... Read More

Reviews for Boulder    54 Reviews
I love it here! Such a beautiful and friendly city - 11/5/2020
We moved here from Texas about 4 years ago and love it here! The amazing sense of community and high regard for the environment are two of the main reasons we love... Read More

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Snob says it's ok - 9/18/2020
Most people do much worse than Boulder. I'm the most critical person I've ever met who is never happy or satisfied -- so that's a pretty huge compliment. ... Read More

Rich - 9/15/2020
As hypocritical as it is -- the money stays in Boulder and for that I am thankful. ... Read More

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