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Los Angeles, CA vs New York, NY

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- New York has % more rainy days than Los Angeles.
- New York has % Sunny Days than Los Angeles.
- On the BestPlaces comfort index, New York scores 19.8% worse than Los Angeles

 Los Angeles, CANew York, NYUnited States

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Reviews for Los Angeles    238 Reviews
Great culture, weather, and food, at big costs. - 4/4/2021
Pros: Great culture, food, museums, theater, art, weather, and lots of different ethnic areas if you're willing to drive/sit in traffic to get there. Cons: Insanely... Read More

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Great Place To Stay - 3/14/2021
It's a great place to stay and never leave.... Read More

An amusement park to visit, not a home. - 3/6/2021
I’ve lived in the County for 7 years. Long Beach 3.5 years and Sherman Oaks 3.5 years. Now I’m ready to go! (1) Covid sadly seemed to make homelessness and crime... Read More

Reviews for New York    328 Reviews
Don't Fight The Last War by Moving to NYC - 3/3/2021
As our culture becomes more atomized, NYC - the singles capital of the world - is the showroom for the rest of the US of what's to come. It USED to be a great city...... Read More

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Don't Move Here...and Here's Why...... - 2/17/2021
I've lived here my entire life and in the last year, since the moronic mayor partially defunded the police by $1,000,000,000.00, and his wife stole $850,000,000.00 to... Read More

The land of opportunity not quality - 12/14/2020
Born and raised in queens. if you don’t know how to hustle and aren’t prepared to work multiple jobs/multiple incomes you won’t do well in NY. Unless you’re a doctor or... Read More

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