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Manhattan, NY vs Boston, MA

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- Boston is 0% more densely populated than Manhattan.
- People are 11.5% less likely to be married in Boston.
- The Median Age is 5.1 years younger in Boston.

 Manhattan, NYBoston, MAUnited States
 Female Population52.7%51.9%50.8%
 Male Population47.3%48.1%49.2%
 Median Age37.13237.8
 Population - 20101,589,041621,053309,327,143
 Population - 20001,537,195589,141285,036,114
 Population - 19901,487,536574,283251,960,433
 Pop. 2000 to Now4.9%17.4%15.6%
 Pop. 1990 to Now8.4%20.4%30.8%
 Population Density70,611.514,306.793.3
 Land Area22.848.33,531,905.4
 Water Area10.841.3264,836.8
 Est. Total Population By Age
 Manhattan, NYBoston, MAUnited States
 Age 0 to 45.0%5.2%6.2%
 Age 5 to 93.8%4.3%6.4%
 Age 10 to 143.6%4.1%6.5%
 Age 15 to 172.1%2.7%3.9%
 Age 18 to 203.3%7.1%4.1%
 Age 21 to 246.1%8.3%5.6%
 Age 25 to 3422.6%23.8%13.7%
 Age 35 to 4414.4%12.5%12.7%
 Age 45 to 5412.5%11.1%13.4%
 Age 55 to 595.7%5.3%6.7%
 Age 60 to 645.5%4.6%6.0%
 Age 65 to 748.4%6.2%8.6%
 Age 75 to 844.5%3.2%4.4%
 Age 85 and over2.3%1.5%1.9%
 Manhattan, NYBoston, MAUnited States
 Native American0.1%0.2%0.7%
 Hawaiian, Pacific Islander0.0%0.0%0.2%
 Two or More Races2.2%2.4%2.3%
 Marriage & Family
 Manhattan, NYBoston, MAUnited States
 Married Population36.8%32.6%50.2%
     Currently Married34.1%29.7%48.2%
 Married but Separated2.6%2.8%2.0%
 Single Population63.2%67.4%49.8%
 Never Married50.0%55.9%33.1%
 Household Size2.102.362.63
 Family Households320,700126,88578,298,703
     Married couple, w/children25.5%22.6%31.1%
     Married couple, no children40.8%34.4%42.3%
 Non Family Households437,645136,34440,527,218
     Single householder, w/children16.8%24.2%16.3%
     Single householder, no children16.9%18.7%10.3%

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