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Boston, MA is a vibrant city located in the Northeastern United States. It is renowned for its rich history, iconic attractions, and cultural offerings. From historical sites like the Freedom Trail to sporting events at Fenway Park, there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy in Boston. The city also offers excellent dining options with award-winning restaurants, as well as plenty of shopping opportunities. There are also numerous museums and theaters throughout the city that draw tourists from around the globe.
Reviews of Boston, MA are generally extremely positive. Visitors tend to remark on how friendly and knowledgeable the locals are and how much there is to do and see across all neighborhoods. Many people also note the beautiful architecture throughout the city, along with gorgeous views of nearby rivers and parks. With world-class restaurants, music venues, art galleries, and museums, it's no wonder that many consider Boston one of the most enjoyable cities in the US to visit.

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Boston is great! - 4/2/2023
health care in the country, plenty of jobs, gorgeous architecture, cool neighborhoods, lots of great restaurants, and always something to do. The beautiful coast, the Charles River, and it’s a very livable city. You can live in a neighborhood where you know your neighbors and you don’t need a car with public transportation that goes virtual everywhere.
It’s expensive in the city, but the jobs pay really well if you have a college degree. Massachusetts has the best school system in America, best colleges with MIT, Harvard, BC, BU & Northeastern, so much history right in the city, our sports teams have won more championships than any other city in the 21st century, we lead the country in AI, biotech and robotics, leadership in innovation and business creation, Boston activities/events/exploring the city and restaurants, delicious seafood.

Nearby is the beauty of Cape Cod, Cape Ann and the Berkshires, quick access to Maine coast, White Mountains or Vermont.Read More

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Many pros, but all are outweighed by the cons - 1/31/2022
I've lived in/near Boston my whole life almost. It has many pros such as a big city feel, extremely safe, reliable train transportation, great food.

However any pro is outweighed by the extreme cost of living. Small apartments, let alone houses, are unaffordable to own. The prices of housing are extreme. The government tries to rip you off in any way it can.

Another huge con is the people. Due to cost of living, many people in Boston are poor and constantly trying to keep up appearances. Many (not all) are shallow unfortunately, and finding a stable person here with a nice personality is like finding a needle in a haystack. Boston has ultimately failed its normal, non-millionaire citizens. I can't wait to move out. Read More

Do you want to feel poor?! Come on down! - 10/4/2021
I moved to MA from the country of Georgia in eastern Europe. Then traveled quite a bit in the U.S. Boston definitely has its own flavor. Suburbs offer okay schools, overpriced living, racism and close minded people. The city of Boston itself has different areas to check out such as; The North end, Downtown, Chinatown and the Southie. If you're very well off and can protect yourself from people you'll be fine and find housing. If you make anything less than $100K a year, you my friend will end up in the South Boston area and constantly fight off rats in your apartment and men trying to kidnap you outside of your apartment. Don't even get me started with the weather, doesn't take much research to realize you're in for a cold, depressing 9 months in NE. Long story short, bellow find some pros and cons and don't forget moving isn't simple! Always visit the area for at least a month if you can!

Pros: Historic, stunning hiking areas within a couple hours (if the weather Read More

Best City in the US - 7/5/2021
I've lived in Boston for over 25 years and LOVE Read More

I love Boston - 5/24/2021
Raised in Greater Boston area and I love this city. I went to the oldest school established in 1635 called Boston Latin School. Harvard was founded one year later in 1636 for our school’s first graduating class being the oldest higher education institution in the US. Puritans landed in Plymouth, MA in 1620 and celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621. First battle of American Revolution was fought in Lexington and Concord, MA. I love MA for its history, culture, and top ranking universities and hospitals. Boston is currently ranked the best hospital city of the US and second best in the world after Tokyo due to the large number of Harvard affiliated hospitals. I have lived in Los Angeles for the past few years and Los Angeles is nowhere compared to Boston in so many aspects. Air pollution is the worst in CA. Earthquakes, wildfires and constant droughts in SoCal make Los Angeles undesirable to live in. Homelessness in Downtown LA is an terrible sight to see. CA has high taxation Read More

Boston- if you like decent weather---Not Good - 5/6/2021
Boston blows. I have lived her for 50 years and let's be honest the weather overall stinks. You shovel about four feet of snow on average per year its freezing and even worse it's gray.....a lot. The rain storms tend to stick around for days. Moving to Cali with the family in 2 years. I can't Read More

My thoughts on Boston - 10/3/2020
I live in this city for 10 years, i am 15 now. Boston is not a great city to live in. It's expensive, has a terrible quality of life, bad weather, the sky and atmosphere is ALWAYS grey and empty, EVEN in the summer. There is a lot of racism and discrimination especially towards Asians, as from my experience. There is also a lot of gang related activities. Most schools are great but MANY public schools have dumbass kids who just doesn't care about their future and just want to be gangsta and ghetto. The city is old, dirty and has grass and mold growing out of buildings and houses. The road and sidewalk is filled with cracks and bumps, and is unbearable for skaters like me. Read More

Boston is great? Think again. - 8/6/2019
I was born and raised in Boston, the only good thing about this place is the money, if you have a great job. Other than that, the weather sucks, people are rude, people are racist, and it is not a pretty city. Schools are great, only if you can afford it. It’s a fairly clean city except maybe the more urban areas.

I give Boston one star because after all these years, it hasn’t gotten better. If you’re not white it’s sort of difficult to move up professionally. At least for a minority, you have to constantly be in a defensive mode because racism is alive and active here. Read More

Boston gets a bad reputation - 8/2/2019
I grew up 25 miles outside of Boston and currently live about an hour north in New Hampshire. Boston definitely isn't for everyone its crowded and expensive, it can be difficult to navigate (though I find the non grid layout to be part of its charm) and people are generally in a rush. It has a reputation as an unfriendly city but in my travels, I've always found Southern US cities to be unfriendly, I think it has more to do with where your from. In the South I have had people try to pick fights with me over the Civil there's that. The MBTA is fairly reliable as far as public transportation goes, though it shuts down too early. As far as cities goes its relatively safe. There is a ton of history to explore, if your a history buff you'll enjoy it. We have all the major sports (Patriots are outside of town), a good music and arts scene and plenty of Parks (the Emerald Necklace is 1100 acres of interconnected parks). We have top tier universities and hospitals. Boston is very Read More

Overrated - 5/15/2019
I rated "Just Okay" because Boston did offer a few things that other cities didn't. The schools are good, the public transit is OK and it's proximity to NYC is a winner. Other than that, I wasn't totally charmed about it. I don't understand why people refer to Boston as being a "Major city". It's obviously NOT. It's a medium sized city camouflage to look like one. I couldn't believe how fast your business got around there. The jerks being rude towards outsiders for reason whatsoever because I'm from the south. At least southerners aren't a bunch of arrogant idiots. I found it judgemental, arrogant, boring and intolerant towards American native-born blacks and Latinos. By 10pm everything closes the public transit shut down. Crumbling infrastructure, horrid traffic, bipolar drivers, not enough food and restaurant choices. On Sunday, nothing is opened at all or it opens after 12pm. I'm assuming Boston intolerance towards minorities born in the US is due to it being a "Sanctuary city". Read More

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