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2023 Compare Cities Job Market:
Tampa, FL vs Orlando, FL

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- Job Growth in Orlando has been positive.
- Orlando has 0.8% less unemployment than Tampa.
- Orlando job growth has increased by 15.7% in the past 10 years.

Job Market
 Tampa, FLOrlando, FLUnited States
 Current Unemployment5.0%5.8%6.0%
 Future Job Growth42.7%51.0%33.5%
 Recent Job Growth-4.3%-10.5%-6.2%
 3 Yr. Job Growth0.0%-6.6%-3.6%
 5 Yr. Job Growth5.9%-1.1%-0.7%
 10 Yr. Job Growth21.5%15.7%6.3%

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Reviews for Tampa    161 Reviews
Nice - 10/18/2022
I've lived in small towns before and now for the past 25 years in this large metropolis. It's a very nice city. Lots of jobs, shopping restaurants, churches, Busch... Read More

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I love Tampa. Why are Miami reviews counting for T - 1/24/2022
This is my favorite city that I have ever lived in. I am reading all of these terrible reviews for Tampa, but then when I read what people are writing, they are actually... Read More

Danger, hazardous to health. - 12/14/2021
I lived here all my life and I can ONLY think of other places I would rather be. I’ve traveled the country for many things and even traveled internationally for... Read More

Reviews for Orlando    235 Reviews
A good place to live - 8/17/2022
I have lived in Orlando for 6 years. The environment, living costs, and housing costs are good. There are many fun places around Orlando. It's a good place to live in... Read More

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My thoughts on my life in Orlando - 3/22/2022
A lot of the reviews here are ridiculous. I will do my best to give an accurate take of my experience. I've lived in Orlando for 31 years - my entire life. I've lived... Read More

Orlando is a great place to live and work - 9/30/2021
I have lived in East Orlando for over 23 years. We do have some hot muggy summers, but generally, the weather is great almost all year round. There is so much to do,... Read More

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