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Bellevue, WA is a vibrant city located in the greater Seattle area. It is home to many well-known companies including Microsoft, T-Mobile, Nordstrom and Amazon. Bellevue offers residents a great quality of life with its reasonable 2 bedroom rent ($2,930) compared to the national average ($1,430) as well as its grocery cost index (112 compared to the US average of 100). Living in Bellevue can be expensive but more than worth it due to the numerous local amenities and job opportunities within the city. I believe Bellevue provides an ideal balance between lifestyle and career satisfaction.

Bellevue has an unemployment rate of 4.4%. The US average is 6.0%.

Bellevue has seen the job market decrease by -5.2% over the last year. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 39.9%, which is higher than the US average of 33.5%.

Tax Rates for Bellevue
- The Sales Tax Rate for Bellevue is 10.0%. The US average is 7.3%.
- The Income Tax Rate for Bellevue is 0.0%. The US average is 4.6%.
- Tax Rates can have a big impact when Comparing Cost of Living.

Income and Salaries for Bellevue
- The average income of a Bellevue resident is $78,118 a year. The US average is $37,638 a year.
- The Median household income of a Bellevue resident is $140,252 a year. The US average is $69,021 a year.

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Over 5 years ago

Bellevue is absolutely amazing! Great for professionals and families! Many amenities in the city itself almost anything you need! Plus Seattle is a short drive from the  More

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I became a Bellevue resident twelve years ago after moving from Germany; I never lived anywhere else in the USA and have no intention of "experimenting". I also traveled  More

   |    Reply

I've lived in many different places in the U.S., and I loved Bellevue. Gorgeous mid-sized city with views of the cascades and beautiful lakes.  More

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