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Monterey, CA is home to a variety of educational opportunities. It offers public schools with a range of ratings from excellent to below average. These schools have great teachers and offer a unique learning environment. In addition, the local area has several private and charter schools that provide an alternative route for students who are looking for more specialized education. Local education organizations also support the community by providing information about different types of educational opportunities, as well as helping families connect with various resources. Monterey is committed to ensuring its citizens receive the best education possible so they can reach their highest potential.

Monterey schools spend $11,359 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 20 pupils per teacher, 0 students per librarian, and 1,025 children per counselor.

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Over 7 years ago

The Monterey city area is an excellent place to live and one of the few California locales where it's relatively safe to raise a family. If I could no longer live here I  More

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I grew up on the Monterey Peninsula and had to leave to climb out of poverty. The median income is $35,000 and outside of the military, the jobs are mostly service  More

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My husband and I are just crazy about Monterey. I wonder if we take housing expenses (mortgage or rent) out of the picture, is Monterey still a very expensive city to  More

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