Los Angeles, California 

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Name Grades Type Rating
"Crenshaw Sci, Tech, Engineer, Math and Med Magnet"09 - 12Regular2
"Danny J. Bakewell, SR., Primary Center"KG - KGRegular2
"Dr. Lawrence H. Moore Math, Science, Technology Academy"KG - 05Regular2
"Dr. Theo. T. Alexander Jr., Science Center"KG - 05Regular4
"Gerald A. Lawson Acad. of the Arts, Math and Sci"KG - 06Regular2
"Hilda L. Solis Learning Acad. School of Tech, Business and Ed"09 - 12Regular2
"Ivy Bound Acad. Math, Sci, and Tech Charter Middle #2"05 - 08Regular
"Ivy Bound Acad. of Math, Sci, and Tech Charter Middle"05 - 08Regular9
"Johnnie Cochran, Jr., Middle"06 - 08Regular3
"Lily School, Incorporation"PK - KGPrivate
"Math, Science, and Technology Magnet Academy At Roosevelt High"09 - 12Regular6
"Nidorf, Barry J."06 - 12Alternative Education2
"Options for Youth-Hermosa Beach, Inc."07 - 12Regular4
"Washington Irving Middle Schl. Math, Music and Engr. Magnet"06 - 08Regular4
Abraham Lincoln Senior High09 - 12Regular5
Acad. for Multilingual Arts and Sci At Mervyn M. Dymally High09 - 12Regular5
Acad. of Environmental and Soc. Policy (Esp) At Roosevelt High09 - 12Regular4
Academia Avance Charter06 - 12Regular4
Academy for Enriched Sciences01 - 05Regular8
Academy of Arts and Sciences: Los Angeles (9-12)09 - 12Regular
Academy of Arts and Sciences: Los Angeles (K-8)KG - 08Regular
Academy of Science and Engineering09 - 12Regular5
AcceleratedKG - 08Regular4
Accelerated Elementary CharterKG - 06Regular2
ADAT ShalomPK - PKPrivate
Aggeler Community Day07 - 12Alternative Education2
Alain Leroy Locke College Prep. Academy09 - 12Regular3
Albert Einstein Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Albion Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Aldama ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Alexander Hamilton Senior High09 - 12Regular5
Alexandria Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Alfred B. Nobel Charter Middle06 - 08Regular9
All Saints Catholic SchoolKG - 08Private
Allesandro ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Alliance 6-12 College-Ready Academy #212 - 2Regular
Alliance Alice M. Baxter College-Ready High09 - 12Regular
Alliance Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy High09 - 12Regular4
Alliance College-Ready Academy High 1609 - 12Regular6
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 1006 - 08Regular
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 1206 - 08Regular2
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 406 - 08Regular4
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 506 - 08Regular4
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 706 - 08Regular2
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 806 - 08Regular
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 906 - 08Regular
Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High09 - 12Regular10
Alliance Environmental Science and Technology High09 - 12Regular9
Alliance Gertz-Ressler Richard Merkin 6-12 Complex06 - 12Regular8
Alliance Health Services Academy High09 - 12Regular5
Alliance Jack H. Skirball Middle06 - 08Regular4
Alliance Judy IVIE Burton Technology Academy High09 - 12Regular6
Alliance Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science09 - 12Regular6
Alliance Media Arts and Entertainment Design High09 - 12Regular5
Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex06 - 12Regular6
Alliance Patti and Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy09 - 12Regular6
Alliance Renee and Meyer Luskin Academy High09 - 12Regular2
Alliance Susan and Eric Smidt Technology High09 - 12Regular4
Alliance Tennenbaum Family Technology High09 - 12Regular4
Alphonso B. Perez Special Education CenterKG - 12Special Education4
Alta California ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Alta Loma ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Amanecer Primary CenterKG - 02Regular4
Amelia Earhart Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education3
American Montessori Preschool and ElementaryPK - 05Private
Anahuacalmecac Inter. Univ. Prep. High School of N. America09 - 12Regular
Anatola Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Andasol Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Andres and Maria Cardenas ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Angeles Mesa ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Angel's Gate (Continuation)09 - 12Alternative Education3
Animo Avalon Charter Middle06 - 08Regular
Animo College Preparatory Academy09 - 12Regular2
Animo Ellen Ochoa Charter Middle06 - 08Regular
Animo Jackie Robinson High09 - 12Regular6
Animo James B. Taylor Charter Middle06 - 08Regular2
Animo Jefferson Charter Middle06 - 08Regular4
Animo Pat Brown09 - 12Regular8
Animo Phillis Wheatley Charter Middle06 - 08Regular2
Animo Ralph Bunche High09 - 12Regular4
Animo South Los Angeles Charter09 - 12Regular4
Animo Venice Charter High09 - 12Regular6
Animo Watts College Preparatory Academy09 - 12Regular3
Animo Western Charter Middle06 - 08Regular2
Animo Westside Charter Middle06 - 08Regular5
Ann Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Annandale ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Apex Academy07 - 12Regular3
Apperson Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Apple Academy Charter PublicKG - 05Regular4
Aragon Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Ararat CharterKG - 05Regular7
Archer School for Girls06 - 12Private
Arete Preparatory Academy09 - 12Private
Arleta High09 - 12Regular4
Arlington Heights ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Arminta Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Arroyo SECO Museum ScienceKG - 08Alternative Education8
Artlab At Sonia Sotomayor Learning Academics09 - 12Regular2
Arts in Action Community CharterKG - 05Regular2
Ascension Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Ascot Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Aspire Inskeep Academy CharterKG - 06Regular2
Aspire Juanita TATE Academy CharterKG - 06Regular2
Aspire Slauson Academy CharterKG - 06Regular2
Assumption SchoolKG - 08Private
Assurance Learning AcademyKG - 12Regular4
Atwater Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Audubon Middle06 - 08Regular2
Augustus F. Hawkins High A Critical Design and Gaming09 - 12Regular4
Augustus F. Hawkins High B Community Health Advocates09 - 12Regular4
Augustus F. Hawkins High C Rspnsbl Indigenous Soc. Entrepr09 - 12Regular5
Aurora ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Avalon Gardens ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Avalon High09 - 12Alternative Education4
Aviva High School07 - 12Private
BAIS Chaya MushkaKG - 08Private
BAIS Yaakov School for Girls09 - 12Private
Balboa Gifted High Ability Magnet Elementary01 - 05Alternative Education10
Baldwin Hills ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Bandini Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Banning Acads of Creative and Innovative Scis (Bacis)09 - 12Regular
Barack Obama CharterKG - 05Regular3
Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy06 - 08Regular2
Barton Hill ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Bassett Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Baxter Montessori School01 - 01Private
Beachy Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Beckford Charter for Enriched StudiesKG - 05Regular9
Beethoven Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Bellingham ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Belmont Senior High09 - 12Regular4
Belmont SH-La Teacher Preparatory Academy09 - 12Regular3
Belvedere ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Belvedere Middle06 - 08Regular3
Benjamin Banneker Special Education Center09 - 12Special Education6
Benjamin Franklin Senior High09 - 12Regular4
Berendo Middle06 - 08Regular4
Berenece Carlson Home HospitalKG - 12Special Education4
Berkeley Hall SchoolPK - 08Private
Bert Corona Charter05 - 08Regular3
Bertrand Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Betty Plasencia ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Beverly Christian AcademyPK - KGPrivate
Beverly Hills RC SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Birdielee V. Bright ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Birmingham Community Charter High09 - 12Regular5
Bishop Conaty-Our Lady of Loretto High School09 - 12Private
Bishop Mora Salesian High School09 - 12Private
Blind Children's CenterPK - 02Private
Blythe Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
BNOS Devorah High School09 - 12Private
Boyle Heights Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Boyle Heights Stem High09 - 12Regular
Brainard ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Breed Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Brentwood SchoolKG - 12Private
Brentwood ScienceKG - 05Alternative Education6
Bret Harte Preparatory Middle06 - 08Regular2
Bridge Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy09 - 12Regular7
Broad Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Broadway ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Brockton Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Brooklyn Avenue ElementaryKG - 08Regular7
Buchanan Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Buckner Educational Christian AcademyPK - Tr01Private
Budlong Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Burbank Boulevard ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Burton Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Bushnell Way ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Busy Bees Wonderland SchoolPK - 02Private
Cabrillo Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Cahuenga ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Cal Burke High09 - 12Alternative Education3
Calabash Charter AcademyKG - 05Regular9
Calahan Community CharterKG - 05Regular6
California University FCEPK - KGPrivate
Calvert Charter for Enriched StudiesKG - 05Regular6
Camellia Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Camino Nuevo Academy #2KG - 08Regular8
Camino Nuevo Charter AcademyKG - 08Regular6
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy No. 4KG - 08Regular2
Camino Nuevo Charter High09 - 12Regular7
Camino Nuevo Elementary No. 3KG - 08Regular2
Camino Nuevo High No. 209 - 12Regular2
Candy Lane Child Care CenterPK - KGPrivate
Canfield Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Canoga Park ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Canoga Park Senior High09 - 12Regular5
Cantara Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Canterbury Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Canyon Oaks School10 - 12Private
Capistrano Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Carlos Santana Arts AcademyKG - 05Regular2
Carousel SchoolPK - Tr01Private
Carousel School-Airport BoulevardPK - KGPrivate
Carpenter Community CharterKG - 05Regular10
Carson-Gore Academy of Enviornmental StudiesKG - 05Regular3
Carthay Center ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Carver ElementaryKG - 07Regular6
Castelar Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Castle Elementary SchoolPK - 04Private
Castle Heights ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Castlebay Lane CharterKG - 05Regular10
Cathedral Chapel SchoolKG - 08Private
CCDC of Little AngelsPK - 06Private
CDS ElementaryKG - 06Alternative Education1
CDS Secondary06 - 12Alternative Education2
Celerity Cardinal CharterKG - 08Regular2
Celerity DYAD CharterKG - 08Regular8
Celerity Nascent CharterKG - 08Regular9
Celerity Octavia CharterKG - 08Regular8
Celerity Palmati CharterKG - 08Regular8
Celerity Troika CharterKG - 08Regular10
Center for Advanced LearningKG - 05Regular6
Central City Value09 - 12Regular6
Central High09 - 12Alternative Education1
Central Juvenile Hall06 - 12Alternative Education2
Cesar Chavez ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Champs - Charter HS of Arts-Multimedia and Performing09 - 12Regular7
Chandler Learning AcademyKG - 05Regular7
Charles Drew Middle06 - 08Regular2
Charles H. Kim ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Charles Leroy Lowman Special Education CenterKG - 12Special Education2
Charles Maclay Middle06 - 08Regular3
Charles W. Barrett ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Charles White Elementary01 - 05Regular4
Charnock Road ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Chase Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Chatsworth Charter High09 - 12Regular5
Chatsworth Park ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Cheder MenachemKG - 08Private
Cheerful HelpersPK - TrKGPrivate
Cheremoya Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Cheviot Hills Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Chime Institute's Schwarzenegger CommunityKG - 08Regular7
Christ the King SchoolPK - 08Private
Christopher Columbus Middle06 - 08Regular3
Christopher Dena ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Cienega ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Citizens of the World 2KG - 07Regular7
Citizens of the World 3KG - 05Regular
Citizens of the World Charter HollywoodKG - 08Regular8
City Charter Middle06 - 08Regular9
City High2 - 2Regular
City Language Immersion CharterKG - 05Regular6
City of AngelsKG - 12Alternative Education3
City Terrace ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Civitas School of Leadership09 - 12Regular2
Clas AffirmationKG - 08Regular4
Cleophas Oliver Learning AcademyPK - 03Private
Clifford Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Clover Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Coeur D'Alene Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Cohasset Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Coldwater Canyon ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Colfax Charter ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Coliseum Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
College Bridge Academy09 - 12Regular
Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles2 - 2Regular
Columbus AvenueKG - 05Regular4
Commonwealth Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Communication and Tech At Diego Rivera Learning Complex09 - 12Regular3
Community Magnet Charter ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Community Preparatory AcademyKG - 08Regular
Compton Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Contreras Learning Center-Academic Leadership Community09 - 12Regular3
Contreras Learning Center-School of Social Justice09 - 12Regular2
Contreras Lrng. Center-Los Angeles Schl. of Global Studies09 - 12Regular3
Cowan Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Creative Learning CenterPK - KGPrivate
Crenshaw Arts-Technology Charter High09 - 12Regular4
Crenshaw Montessori AcademyPK - KGPrivate
Crescent Heights Boulevard ElementaryKG - 05Alternative Education6
Crown Preparatory Academy05 - 08Regular5
Cuddles Creative Child CarePK - KGPrivate
Culver City Christian SchoolPK - 03Private
Curtis School FoundationKG - 06Private
Dahlia Heights ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
Daniel Pearl Journalism and Communications Magnet09 - 12Regular7
Daniel Webster Middle06 - 08Regular4
Danube Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Darby Avenue CharterKG - 05Regular8
David Starr Jordan Senior High09 - 12Regular3
David WARK Griffith Middle06 - 08Regular3
Dayton Heights ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Dearborn Elementary Charter AcademyKG - 05Regular7
Delevan Drive ElementaryKG - 06Regular9
Diane S. Leichman Special Education Center06 - 12Special Education4
Discovery Charter Preparatory No. 209 - 12Regular5
Divine Providence Preschool and KindergartenPK - KGPrivate
Divine Saviour SchoolKG - 08Private
Dixie Canyon Community CharterKG - 05Regular9
Do Re ME Child Development CenterPK - TrKGPrivate
Dolores Huerta ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Dolores Mission Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
Donna RO SchoolsKG - 04Private
Dorothy V. Johnson Community Day07 - 12Alternative Education2
Dorris Place ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
Downtown Business High09 - 12Alternative Education7
Downtown ValueKG - 08Regular6
Dr. James Edward Jones Primary CenterKG - 02Regular5
Dr. Julian NAVA Learning Acads-School of Arts and Culture06 - 08Regular2
Dr. Julian NAVA Learning Acads-School of Business and Tech06 - 08Regular2
Dr. Maya Angelou Community High09 - 12Regular2
Dr. Owen Lloyd Knox ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Dr. Sammy Lee Medical and Health Science Magnet ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Dream Center Academy09 - 12Private
Dyer Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
E. Los Angeles Perf. Arts Acad. At Esteban E. Torres High #109 - 12Regular2
E. Los Angeles Renaiss Acad. At Esteban E. Torres High #209 - 12Regular4
Eagle Rock ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
Eagle Rock High07 - 12Regular5
Early College Academy-La Trade Tech College09 - 12Regular5
East College Prep.2 - 2Regular
East Valley Senior High09 - 12Regular3
Eastman Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Edward R. Roybal Learning Center09 - 12Regular3
Edwin Markham Middle06 - 08Regular2
El Camino Real Charter High09 - 12Regular8
El Dorado Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
El ORO Way Charter for Enriched StudiesKG - 05Regular8
El Sereno ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
El Sereno Middle06 - 08Regular3
Ellington (Duke) High (Continuation)09 - 12Alternative Education2
Elysian Heights ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Emelita Academy CharterKG - 05Regular6
Emerson Community Charter06 - 08Regular3
Enadia Technology Enriched CharterKG - 05Regular7
Encino Charter ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Endeavor College Preparatory CharterKG - 08Regular2
Engineer and Tech Acad. At Esteban E. Torres High #309 - 12Regular3
Equitas Academy CharterKG - 05Regular2
Equitas Academy Charter #205 - 08Regular
Equitas Academy Charter #3KG - 04Regular
Ernest Lawrence Middle06 - 08Regular6
Ernest P. Willenberg Special Education CenterKG - 12Special Education3
Erwin ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Escuela Plus ElementaryKG - KGPrivate
Esperanza ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Estrella ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Euclid Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Everest ValueKG - 08Regular
Evergreen Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Evergreen Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Extera PublicKG - 06Regular2
Extera Public School No. 2KG - 05Regular
Fair Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Fairburn Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Fairfax Senior High09 - 12Regular6
Farmdale ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez High09 - 12Regular4
Fenton Academy for Social and Emotional Learning2 - 2Regular
Fenton Avenue Charter02 - 05Regular5
Fenton Primary CenterKG - 02Regular6
Fenton Stem Acad: Elem Center for Sci Tech Engineer and Math2 - 2Regular
Fernangeles ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Fifteenth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Fifty-Fourth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Fifty-Ninth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Fifty-Second Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Figueroa Street Elementary02 - 05Regular4
First Christian New Life AcademyKG - 08Private
First Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Fletcher Drive ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Florence Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Florence Griffith Joyner ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Florence Nightingale Middle06 - 08Regular4
Ford Boulevard ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Forty-Ninth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Forty-Second Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Foshay Learning CenterKG - 12Regular4
Fourth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Frances Blend Special Education CenterKG - 06Special Education
Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High09 - 12Alternative Education8
Francisco Sepulveda Middle06 - 08Regular4
Frank Del OLMO ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Frank Lanterman06 - 12Special Education3
Franklin Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular9
Fred E. Lull Special Education CenterKG - 05Special Education6
Frederick Douglass Academy ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Frederick Douglass Academy High09 - 12Regular3
Frederick Douglass Academy Middle06 - 08Regular2
Frederick KC Price III SchoolsPK - 12Private
Frida Kahlo High09 - 12Alternative Education3
Fries Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Fullbright Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Fusion Academy - Los Angeles06 - 12Private
Fusion Academy Pasadena07 - 12Private
Gabriella CharterKG - 08Regular9
Garden Grove ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Gardner Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
GARR Academy of Math and Entrepreneurial StudiesKG - 05Regular4
Garvanza ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Garza (Carmen Lomas) Primary CenterKG - 02Regular8
Gaspar DE Portola Middle06 - 08Regular8
Gates Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Gault Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
George DE La Torre Junior ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
George Ellery HALE Charter Academy06 - 08Regular8
George K. Porter Middle06 - 08Regular6
George S. Patton Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education4
George Washington Carver Middle06 - 08Regular2
George Washington Preparatory High09 - 12Regular2
Germain Academy for Academic AchievementKG - 05Regular7
Glassell Park ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Gledhill Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Glen Alta ElementaryKG - 08Regular4
Glenfeliz Boulevard ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Glenwood ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Global Education AcademyKG - 05Regular7
Global Education Academy 2KG - 05Regular
Global Education Academy Middle06 - 08Regular
Global Montessori School of WestwoodPK - KGPrivate
Goethe International CharterKG - 08Regular9
Good Shepherd Lutheran SchoolPK - 06Private
Graham ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Granada Community CharterKG - 05Regular7
Granada Hills Charter High09 - 12Regular9
Grand View Boulevard ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Grant ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Grape Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Gratts Learning Academy for Young Scholars (Glays)KG - 06Regular3
Green Design At Diego Rivera Learning Complex09 - 12Regular2
Green School of HollywoodKG - 12Private
Griffin Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Grover Cleveland Charter High09 - 12Regular8
Gulf Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Haddon Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Hamlin Charter AcademyKG - 05Regular7
Hancock Park ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Harbor City ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy09 - 12Regular9
Harding Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Harmony ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Harold McAlister High (Opportunity)06 - 12Alternative Education2
Harris Newmark Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Harrison Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Harry Bridges SpanishKG - 08Regular2
Hart Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Harvard ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Harvard Preschool and KindergartenPK - KGPrivate
Harvest Christian Academy-Pent01 - 12Private
Haskell ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Hawaiian Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Haynes Charter for Enriched StudiesKG - 05Regular9
Hazeltine Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Heavenly Vision Education CenterKG - KGPrivate
Helen Bernstein High09 - 12Regular3
Henry David Thoreau Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Herrick Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Hesby Oaks Leadership CharterKG - 08Regular9
High Tech La09 - 12Regular9
Highland Park Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Hillcrest Drive ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Hillery T. Broadous ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Hillside Baptist Academy05 - 07Private
Hillside ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Hobart Boulevard ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Hollenbeck Middle06 - 08Regular2
Hollywood Preschool and KindergartenPK - KGPrivate
Hollywood Primary CenterKG - 03Regular3
Hollywood SchoolhousePK - 06Private
Hollywood Senior High09 - 12Regular5
Holmes Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Holy Name of Jesus SchoolKG - 08Private
Holy Spirit Elementary SchoolPK - 04Private
Holy Trinity SchoolPK - 08Private
Hooper Avenue Elementary01 - 05Regular1
Hooper Avenue Primary CenterKG - KGRegular2
Hoover Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Horace Mann Junior High06 - 08Regular1
Hubbard Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Hubert Howe Bancroft Middle06 - 08Regular4
Humanitas Acad. of Art and Tech At Esteban E. Torres High #409 - 12Regular2
Humanities and Arts (Harts) Academy of Los Angeles09 - 12Regular5
Humphreys Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Huntington Drive ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
ICEF Vista Elementary AcademyKG - 05Regular6
ICEF Vista Middle Academy06 - 08Regular5
Immaculate Conception SchoolPK - 08Private
Immaculate Heart High School and Middle School06 - 12Private
Immaculate Heart of Mary SchoolKG - 08Private
Independence Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Ingenium CharterKG - 06Regular4
Ingenium Charter Middle06 - 08Regular
Ivanhoe ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
IVIE League Christian Preschool W SlausonPK - 01Private
Ivy AcademiaKG - 12Regular6
Jack London Community Day09 - 12Alternative Education2
Jack London Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
James A. Garfield Senior High09 - 12Regular5
James J. McBride Special Education Center06 - 12Special Education
James Jordan Middle06 - 08Regular6
James Madison Middle06 - 08Regular3
James Monroe High09 - 12Regular4
Jane Addams Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education3
Jardin DE La InfanciaKG - 01Regular
Joaquin Miller Career and Transition Center06 - 12Special Education6
John A. Sutter Middle06 - 08Regular5
John Adams Middle06 - 08Regular3
John B. Monlux ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
John Burroughs Middle06 - 08Regular7
John C. Fremont Senior High09 - 12Regular4
John F. Kennedy High09 - 12Regular5
John H. Francis Polytechnic09 - 12Regular6
John H. Liechty Middle06 - 08Regular3
John Hope Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
John Marshall Senior High09 - 12Regular6
John Muir Middle06 - 08Regular2
John R. Wooden High09 - 12Alternative Education3
John Thomas Dye SchoolKG - 06Private
John W. Mack ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Joseph A. Gascon ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Joseph Le Conte Middle06 - 08Regular3
Joseph Pomeroy Widney High06 - 12Special Education2
Judith F. BACA Arts AcademyKG - 06Regular2
Julie Korenstein ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Junior Blind of AmericaUG - UGPrivate
Just Like MOMS Preschool and KindergartenPK - TrKGPrivate
Justice Street Academy CharterKG - 05Regular8
Kenter Canyon ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Kentwood ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Kester Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Kids Preparatory AcademyPK - KGPrivate
Kids World School and Cornerstone Academy of LaKG - 12Private
King Drew Medical Magnet High09 - 12Alternative Education6
Kingsley ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
KIPP Academy of Innovation05 - 08Regular
KIPP Academy of Opportunity05 - 08Regular6
KIPP Empower AcademyKG - 04Regular10
KIPP Ignite Academy2 - 2Regular
KIPP Iluminar AcademyKG - 04Regular2
KIPP Los Angeles College Preparatory05 - 08Regular9
KIPP Philosophers Academy05 - 08Regular2
KIPP Promesa Prep.2 - 2Regular
KIPP Raices AcademyKG - 04Regular10
KIPP Scholar Academy05 - 08Regular2
KIPP Sol Academy05 - 08Regular2
KIPP Vida Preparatory AcademyKG - 04Regular
Kittridge Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Knollwood Preparatory AcademyKG - 05Regular6
Komitas Day CarePK - KGPrivate
Korean Baptist Church SchoolPK - TrKGPrivate
L.A. County High School for the Arts09 - 12Alternative Education7
La Salle Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Lafayette Park Primary CenterKG - KGRegular2
Lake Street PrimaryKG - 01Regular2
Lanai Road ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Langdon Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Lankershim ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Lashon AcademyKG - 06Regular
Lassen ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Latona Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Laurel ElementaryKG - 08Regular5
Le Lycee Francais DE Los AngelesPK - 12Private
Leadership in Entertainment and Media Arts (Lema)09 - 12Regular5
Leland Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Lemay Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Lenicia B. Weemes ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Leo Politi ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Lexington Avenue Primary CenterKG - 02Regular5
Libertas College Preparatory Charter2 - 2Regular
Liggett Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Lillian Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Limerick Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Lincoln ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Little Flower Educational Child CarePK - TrKGPrivate
Lockhurst Drive Charter ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Lockwood Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Logan Street ElementaryKG - 08Regular3
Loren Miller ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Lorena Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Loreto Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Lorne Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Los Angeles Academy Middle06 - 08Regular2
Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise Charter06 - 12Regular3
Los Angeles Adventist AcademyKG - 12Private
Los Angeles Big Picture High09 - 12Regular4
Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies06 - 12Alternative Education8
Los Angeles Cheder BAIS TziviaPK - 08Private
Los Angeles Christian SchoolKG - 08Private
Los Angeles Computer Science Academy08 - 12Private
Los Angeles ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Los Angeles International Charter High09 - 12Regular6
Los Angeles Leadership Academy06 - 12Regular3
Los Angeles Leadership Primary AcademyKG - 05Regular2
Los Angeles River At Sonia Sotomayor Learning Academies09 - 12Regular2
Los Angeles Senior High09 - 12Regular4
Los Angeles Unified Alternative Education07 - 12Alternative Education2
Los Angeles Unified School District ROCP10 - 12Vocational Education
Los Feliz Charter School for the ArtsKG - 06Regular6
Los Feliz ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Lou Dantzler Preparatory Charter ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Lou Dantzler Preparatory Charter Middle06 - 08Regular1
Love Thy Self Child DevelopmentPK - KGPrivate
Lovelia P. Flournoy ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Loyola Village ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Lumbini Child Development CenterPK - KGPrivate
Luther Burbank Middle06 - 08Regular5
Macarthur Park Elementary School for the Visual and Perf. ArtsKG - 05Regular3
Magnolia Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Magnolia Science Academy06 - 12Regular6
Magnolia Science Academy 206 - 12Regular4
Magnolia Science Academy 406 - 12Regular5
Magnolia Science Academy 506 - 12Regular5
Magnolia Science Academy 606 - 08Regular5
Magnolia Science Academy 7KG - 05Regular4
Maimonides AcademyPK - 08Private
Main Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Malabar Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Manchester Avenue Elementary01 - 06Regular4
Manhattan Place ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Manual Arts Senior High09 - 12Regular3
Maple Primary CenterKG - 01Regular2
Mar Vista ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Marguerite Poindexter Lamotte ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Marianna Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Marina Del Rey Middle06 - 08Regular3
Mariposa-NABI Primary CenterKG - 02Regular4
Mark Twain Middle06 - 08Regular3
Marlborough School07 - 12Private
MarltonKG - 12Special Education2
Marquez CharterKG - 05Regular10
Martin Luther King Junior ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Marvin ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Mary McLeod Bethune Middle06 - 08Regular2
Marymount High School Los Angeles09 - 12Private
Math and Science College Preparatory09 - 12Regular
Maurice Sendak ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Mayall Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Mayberry Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
McKinley Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Mel-O-Dee Montessori CenterPK - KGPrivate
Melrose Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
Melvin Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Menlo Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Mesivta Birkas Yitzchok09 - 12Private
Metro CharterKG - 05Regular
Metropolitan Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education3
Michelle Obama ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Micheltorena Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Mid-City's Prescott School of Enriched SciencesKG - 08Alternative Education5
Middle College High09 - 12Regular7
Middle School of Milken Community High School07 - 08Private
Milken Community Schools07 - 12Private
Miramonte ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Monsenor Oscar Romero Charter Middle06 - 08Regular5
Montague Charter AcademyKG - 05Regular5
Monte Vista Street Elementary02 - 06Regular3
Montebello Park ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Monterey Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Montessori Children's WorldPK - 01Private
Montessori Discovery GardenPK - KGPrivate
Moore's Day Care Prep. SchoolPK - 05Private
Morris K. Hamasaki ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Mother of Sorrows SchoolPK - 08Private
Mountain View ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Mt. Gleason Middle06 - 08Regular5
Mt. Lukens Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Mt. Washington ElementaryKG - 06Regular9
Multicultural Learning CenterKG - 08Regular5
Multnomah Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Murchison Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
N.E.W. Academy Canoga ParkKG - 05Regular6
N.E.W. Academy of Science and ArtsKG - 05Regular4
NAPA Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Nathaniel Narbonne Senior High09 - 12Regular5
Nativity SchoolPK - 08Private
NAVA College Preparatory Academy09 - 12Regular
Nestle Avenue CharterKG - 05Regular8
Nevada Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Nevin Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
New Covenant Academy01 - 12Private
New Designs Charter06 - 12Regular6
New Designs Charter School-Watts06 - 12Regular3
New Heights CharterKG - 08Regular4
New Horizon School WestsidePK - 05Private
New Horizon School-Los Angeles CampusPK - 06Private
New Horizons Charter AcademyKG - 08Regular4
New Los Angeles Charter06 - 08Regular5
New Opportunities Charter09 - 12Regular
New Village Girls Academy09 - 12Regular3
New West Charter06 - 11Regular9
New West Technical Academy06 - 12Private
New World Montessori SchoolPK - 06Private
Newcastle ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Ninety-Fifth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Ninety-Ninth Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Ninety-Second Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Ninety-Sixth Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Ninety-Third Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Ninth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Nishi Hongwanji Child Development CenterPK - TrKGPrivate
Noble Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Nora Sterry ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Normandie Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Normandie Christian SchoolPK - 06Private
Normont ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
North Hollywood Senior High09 - 12Regular6
North Valley Military Institute College Preparatory Academy06 - 12Regular5
Northridge Academy High09 - 12Regular6
Northridge Middle06 - 08Regular4
Norwood Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Notre DAME Academy Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
Notre DAME Academy Girls High School09 - 12Private
Ocean CharterKG - 08Regular5
OHR Eliyahu AcademyPK - 08Private
Olive Vista Middle06 - 08Regular4
Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle06 - 08Regular8
Olympic Primary CenterKG - KGRegular2
One Hundred Eighteenth StreetKG - 05Regular4
One Hundred Ninth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
One Hundred Seventh Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
One Hundred Sixteenth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
One Hundred Twelfth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
One Hundred Twenty-Second Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Open Charter MagnetKG - 05Regular9
Opportunities Unlimited Charter High09 - 12Regular
Optimist Charter07 - 12Regular
Optimist High09 - 12Private
Orthopaedic Hospital09 - 12Alternative Education
Orville Wright Engineering and Design Magnet06 - 08Regular3
Oscar DE La HOYA Animo Charter High09 - 12Regular5
Osceola Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Our Community CharterKG - 08Regular7
Our Lady Help of Christians SchoolKG - 08Private
Our Lady of Guadalupe School-Rose HillsKG - 08Private
Our Lady of Talpa SchoolKG - 08Private
Our Mother of Good Counsel SchoolKG - 08Private
Overland Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Owensmouth Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education3
Oxnard Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Pacific Lodge Residential Education Center07 - 12Alternative Education1
Pacific Ohana Acdemy06 - 12Private
Pacoima Charter ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Pacoima Middle06 - 08Regular3
Page Private School - Hancock ParkPK - 05Private
Palisades Charter ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Palisades Charter High09 - 12Regular9
Palms ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Palms Middle06 - 08Regular8
Panorama City ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Panorama High09 - 12Regular5
Para Los Ninos - Evelyn Thurman Gratts PrimaryKG - 02Regular10
Para Los Ninos CharterKG - 05Regular4
Para Los Ninos Middle06 - 08Regular7
Park Western Place ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Parmelee Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Parthenia Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Paseo Del Rey FundamentalKG - 05Alternative Education8
Pathways Community09 - 12Regular
Patrick Henry Middle06 - 08Regular6
Paul Revere Middle06 - 08Regular8
Performing Arts Community At Diego Rivera Learning Complex09 - 12Regular2
Perry-Meadows Learning CenterPK - KGPrivate
Perutz ETZ Jacob Hebrew AcademyKG - 08Private
Phineas Banning Senior High09 - 12Regular4
Phoenix Academy Residential Education Center07 - 12Alternative Education2
Phoenix Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Pico SchoolKG - KGPrivate
Pilgrim SchoolPK - 12Private
Pinewood Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
PIO Pico Middle06 - 08Regular4
Plainview Academic Charter AcademyKG - 05Regular6
Play Mountain PlaceKG - 06Private
Playa Vista ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Plummer ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Point Fermin ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Pomelo Community CharterKG - 05Regular8
Port of Los Angeles High09 - 12Regular8
Porter Ranch CommunityKG - 08Regular10
Powell's Academic Academy and ChildcarePK - KGPrivate
President Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Primary Academy for SuccessKG - 02Regular6
Public Policy Charter2 - 2Regular
Public Service Community At Diego Rivera Learning Complex09 - 12Regular2
PUC CA Academy for Liberal Studies Early College High09 - 12Regular7
PUC California Academy for Liberal Studies06 - 08Regular8
PUC Comm CHTR Mid and PUC Comm CHTR Early College High06 - 12Regular8
PUC Community Charter Early College High09 - 12Regular7
PUC Community Charter ElementaryKG - 05Regular
PUC Early College Academy for Leaders and Scholars (Ecals)09 - 12Regular4
PUC Excel Charter Academy06 - 08Regular2
PUC Lakeview Charter Academy06 - 08Regular8
PUC Milagro CharterKG - 05Regular9
PUC Santa Rosa Charter Academy06 - 08Regular6
PUC Triumph Academy06 - 08Regular7
PUC Triumph Charter High09 - 12Regular4
Pueblo DE Los Angeles Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Puente CharterKG - KGRegular2
Queen Anne Place ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Quincy Jones ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Rabbi Jacob Program AcademyKG - 08Private
Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts09 - 12Regular4
Ramona ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Ramona Opportunity High07 - 12Alternative Education1
Ranchito Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Raymond Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Redeemer Baptist ElementaryKG - 06Private
Rejoyce in Jesus Christian SchoolKG - 08Private
Renaissance Arts Academy06 - 12Regular9
Renaissance Arts Academy K-122 - 2Regular
Reseda ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Reseda Senior High09 - 12Regular6
Resolute Academy Charter2 - 2Regular
Resurrection SchoolPK - 08Private
RFK Community Schools - Ambassador School - Global EducationKG - 05Regular3
RFK Community Schools- for the Visual Arts and Humanities09 - 12Regular4
RFK Community Schools-Ambassador-Global Leadership06 - 12Regular3
RFK Community Schools-Los Angeles High School of the Arts09 - 12Regular5
RFK Community Schools-New Open World Academy K-12KG - 12Regular4
RFK Community Schools-UCLA Community K-12KG - 12Regular3
Ricardo Lizarraga ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Richard A. Alonzo Community Day07 - 12Alternative Education2
Richard E. BYRD Middle06 - 08Regular4
Richard Henry Dana Middle06 - 08Regular4
Richard Riordan Primary CenterKG - 01Regular4
Richland Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Rio Vista ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Rise Kohyang Middle06 - 08Regular4
Ritter ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Riverside Drive Charter ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Robert A. Millikan Middle06 - 08Regular8
Robert F. Kennedy ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Robert Frost Middle06 - 08Regular8
Robert Fulton College Preparatory06 - 12Regular3
Robert H. Lewis Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Robert Louis Stevenson Middle06 - 08Regular2
Rockdale ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Roenne's SchoolPK - 01Private
ROP CenterAE - AEVocational Education
Rosa Parks Learning CenterKG - 05Regular2
Roscoe ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Roscomare Road ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian SchoolPK - 12Private
Rosemont Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Rosewood Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Rowan Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Roy Romer Middle06 - 08Regular3
Russell ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Sacred Heart Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
Sacred Heart High School09 - 12Private
Sal Castro Middle06 - 08Regular4
Sally Ride Elementary: A Smart AcademyKG - 05Regular2
Samuel Gompers Middle06 - 08Regular2
San Pascual Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
San Pedro Senior High09 - 12Regular5
San Pedro Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Santa Monica Boulevard Community CharterKG - 06Regular5
Santa Teresita Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
Santee Education Complex09 - 12Regular3
Sara Coughlin ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Saticoy ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Saturn Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Sch of Hist and Dramatic Arts At Sonia Sotomayor Lrng Acads09 - 12Regular4
Scholars Preparatory SchoolKG - 12Private
School of Business and Tourism At Contreras Learning Complex09 - 12Regular3
School of Santa IsabelKG - 08Private
Second Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Selma Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Serrania Avenue Charter for Enriched StudiesKG - 05Regular8
Seventh Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Seventy-Fifth Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Seventy-Fourth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Shaarei Torah California Rabbinical College09 - 12Private
Shalhevet High School09 - 12Private
Shalhevet School09 - 12Private
Sharp Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Shenandoah Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Sheridan Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies04 - 12Alternative Education9
Sherman Oaks Elementary CharterKG - 05Regular8
Shirley Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Short Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Siatech Academy South11 - 12Regular
Sierra Park ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Sierra Vista ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Simon Rodia Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education1
Sinai Akiba AcademyKG - 08Private
Sixth Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Sixty-Eighth Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Sixty-First Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Sixty-Sixth Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Slausen Learning Center 109 - 12Private
Soc Just Schs: Global Iss Acad At Dr. Maya Angelou Comm High09 - 12Regular2
Soc. Just Leadership Acad. At Esteban E. Torres High #509 - 12Regular2
Solano Avenue ElementaryKG - 06Regular9
Soledad Enrichment Action Charter High09 - 12Alternative Education2
Sophia T. Salvin Special Education CenterKG - 06Special Education2
SOTO Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Sound of Music PreschoolPK - KGPrivate
South Park ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
South Shores Csudh Visual and Performing ArtsKG - 05Alternative Education8
Southern California Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Special Education-Infant Preschool Program2 - 2Regular
St. Agnes SchoolTrKG - 08Private
St. Aloysius Gonzaga SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Alphonsus SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Anastasia Catholic Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Andrews Preschool and KindergartenPK - KGPrivate
St. Bernard Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Brendan Catholic SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Cecilia SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Columbkille Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Dominic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Eugene Parish SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Frances X Cabrini SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Francis of Assisi SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Ignatius SchoolKG - 08Private
St. James SchoolPK - 06Private
St. Jerome SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Malachy SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Martin of Tours Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Mary Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Mary Magdalen05 - 08Private
St. Michaels SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Paul Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Paul the Apostle SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Raphael Elementary SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Sebastian SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Teresa of Avila SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Thomas the Apostle Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Timothy SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Turibius SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Vincent SchoolKG - 08Private
Stagg Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Stanley MOSK ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Star Christian SchoolPK - 05Private
Stella Middle Charter Academy05 - 08Regular5
Stem Academy At Bernstein High09 - 12Regular2
Stonehurst Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Stoney Point Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
Strathern Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Student Empowerment Academy09 - 12Regular4
Studio06 - 08Regular
Summit Preparatory Charter2 - 2Regular
Summit View West School03 - 12Private
Sun Valley High09 - 12Regular2
Sun Valley Magnet06 - 12Regular3
Sunland ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Sunny BRAE Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Sunrise ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Superior Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Susan Miller Dorsey Senior High09 - 12Regular3
SVEN Lokrantz Special Education CenterKG - 12Special Education3
Sylmar Biotechnology Health Academy09 - 12Regular
Sylmar ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Sylmar Leadership AcademyKG - 08Regular3
Sylmar Senior High09 - 12Regular4
Sylvan Park ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Synergy Charter AcademyKG - 05Regular9
Synergy Kinetic Academy06 - 08Regular5
Synergy Quantum Academy09 - 12Regular2
Taper Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Tarzana ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Tashbar Torat Hayim Hebrew AcademyPK - 08Private
Taylor Tot PlayhousePK - KGPrivate
TCA Arshag Dickranian Armenian SchoolPK - 12Private
Teach Academy of Technologies05 - 08Regular3
Teach Tech Charter High09 - 12Regular
Telfair Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Temple Israel of Hollywood Day SchoolKG - 06Private
Tenth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
The Education Corps09 - 12Regular2
The Episcopal School of Los Angeles06 - 09Private
The Incubator06 - 12Regular
The Linden Center04 - 12Private
The Mirman School01 - 09Private
The Neilson Academy03 - 11Private
The Oaks SchoolKG - 06Private
Theodore Roosevelt Senior High09 - 12Regular2
Third Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Thirty-Second Street USC Performing ArtsKG - 12Alternative Education6
Thomas A. Edison Middle06 - 08Regular3
Thomas Jefferson Senior High09 - 12Regular3
Thomas Riley High07 - 12Alternative Education2
Thomas Starr King Middle School Film and Media Magnet06 - 08Regular6
Today's Fresh Start CharterKG - 08Regular6
Toland Way ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Toluca Lake ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Tom Bradley Global Awareness MagnetKG - 05Alternative Education1
Topeka Charter School for Advanced StudiesKG - 05Regular9
Transfiguration SchoolPK - 08Private
Tri-C Community Day07 - 12Alternative Education1
Trinity Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Tulsa Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Twentieth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Twenty-Eighth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Twenty-Fourth Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Ulysses S. Grant Senior High09 - 12Regular4
Union Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
University Senior High09 - 12Regular6
University Southern California Hybrid High09 - 12Regular3
Urban Village Middle06 - 08Regular
UTAH Street ElementaryKG - 08Regular3
Valerio Street ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences09 - 12Regular5
Valley Alternative MagnetKG - 12Alternative Education7
Valley Charter ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Valley Charter Middle06 - 08Regular3
Valley Prep. 6-806 - 08Regular
Valley Prep. 9-1209 - 12Regular
Valley Prep. K-5KG - 05Regular
Valley View ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Valor Academy High09 - 12Regular
Valor Academy Middle05 - 08Regular9
Van GOGH CharterKG - 05Regular10
Van Ness Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Van NUYS ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Van NUYS Middle06 - 08Regular4
Van NUYS Senior High09 - 12Regular6
Vanalden Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Vanguard Learning Center06 - 08Regular2
Vena Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Venice Senior High09 - 12Regular6
Verbum DEI High School09 - 12Private
Verdugo Hills Senior High09 - 12Regular6
Vermont Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Vernon City ElementaryKG - 07Regular6
Victory Boulevard ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
View Park Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education2
View Park Preparatory Accelerated CharterKG - 05Regular5
View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter Middle06 - 08Regular5
View Park Preparatory Accelerated High09 - 12Regular3
Village Charter AcademyKG - 05Regular
Vine Street ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Vinedale ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Vintage Math Science Technology MagnetKG - 05Alternative Education9
Virgil Middle06 - 08Regular3
Virginia Road ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Visitation SchoolKG - 08Private
Vista Charter Middle06 - 08Regular3
Vista Middle06 - 08Regular2
Vista SchoolPK - 12Private
Wadsworth Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Wagon Wheel SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Walgrove Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Wallis Annenberg High09 - 12Regular6
Walter Reed Middle06 - 08Regular7
Warner Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Washington Primary CenterKG - 01Regular2
Watts Learning CenterKG - 05Regular6
Watts Learning Center Charter Middle06 - 08Regular1
Weigand Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Welby Way Elementary CharterKG - 05Regular10
WESM Health Sports Medicine09 - 12Regular5
West Adams Preparatory High09 - 12Regular3
West Athens ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
West Vernon Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Westchester Secondary Charter06 - 12Regular7
Western Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Westland SchoolKG - 06Private
Westminster Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Westport Heights ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Westside Innovative School HouseKG - 06Regular8
Westside Innovative School House Charter Middle07 - 08Regular
Westside Neighborhood SchoolKG - 08Private
Westview School06 - 12Private
Westwood Charter ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
White Memorial Adventist SchoolKG - 08Private
White Point ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
Whitman Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education3
Whitney Young Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education3
Wilbur Charter for Enriched AcademicsKG - 05Regular9
Will Rogers Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education1
William Howard Taft Charter High09 - 12Regular7
William J. Johnston Community Day07 - 12Alternative Education2
William Jefferson Clinton Middle06 - 08Regular2
William Mulholland Middle06 - 08Regular3
William R. Anton ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
William Tell Aggeler Opportunity High07 - 12Alternative Education2
Wilmington Middle06 - 08Regular5
Wilmington Park ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Wilshire Crest ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Wilshire Park ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Wilshire Private SchoolPK - 04Private
Wilton Place ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Windsor Hills Math ScienceKG - 05Alternative Education5
Windward School07 - 12Private
Winnetka Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Winter Gardens ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Wisdom Academy for Young ScientistsKG - 05Regular2
Wisdom ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Wise SchoolPK - 06Private
Wonderland Avenue ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Woodcrest ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Woodcrest Nazarene Christian SchoolPK - 06Private
Woodlake Elementary Community CharterKG - 05Regular8
Woodland Hills Charter Academy06 - 08Regular6
Woodland Hills Elementary Charter for Enriched StudiesKG - 05Regular10
Woodrow Wilson Senior High09 - 12Regular3
Xinaxcalmecac Academia Semillas Del PuebloKG - 12Regular1
Yavneh Hebrew AcademyPK - 08Private
Yes AcademyKG - 05Regular2
Yeshiva OHR Elchonon Chabad - West Coast09 - 12Private
Yeshiva Rav Isacsohn Torath EMPK - 08Private
Yeshiva Rav Isacson Torath Emeth AcademyPK - 08Private
Yeshivat OHR Chanoch09 - 11Private
Yorkdale ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Young Oak Kim Academy06 - 08Regular2
Youth Opportunities Unlimited09 - 12Alternative Education2
Youthbuild Charter School of California09 - 12Regular1
Youthbuild Charter School of California Central09 - 12Regular1
YPI Valley Public Charter High2 - 2Regular
YULA Boys High School09 - 12Private
YULA Girls High School09 - 12Private
Zane Grey Continuation09 - 12Alternative Education1
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I love LA - 2/28/2020
My favorite city in the U.S. Fantastic cultural amenities. Fantastic food from around the world. Great shopping. Lots of interesting architecture and history. The best... Read More

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Not a place to live - 1/13/2020
LA has the worst of all worlds. Few bright spots- very few. Every good human being moved out or will move out soon. No one should think of moving here to live for... Read More

Los Angeles is a pit. - 12/12/2019
Los Angeles is a pit. The cost of living is insane. If you live here you are either poor or rich. ... Read More

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