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Denver, CO is home to some of the finest schools in the country. From public to private to charter, there are a variety of educational options to suit any family's needs. Public schools like Denver Public Schools offer a range of programs that offer high quality academic standards and extracurricular activities for their students. Private schools such as Kent Denver School provide an exceptional education with rigorous academics and innovative learning opportunities. Charter schools like Strive Prep also offer excellent programs that focus on individual student growth and achievement. Additionally, each school in Denver can be rated according to performance standards set by the state. Therefore, parents can look into any school’s ratings before making a decision about which school they would feel comfortable sending their children to. With so many great options available, Denver offers families an incredible selection of educational opportunities.

Name Grades Type Rating
"Iliff Preschool, Kindergarten, and School-Age SUMM"KG - KGPrivate
Abraham Lincoln High School09 - 12Regular2
Academia Ana Marie SandovalPK - 06Regular4
Academy 360KG - 03Regular
Academy of Urban Learning09 - 12Regular2
Accelerated Schools01 - 12Private
Ace Community Challenge School08 - 10Alternative Education1
Adventure ElementaryPK - 06Regular2
Amesse Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
AnnunciationPK - 08Private
Arrupe Jesuit High School09 - 12Private
Asbury Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular8
Ashley Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Bansbach Academy At Denver Childrens Home03 - 12Private
Barnum Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Barrett Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Beach Court Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Beth Jacob High School09 - 12Private
Bishop Machebeuf High School09 - 12Private
Blessed Sacrament Parish SchoolPK - 08Private
Bradley International SchoolPK - 05Regular7
Bromwell Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Brown International AcademyPK - 05Regular6
Bruce Randolph School06 - 12Regular1
Bryant Webster Dual Language ECE-8 SchoolPK - 08Regular2
Carson Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular10
Castro Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular1
CEC Middle College of Denver09 - 12Vocational Education8
Centennial A School for Expeditionary LearningPK - 05Regular2
Cesar Chavez Academy DenverKG - 08Regular3
Challenge SchoolPK - 08Regular10
Charles M. Schenck (Cms) Community SchoolKG - 05Regular1
Cheltenham Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Childrens Garden MontessoriPK - KGPrivate
Childrens Outreach ProjectPK - TrKGPrivate
Christ the King Roman Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Clara E. METZ Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Cole Arts and Science AcademyPK - 05Regular1
Colfax Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
College View Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Collegiate Preparatory Academy09 - 12Regular2
Colorado High School Charter09 - 12Alternative Education1
Colorado International SchoolPK - 08Private
Columbian Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Columbine Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Compassion Road Academy09 - 12Regular
Contemporary Learning Academy06 - 12Alternative Education1
Cory Elementary School01 - 05Regular10
Cowell Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Creative Challenge CommunityKG - 04Regular8
DCIS At FordPK - 05Regular2
DCIS At Montbello06 - 12Regular2
Denison Montessori SchoolPK - 06Regular4
Denver Academy02 - 12Private
Denver Academy of TorahKG - 12Private
Denver Center for 21st Learning At Wyman06 - 12Alternative Education2
Denver Center for International Studies06 - 12Regular7
Denver Center for International Studies At FairmonPK - 05Regular2
Denver Discovery School06 - 06Regular
Denver Green SchoolPK - 08Regular4
Denver Jewish Day SchoolKG - 12Private
Denver Language SchoolKG - 06Regular7
Denver Montclair International SchoolPK - 08Private
Denver Online High School09 - 12Regular4
Denver Public Montessori Junior Senior High School06 - 08Regular
Denver School of the Arts06 - 12Regular10
Denver Waldorf SchoolPK - 12Private
D'Evelyn Junior Senior High School07 - 12Regular10
Dora Moore ECE-8 SchoolPK - 08Regular3
Doull Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Downtown Denver Expeditionary SchoolKG - 03Regular7
DSST: Byers Middle School06 - 08Regular7
DSST: Cole High School09 - 09Regular
DSST: Cole Middle School06 - 08Regular3
DSST: College View Middle School06 - 08Regular2
DSST: Conservatory Green Middle School06 - 06Regular
DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School09 - 12Regular8
DSST: Green Valley Ranch Middle School06 - 08Regular3
DSST: Stapleton High School09 - 12Regular10
DSST: Stapleton Middle School06 - 08Regular4
Eagleton Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
East High School09 - 12Regular8
Edison Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular6
Ellis Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Emily Griffith Technical College09 - 12Alternative Education5
Escalante-Biggs AcademyPK - KGRegular2
Escuela DE GuadalupeKG - 05Private
Escuela Tlatelolco SchoolKG - 12Regular1
Excel Academy09 - 12Alternative Education2
Excel InstitutePK - 08Private
Fairview Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Fairview Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Farrell B. Howell ECE-8 SchoolPK - 08Regular2
Federal Heights Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular1
Firefly AutismPK - PKPrivate
Florence Crittenton High School09 - 12Alternative Education1
Florida Pitt-Waller ECE-8 SchoolPK - 08Regular3
Force Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Francis M. Day Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Garden Place Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Garfield Montessori SchoolKG - KGPrivate
George Washington High School09 - 12Regular6
Gilliam School05 - 12Alternative Education
Gilpin Montessori Public SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Girls Athletic Leadership School High School09 - 09Regular
Girls Athletic Leadership School Middle School06 - 08Regular4
Global Leadership AcademyPK - 12Regular2
Godsman Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Goldrick Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Good Shepherd Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Graland Country Day SchoolPK - 08Private
Grant Beacon Middle School06 - 08Regular2
Grant Ranch ECE-8 SchoolPK - 08Regular6
Green Valley Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Greenlee Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Guardian AngelsPK - 08Private
Gust Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
Hallett Fundamental AcademyPK - 05Regular3
Hamilton Middle School06 - 08Regular6
Harrington Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Henry World School Grades 6-806 - 08Regular2
High Tech Early College09 - 12Regular2
High Tech Elementary SchoolPK - 02Regular
Highlands Classical AcademyPK - 06Private
Highline Academy Charter SchoolKG - 08Regular8
Highline Academy NortheastPK - 01Regular
Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences06 - 08Regular5
Hillel AcademyPK - 08Private
Holly Hills Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
HOLM Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Hope CenterPK - KGPrivate
Inner-City SchoolPK - 05Private
Isabella Bird Community SchoolPK - 05Regular
IVER C. Ranum Middle School06 - 08Regular1
John F Kennedy High School09 - 12Regular3
Johnson Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Josephine Hodgkins Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Justice High School Denver09 - 12Regular1
Kaiser Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Kepner Middle School06 - 08Regular1
KIPP Denver Collegiate High School09 - 12Regular5
KIPP Montbello College Prep.05 - 08Regular2
KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy05 - 08Regular5
Knapp Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Kunsmiller Creative Arts AcademyKG - 12Regular2
La Academia At the Denver Inner City Parish07 - 12Private
Lake International School06 - 08Regular1
Lena Archuleta Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Lincoln Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular8
Lowry Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
M. Scott Carpenter Middle School06 - 08Regular1
Manual High School09 - 12Regular1
Marie L. Greenwood Academy01 - 08Regular2
Marrama Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Martin Luther King Junior Early College06 - 12Regular2
Mathematics and Science Leadership AcademyKG - 05Regular2
Maxwell Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
MC Kinley-Thatcher Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
MC MEEN Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
McAuliffe International School06 - 08Regular8
McGlone Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Merrill Middle School06 - 08Regular2
Mile High AcademyPK - 12Private
Mile High Baptist SchoolPK - 10Private
Monarch MontessoriKG - 04Regular3
Montbello High School09 - 12Regular1
Montclair Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Monterey Community SchoolPK - 08Regular2
Montessori Academy of ColoradoPK - 01Private
Montessori Children's House of DenverPK - 08Private
Montessori School of DenverPK - 07Private
Morey Middle School06 - 08Regular7
Most Precious Blood SchoolKG - 08Private
Mount St. Vincents Home SchoolKG - 08Private
Mountview Youth Service Center05 - 12Alternative Education
Mullen High School09 - 12Private
Munroe Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
New America School - Lowry09 - 12Alternative Education
Newlon Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Noel Community Arts School06 - 12Regular2
North High School09 - 12Regular2
North High School Engagement Center09 - 12Alternative Education2
North Star Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular1
Notre DAME SchoolPK - 08Private
Oakland ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Omar D Blair Charter SchoolKG - 08Regular5
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
P.R.E.P. (Positive Refocus Education Program)06 - 12Alternative Education1
P.U.S.H. Academy09 - 12Alternative Education2
Paddington StationPK - TrKGPrivate
Palmer Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Park Hill SchoolPK - 05Regular7
Parzival Shield Waldorf Preschool KindergartenPK - KGPrivate
Pascual Ledoux AcademyPK - PKRegular2
Pioneer Charter SchoolPK - 08Regular2
Place Bridge AcademyPK - 08Regular1
Polaris At Ebert Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Presentation of Our Lady SchoolPK - 08Private
Primrose School At StapletonPK - TrKGPrivate
Respect Academy At Lincoln09 - 12Alternative Education2
Ricks Center for Gifted ChildrenPK - 08Private
Rocky Mountain Lutheran High School09 - 12Private
Rocky Mountain Prep.PK - 03Regular2
Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary LearningKG - 12Regular7
Sabin World SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Samuels Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Savio House05 - 12Private
Schmitt Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Sheridan High School09 - 12Regular2
Sherrelwood Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Sims Fayola International Academy Denver06 - 11Regular3
Skinner Middle School06 - 08Regular3
Skyline Vista Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Slavens K-8 SchoolKG - 08Regular10
Smiley Middle School07 - 08Regular2
Smith Renaissance SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Soar Academy06 - 12Alternative Education3
Soar At Green Valley RanchKG - 05Regular2
South High School09 - 12Regular3
Southmoor Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Southwest Early College09 - 12Regular2
St. Annes Episcopal SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Catherine of Siena Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Elizabeth SchoolKG - 05Private
St. Francis DE Sales Grade SchoolPK - 08Private
St. James Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. John's Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Rose of Lima SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Vincent DE Paul Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Stanley British Primary SchoolKG - 08Private
Steck Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular10
Stedman Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Steele Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Stephen Knight Center for Early EducationPK - KGRegular10
Strive Prep. - Excel09 - 10Regular2
Strive Prep. - Federal06 - 08Regular4
Strive Prep. - GVR06 - 08Regular2
Strive Prep. - Lake06 - 08Regular3
Strive Prep. - Montbello06 - 08Regular2
Strive Prep. - Ruby HillKG - 01Regular
Strive Prep. - Smart Academy09 - 11Regular2
Strive Prep. - Sunnyside06 - 08Regular5
Strive Prep. - Westwood06 - 08Regular5
Summit Academy06 - 12Alternative Education1
Swansea Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Swigert International SchoolPK - 05Regular10
Teller Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
Temple Emanuel Early Childhood CenterPK - KGPrivate
Tennyson Center for Children At CCHKG - 10Private
The Cottage At Holly RidgePK - PKRegular
The Montessori School of Washington ParkPK - KGPrivate
The Odyssey SchoolKG - 08Regular8
Thomas Jefferson High School09 - 12Regular5
Three Bears Learning CenterPK - KGPrivate
Traylor AcademyPK - 05Regular6
Trevista ECE-8 At Horace MannPK - 08Regular1
Trinity Lutheran ECLCPK - KGPrivate
University Park Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular8
University Preparatory SchoolKG - 04Regular2
Valdez Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Valley View K-8KG - 08Regular5
Valverde Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Vanguard Classical School - WestKG - 08Regular4
Venture Prep. High School09 - 12Regular3
Venture Prep. Middle School08 - 08Regular2
Vista Academy06 - 12Alternative Education2
Watch-Care AcademyKG - 08Private
Welby Montessori SchoolPK - 06Regular2
West Career Academy09 - 12Alternative Education
West Generations Academy06 - 11Regular2
West High School09 - 12Regular2
West Leadership Academy06 - 11Regular2
Westerly Creek ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Whittier K-8 SchoolPK - 08Regular3
William (Bill) Roberts K-8 SchoolPK - 08Regular8
Wyatt AcademyKG - 08Regular1
Yeshiva Toras Chaim High School09 - 12Private
Zion Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Name Grades Type Rating
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