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Hawthorne Elementary School
2535 Caladium Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30345
(678) 874-2802
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public | PK-5
County: DeKalb


  School Head OfficialYear
Rajnish Singh2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/5/2012parentWe have a new principal. The interim principal did some incredibly posiitive work in the few months she was there. The kids can chat at lunch now and they are able to sit with friends. As for learning and behavior, the teachers my children have had are focused on engaging their minds through positive feedback and encouraging them to reach further with their studies- beyond the core curriculum if they are able. However, teachers only have them 40 hours per week. Being an active participant in your child's education is essential for a great education, no matter how great the school.
1/23/2012parentI didn't really know what to expect from this Dekalb County school when we moved into the area, but I couldn't be more pleased. We have two children attending and both classes have a fairly low student to teacher ratio. The teachers really seem to care, the administrative staff are great, the principal seems very hands on, all in all I couldn't expect much more. The parents are also very involved, which is always a good sign. I guess most importantly though, my children really seem to like it and are doing very well.
11/6/2011parentExcellent experience. I hate we had to move away. Front office staff was the best I've ever experienced.
10/4/2011parentIncredibly committed staff. Involved parents. Teacher-student ratio is best in DeKalb County. Hawthorne is a Coralwood partnership school, which means it has a higher percentage of students with special needs. Unlike many schools in DeKalb, Hawthorne practices an inclusion model. Most classes have a special education and regular education teacher. Many of the regular education teachers are gifted certified. There is a lot of small group. We picked it because we wanted our children to have a high quality public school education in a diverse school. They are getting exactly that and we are thrilled.
7/19/2011parentIt's surprising to read some of Hawthorne's reviews but everyone's entitled! I would comment on the incredible negative review which was posted in Dec of 2010 but quite frankly it's not worth the time. Let s note one comment though which quotes the kids as saying everyone has brain or behavioral issues??? Hmm.... Hawthorne has incredibly committed teachers all you have to do is talk to a few and draw your own conclusion. It also has an incredibly active parent body and if you come from a school that doesn't you know how important this is to the success of a school. We have challenges without a doubt we're a Dekalb county school and we don't have unlimited funds. Because of this the parents established a foundation last year to help supplement bigger projects enabling the schools to forgo County bureaucracy to get things done. We have a strong Principal with an open door policy any comments complaints and suggestions he is always open to listen to. It's a public school and by far one of the better ones!
12/3/2010parentQuite frankly, I'm still trying to figure this school out. Rather than posting my thoughts thus far, let me quote my kids: "The teachers are mean and rude. They talk down to you, and use sarcasm to make it seem like a joke." "I will never be able make friends here mom. Everyone has brain or behavior issues. They don't respect the teachers or property. They don't listen." "The bathrooms are disgusting. There is poop on the walls & poop paper laying around everywhere. The kids pee all over the floors. The stall doors aren't very high, so other kids are always daring each other to look in at you." "Today the gardeners were using a gas powered bush saw to cut bushes right where we were playing. Is he nuts? Even I know that's not safe! "Lunch is really good, but the lunchroom stinks. You don't get to choose who you sit by, and everyone has to be silent except for five minutes. You always tell us that dinner time is a time for everyone to share. I guess school is more like prison, except with better food."
10/29/2010otherThe principal is horrible. He needs to quit. He has changed the entire school into a prison . My child is terrified of this place. He is being bullied and other students are misbehaving and overall quality is poor.
10/15/2010parentLove the teachers, parent involvement is great.
10/15/2010parentThe teachers are awesome!
9/27/2010parentMy child has attended since the 1st grade and is now in the 5th grade. I love the school, the size and student/teacher ratio is a plus. There's alot of parent/volunteer involvement as well as numerous opportunities to contribute to the school's funding shortfalls. I wish this school was large enough to be a middle school, because my child is challenged and encouraged every single day. The teachers are passionate about the kids learning and as a parent, I support them 100%. They have tutoring in the morning before school and it is FREE! They have a wonderful afterschool program that is ran by the teacher's and staff. Homework help is available everyday, activities and very reasonalbe rates!
9/23/2010parentHawthorne has 2 teachers for every classroom because it is an inclusion school. The time the parapro spends in the class is used on special need students. In addition, to the lead teacher trying to minimize distractions. There is never time to spend with academic achievers or gifted students. The principal is encouraging a model of in class grouping. This is difficult to impossible with so many different ranges of students. If your child is above average, don't expect any individualized attention.
8/4/2010parentHawthorne is simply a gem! Almost every class has TWO certified teachers, the population is small so it is not uncommon for teachers to know every student in the school. We have had four sets of top-notch teachers and are encouraged by the new principals willingness to try new ideas and programs to keep our students engaged and moving forward. We consider ourselves very lucky at this tiny neighborhood, involved school!
5/22/2010parentI am livid about the changes that have taken place under the new principal. As a parent that has supported this school for years both financially and through volunteering, I am very angry that many of us are being completely disregarded now. When changing the morning start time went to vote under the old principal, it did not meet with the approval of most of the community. Now we find out that has been overturned, despite our objections. I'm also tired of being promised things that never happen. And upon confronting the principal, he has a different story for everyone. It is a real shame what is happening here!
5/13/2010parentI'm very disappointed in the turn this school has taken under the new leadership. I've seen a lot of changes when I volunteer and can tell that there is a lot of frustration. And why was all that time and money invested in a computer lab and going in a technology direction, when a new principal comes in and completely disregards all of that previous work. My child has had some fantastic teachers here, but rumor is many of them want to leave now.
4/30/2010parent+ Excellent experience, caring teachers and a great leadership (Singh) that does not sit in the office but manages by walking around. Very strong parental involvement makes for a very strong school. Mr Allen comes in at 6.15am every morning so he can help the kids at 7am with extra work and tutoring before school starts. He is an 'old school' teacher for whom I hold the highest regard. My daughter has had some great teachers. - We have not had much success in speech therapy. The program needs help. I also do not like the way she is pulled from her regular classes for speech as that detracts from her other subjects. Overall; excellence in learning. My daughter currently is in honor roll.
2/26/2010otherI have also removed my child from this NCLB school.There is only a handful of passionate staff.Staff developement is severely needed.I must say the children are very postive but stressed.Lunchroom is dirty and very loud.Hopefully the PTA will make these changes its overdue
2/24/2010parentIf you have a child with special needs, think twice before sending them here. They may thrive somewhere else. They appear only concerned with test scores than the development of the child with different or special abilities. My child went here after attending Coralwood, but I decided to remove her from this school late in the school year. My child is now happy and thriving in her zoned school!
10/25/2009parentHawthorne is a hidden gem of a school! No need to send your children to private school if you are in this school's district! Excellent teachers, small teacher/pupil ratios.. a wonderful wonderful school.
10/4/2009parentThey do a great job of teaching all kids, no matter their economical, social, physical and/or mental challenges.
10/2/2008parentThe school itself it fine, it's my daughter's teacher that I have an issue with. She seems to have anger issues with the children in her class and I will be looking into this more in depth....believe me.
9/17/2008parentwe moved our son to Hawthorne after a terrible experience at a neighboring elementary school that was considered one of the best in the county. Hawthorne was such a huge improvment from where he was! The Teachers, Principle and Parents are very invovled. My son went from being unhappy about going to school to being enthusiastic about getting back there every day. I highly recommend Hawthorne to any parent.
3/26/2008parentMy child has attended this school for 2 years and so far it has been positive. He has learned a lot. The teachers are good and classes are small. I see the principal out of the office a lot and assisting, but reaching her and getting her to return your calls are hard. I don't necessarily like that all of the classrooms are inclusion classes. I would also like to see more advanced classes for high achievers and more activities. Parents are really involved at this school.
3/5/2008parentI have always been a supporter of public education but after having my children in DeKalb schools for several years now (elementary and middle), I am starting to re- think my decision. I am disappointed in the quality of the activities my child completes in and out of school (lots of worksheets). The time I have been in the classroom the teacher has her hands full with discipline and is not able to provide individual attention when needed. I think that mainstreaming can work but only if there are enough hands to help out in the classroom.
2/28/2008parentMy daughter is in pre-k at Hawthorne. We have thoroughly enjoyed her experience thus far. Her class has 18 students and 3 teachers, a ratio which enables a great deal of one on one interaction (even more than I think she would have received at a private pre-k). Her teachers are fantastic, as are the administrators I have had interactions with. I really like the small size of the school, as well as the high level of parental involvement. The principal is very open to input from parents, going so far as to create a committee (open to all parents) to investigate enrichment opportunities for the more advanced students in the school. I encourage all parents struggling with the choice between Hawthorne and private school to visit the school, talk to parents and teachers, and to keep an open mind. I'm so glad I did.
2/24/2008parentHawthorne Elementary is a wonderful school. 'There is a saying whatever the head is like, this will impact the rest of the follwers.' The Princpal is a hands on person. We can see how much she cares for her students and She has set high standard for the teachers and the students. The teachers work very hard to make sure ours children recieve a good education. There also, very helpful and caring. I love that the PTA is very supportive of the school. The only downside to Hawthorne Elementary is the lack of extracurrllium activities. We need more of a selection to chose from. For example, a Choir, or a dance class, or a computer class. Over all My family and I look's forward to returning next year.
11/20/2007parentI have spent a great deal of time in my child's classroom and have been disturbed by many children who seem out of control. The atmosphere is not conducive to learning. I have also eaten lunch in the cafeteria and witnessed similar behavior. I also have issues with a program called Discovery for 'gifted' students. These students are pulled out for enrichment. The state we came from provided enrichment for all students in the classroom. It's not hard to imagine how the students who are not labled 'gifted' must feel when they remain in the classroom. We're not sure if Hawthorne is a good match for us.
11/19/2007parentWe had heard such great things about Hawthorne when we moved to Atlanta but have been disappointed for the most part. There are a lot of non-english speaking parents, so as a room parent it was frustrating trying to communicate. Not alot of hands-on activities in the classroom. We decided to go with private education.
11/16/2007parentI have one student who has attended this school for 3 years now and have been very impressed. The teachers are young and energetic with a passion for teaching. They encourage parental envolvement in many ways. This is an enclusion school so the teacher to student ratio is lower than most schools. I would highly recommend this school to any parent.
11/9/2007parent Discipline issues encountered during our years at Hawthorne were handled professionally. Both my husband and I have served in numerous parental roles at the school and have found working with the staff a delight. The administrators have been helpful in dealing with our concerns and finding resolutions. The school is old, but the classrooms are most inviting. The school is not dirty. We have experienced for the most part small classroom sizes and an abundance of teachers. We have a lower than average student to teacher ratio. Classes are added when numbers exceed state guidelines. We are fortunate to have children in a place where academic rigor is instituted. Our three kids have excelled in national testing. Our children are also benefiting from an ethnically diverse student body and learning empathy for kids with special needs. The school is a gem. Kristi Fuqua
10/31/2007parentWe chose private school after a bad experience at Hawthorne School. There were several discipline issues in the classroom that affected our child's learning. We had several meetings with administration but nothing ever changed. I served on several committees and found the administrators to be rather distant. The school building itself is dirty and the class sizes are very large. Hawthorne may be a good fit for some but we wanted better for our child.
10/25/2007parentI have not been impressed with this school. Leadership is not very approachable; school facility dirty and old; way too much emphasis on test scores! Makes you wonder... I would give Hawthorne a D+.
4/5/2007parentThere are many positive aspects of the school. It is very easy to speak with the administration and teachers. The school is fairly small, so your child is not just a number. Obviously, no school is perfect. There could be more extracurricular activities and the building itself could be renovated but that's what you'll get in DeKalb County schools. Parental involvement is high among a small segment of the school population but the school would benefit from more parental involvement.
9/19/2006parentHawthorne is a wonderful learning institution. The principal is very knowledgeable, involved and very organized. The teachers really seem to enjoy 'teaching'. The administrators and staff really care about the kids. The parental support and involvement is superb. The student body is diverse and exposure to diversity will benefit all of the students at Hawthorne as they matriculate.
3/13/2006parentI really love this school.I have a child in PRE-K and one in the first grade,they both have learned so much,the teachers are wonderful at what they do.The whole staff of people working here are very nice,they really seem to care about the students.
2/3/2006parentsome things simply do not translate in test scores. This school has an incredible staff of teachers. The principal is smart and open to dialogue on every level. This school is a little jewel tucked in a tranquil neighborhood. My sons were in private school at one time and this school is so far superior to the education they were receiving. There is diversity here that is balanced and reflective of what they will encounter naturally in life it does not feel forced.
7/21/2004parentA school that has a positive learning and social environment for the students. I truly appreciate the high degree of self-discipline and the top technology that the children are exposed to. Thank you

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