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Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy
P.O. Box 310750
Atlanta, GA 31131
(404) 346-2080
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private | PK-12
County: Fulton


9/4/2012parentStrangely most of the negative comments that were here keeps getting deleted. Such Christians hate for the truth to be told. This school is very messy, unorganized, and very stuck on labels, titles, and who you know. My kids attended for two too many years. Several teachers quit in the middle of the school year bc they were said to not be getting paid I read a previous comment stating the same thing but has since been deleted. This school is not SACS accredited which means if you're looking to relocate like myself, some out of GA schools will not accept their credits. If you want to go to a school that offers no support to students, no books, no up to date technology/old out of date, no report cards, no progress reports, no sports appreciation banquet, nothing classy about this school accept Lil Wayne coming to the Gala, yeah thats because he sends his daughter to this mess. The principal is the hottest mess there is. Parents were in and out complaining as I withdrew my children. These are FACTS not haters. Lets get it straight.
9/1/2012otherSounds to me like the positive comments are coming from the family/workers at the schools trying to save face
8/19/2012parentSimply the best! I've read many of the negative comments on this site about this school and am left wondering what school are these people talking about. My guess is that these aren't real parents but haters from other schools. If you want to know about the school, call and visit any day of the week. SACA is one of very few schools who have been bench marked by a university to study how 80% of the graduating seniors are getting full academic scholarships and how a 6th grader scored in the 90 percentile on the SAT against college students. They have produced quite a few celebrities (Dwight Howard of LA Lakers and Cee Lo Green of Goody Mob, The Voice and Awesome Recording Artist due do there drive to push the children to be the best they can be Gods way. They are partnered with the Green Foundation and it shows all over the campus. DON'T BELIEVE WHAT HATERS ARE SAYING. Pray & Seek Gods face. If HE leads you to SACA, you will see for yourself how EXCELLENT this school is.
8/6/2012parentIf I could give the school zero stars I would. I did not enroll my child at the school this year because it has been the worst experience ever. If I am going to pay for my child to go to school, then I should get what was promised: Ipods, education, family communication. Majority of the teachers are not certified and the teachers that were left. Last year the Kg, 3rd Grade, and 4th Grade teacher left in the middle of the year because the SCHOOL was not PAYING them. Now I don't know about you but I'm sure the moral was down with those teacher and the reason my child would come home stating, what I call an emotional roller coaster, with the teacher. How can you claim to be a Christian School funded on Christian principals, but your dogging your teachers and not paying them on time (some times several weeks later). My child's teacher stated that when questioning their pay, they would receive "Have faith in God." How can you use the Lord as a crutch to your devilish ways. As a parent, I would hope you would never send your child to a school that misuses your money that YOU pay. Also if you notice the family of the school never goes without. They drive nice cars and eat well.
5/10/2012parentI simply love Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy!! My 4 year old son is enrolled in their Pre K program and I love his teacher, Ms. Annette Vick. She is passionate about education and she definitely delivers results. Although our son's R.E.A.L. education starts in our home, it is definitely re-enforced at this institution. We are definitely re-enrolling him for kindergarten next year.
4/17/2011otherSACA was the best in in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's but now its different. This mostly because of the new students. Since they are giving out academic scholarships more unchristian students have come thinking they can change Saca because they don't want to be there. The funding is also an issue if there was more money to go around we wouldn't be in this situation. But I'm just speaking for the high school. Elementary and middle school aren't really affected by this. High school just needs a makeover.
11/27/2009studentI was previously a student at SACA and i can tell you that there is really nothing christian about the school. There is a syndrome called big fish-small pond syndrome that passes around through the school and your child will be around many people of bad character and habits. There is no form of discipline and many of the teacher displine students according to how long theyve been at SACA or who theyre related to. Teachers claim to be involved with us but have a very hands off approach to academics. Many teachers abuse their power and when parents come around create inquiries of instilling discipline. They say they want your child to have the best education but Ive noticed that all the teachers i learn the most from have been fired mid-semester
11/5/2009parentI have 2 children at SACA.we fill that it is a wondreful christian environment my children they love their teachers expecially the ELC. I am glad we are here.
11/5/2009parentSaca is a excellent school! Everyone is like a big family! I love the school, My kids enjoy being here!
4/9/2009parentSACA has wonderful teachers, yet unfortunately they don't feel the need to speak up when they feel a change is needed and this affects the children. Our child attended the SACA Early Learning Center and is now behind most other students at other schools. His teacher apologizes for the unorganized nature of their ELC program and also for having too many responsibilities, which take away from her ability to teach our children - - my child. I'm so upset because I had heard SACA was a good school, yet I think it's mainly good for older students - not younger. If you want your child to have a baby sitter - take them to the SACA ELC. If you want your child to learn their ABC's and 123's, try another school!
7/19/2008parentEarly Learning Center very unorganized. Not a place to put your child under 5 years old. School needs a major overall. Old classrooms and outdated equipment. Crazy bug problem in the playground area .

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