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  School NameGradesTypeRating
  Academy at Palumbo9-12public  8
  Academy In Manayunk1-10private   
  Academy of Essential KnowledgeK-4, 7, 10-12private   
  Ad Prima CSK-8charter  9
  Adaire Alexander SchoolK-8public  3
  Al Mosheh Shule of Positive EdK-1, 4-5, 7private   
  Al-Aqsa Islamic AcademyPK-12private   
  Alcorn James SchoolK-8public  1
  All Sts. Elementary SchoolK-8private   
  Allen Dr Ethel SchoolK-6public  1
  Allen Ethan SchoolK-8public  2
  Alliance for Progress CSK-6charter  2
  Amy at Martin6-8public  4
  AMY Northwest6-8public  7
  Anderson Add B SchoolK-8public  1
  Annunciation BVM SchoolPK-8private   
  Antonia Pantoja Community Charter SchoolK-8charter  3
  Archbishop Ryan High School9-12private   
  Arise Academy Charter High Schooln/acharter  1
  Arthur Chester A SchoolK-8public  2
  Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush9-12public  5
  Ascension of Our Lord SchoolK-8private   
  Aspira Bilingual Cyber Charter SchoolK-12 & ungradedcharter   
  Audenried Senior High School9-11public   
  B & J Childcare Centern/aprivate   
  Bache-Martin SchoolPK-8public  2
  Baldi C C A Middle School6-8public  7
  Barratt Norris S Middle School8public   
  Barton Clara SchoolPK-2public   
  Bartram John - Main9-12public  1
  Beeber Dimner Middle School6-8public  1
  Belmont Charter School1-8charter  2
  Berean Bible Christian SchoolPK-12private   
  Bethel Baptist AcademyPK-12private   
  Bethune Mary McLeod SchoolPK-8public  1
  Better Way AcademyPK-1, 3, 5-12private   
  Beulah Baptist Christian Day SchoolPK-8private   
  Big Backyardn/aprivate   
  Birney Gen Davis B SchoolK-8public   
  Blaine James G SchoolPK-8public  3
  Blair Christian AcademyPK-9private   
  Blankenburg Rudolph SchoolPK-8public  2
  Bluford Guion Elementary SchoolK-6public   
  Bodine William W High School9-12public  7
  Bok Edw W Technical High School9-12public  1
  Boone Daniel School4-12 & ungradedpublic   
  Boys Latin of Philadelphia CS9-12charter  3
  Breath of Life Christian AcademyK, 3-12private   
  Bregy F Amedee SchoolPK-8public  2
  Bridesburg SchoolK-5public  3
  Broad Street AcademyPK-3private   
  Brown Henry A SchoolK-8public  2
  Brown Joseph H SchoolK-6public  3
  Bryant William C SchoolPK-8public  1
  Calvary Christian AcademyPK-6private   
  Calvary Temple Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Caring CenterPK-2private   
  Carnell Laura H SchoolK-8public  1
  Carroll Charles School9-12public  1
  Carver High School9-12public  8
  Cassidy Lewis C AC Plus SchoolK-6public  2
  Catharine Joseph SchoolPK-5public  2
  Cayuga SchoolK-5public  1
  Cedar Grove Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Cedar Ridge Academyn/aprivate   
  Celestial Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  Celestial Christian CommunityK, 2-7 & ungradedprivate   
  Central High School9-12public  10
  CEP/Hunting Park6-12public   
  Charter High School for Architecture and Design9-12charter  3
  Childs George W SchoolPK-8public  2
  Christ AcademyK-5private   
  Christ Independent Baptist AcademyK-12private   
  Christ the King Elementary SchoolK-8private   
  Christian Stronghold Learning AcademyK-6private   
  Christopher Columbus CSK-8charter  5
  Church of God Victory AcademyK-12private   
  Church of God Victory AcademyK-10private   
  Clemente Roberto Middle School5-8public  1
  Cleveland Grover SchoolPK-8public  1
  Clymer George SchoolPK-8public   
  Cockrell Christian SchoolK-8private   
  Colonas Kidz Academic Academyn/aprivate   
  Comegys Benjamin B SchoolPK-6public  1
  Comly Watson SchoolK-5public  5
  Communications Technology High School9-12public  1
  Community Academy of Philadelphia CSK-12 & ungradedcharter  2
  Community College of Philadelphia Child Dev Centern/aprivate   
  Community Partnershipn/aprivate   
  Community Partnership SchoolPK-4private   
  Conquerors Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  Constitution High School9-12public  6
  Conwell Russell Middle School5-8public  6
  Cook-Wissahickon SchoolPK-8public  5
  Cooke Jay Middle SchoolK-8public  2
  Corinthian Christian AcademyPK-5private   
  Cornerstone Christian AcademyK-8private   
  Cramp William SchoolK-6public  1
  Creative and Performing Arts9-12public  8
  Creighton Thomas SchoolK-8public  1
  Crooked Places Made Straight Christian Academy1-12private   
  Crossan Kennedy C SchoolPK-5public  4
  Crossroads Academyn/aprivate   
  Crusaders for Christ Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Cyber Christian Academy @ Your Childs World Learning Centern/aprivate   
  D. Newlin Fell SchoolK-7public  3
  Daroff Samuel SchoolK-8public   
  Davidson School-Philadelphia9-12private   
  Day Anna B SchoolPK-8public  3
  De la Salle In Townn/aprivate   
  Deburgos Bilingual Magnet Middle SchoolPK-8public  2
  Decatur Stephen SchoolK-8public  4
  Delaware Valley Charter High School9-12charter  2
  Delaware Valley High School7-12private   
  Delaware Valley High School-Northeast9-12private   
  Deliverance Evangelistic ChrisPK-1private   
  Delta School2-12private   
  Destiny Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  Dick William SchoolPK-8public  2
  Direct Connection Institute FoPK-8private   
  Discovery Charter SchoolK-8 & ungradedcharter  5
  Disston Hamilton SchoolK-8public  2
  Dobbins AVT High School9-12public  1
  Dobson James SchoolK-8public  5
  Douglas Stephen A School9-12public  1
  Dovrei Ivrite ChababK-7private   
  Drew Charles R SchoolPK-8public  2
  Duckrey Tanner SchoolPK-8public  1
  Dunbar Paul L SchoolPK-8public  1
  Eagles Nest Christian SchoolK-12private   
  Easter Seals of Southeastern PAn/aprivate   
  Eastern University Academy Charter School7-12charter  3
  Edison HS/Fareira Skills9-12public  1
  Edmonds Franklin S SchoolPK-6public  1
  Edmunds Henry R SchoolK-8public  1
  Elkin Lewis SchoolK-4public  1
  Ellwood SchoolK-6public  2
  Emlen Eleanor C SchoolPK-6public  1
  Emmanuel Christian Learning Centern/aprivate   
  Epiphany of Our Lord SchoolPK-8private   
  Esperanza Academy Charter High School9-12charter  3
  Eugenio Maria De Hostos CSK-7charter  4
  Evelyn Graves Christian AcademyK-1private   
  Excellence CSn/acharter   
  Fairhill SchoolPK-8public  1
  Faith Connection Christian Academy3-12private   
  Faith Connection Christian AcademyPK-12private   
  Faith Tabernacle School1-12private   
  Farrell Louis H SchoolK-8public  4
  Father Judge High School9-12private   
  Fellowship Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  Fellowship Christian Academy2-3, 5private   
  Fels Samuel High School9-12public  1
  Feltonville Intermediate School3-5public  1
  Feltonville School of Arts & Sciences6-8public  1
  Ferguson Joseph C SchoolPK-8public  2
  Finletter Thomas K SchoolK-8public  2
  First Century Gospel School1-10private   
  First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter SchoolK-8charter  5
  Fitler Academics Plus2-9public  3
  Fitzpatrick Aloysius L SchoolK-8public  4
  Fitzsimons Thomas High School7-12public  1
  Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures CSK-8charter  6
  Forrest Edwin SchoolK-6public  2
  Fox Chase SchoolK-5public  4
  Frank Anne SchoolPK-5public  6
  Frankford Friends SchoolPK-8private   
  Frankford High School9-12public  1
  Franklin Benjamin High SchoolPK, 9-12public  1
  Franklin Benjamin SchoolK-8public  2
  Franklin LC11 & ungradedpublic  5
  Franklin Towne Charter Elementary SchoolK-1, 3-9charter  6
  Franklin Towne Charter High School9-12charter  8
  Freire CS9-12charter  6
  Friends Select SchoolPK-12private   
  Fulton Robert SchoolK-6public  1
  Furness Horace High School9-12public  1
  G & Hunting Park Elementary SchoolK-8 & ungradedpublic  2
  G C A Daycare & Learning CenterPK-2private   
  Gamp5-12public  9
  Gate To Heaven AcademyPK-1private   
  Germantown Evangelical AcademyPK-6private   
  Germantown Friends SchoolK-12private   
  Germantown High School9-12public  1
  Germantown Islamic Schooln/aprivate   
  Germantown Settlement Charter School5-8charter   
  Gesu SchoolPK-8private   
  Gideon Edward SchoolPK-8public  2
  Gillespie Eliz D Middle School8public   
  Girard College1-12private   
  Girard Stephen SchoolK-4public  1
  Girls High SchoolPK, 9-12public  7
  Global Leadership Academy CSK-8charter  3
  Gold Star Academyn/aprivate   
  Gompers Samuel SchoolK-6public  2
  Good ShepherdK-8private   
  Gospel of Grace Christian SchoolPK-12private   
  Gratz Simon High School9-12public   
  Greater Church Training Center5-12private   
  Greater Hope Christian AcademyPK-12private   
  Greater Hope Christian AcademyPK-12private   
  Greater Love Christian Academy1-10private   
  Green Tree Schooln/aprivate   
  Green Woods CSK-8charter  8
  Greenberg Joseph SchoolK-8public  7
  Greene Street AcademyPK-5private   
  Greene Street Friends SchoolPK-8private   
  Greenfield Albert M SchoolK-8public  4
  Growing Light Day SchoolPK-6private   
  Hackett Horatio B SchoolK-6public  3
  Hamilton Andrew SchoolK-8public  2
  Harding Warren G Middle School6-8public  1
  Hardy Williams AcademyK-8charter  4
  Harold O Davis Christian SchoolK-5private   
  Harrington Avery D SchoolK-6public  2
  Harrison William H SchoolK-8public  1
  Harrity William F SchoolK-8public   
  Hartranft John F SchoolPK-8public  1
  Heartfelt Learning CenterK-2private   
  Henry Charles W SchoolK-8public  5
  Heston Edward SchoolPK-8public  1
  High Street Christian AcademyK-4, 6private   
  Hill J E/Freedman SamsonPK, 6-8public  9
  Hill Leslie P SchoolPK-8public  1
  HMS School for Children with Cen/aprivate   
  Holme Thomas SchoolPK-6public  3
  Holmesburg Baptist Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Holy Child SchoolPK-8private   
  Holy Cross Parish SchoolK-8private   
  Holy Family Parish Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  Holy Innocents Area Catholic Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  Holy Name of JesusPK-8private   
  Holy Name of Jesus SchoolPK-8private   
  Holy Redeemer SchoolK-8private   
  Holy Spirit SchoolPK-8private   
  Holy Temple Little Dove Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  Holy Temple of God Christian SchoolPK-3, 11private   
  Holy Temple of God Christian SchoolPK-1, 7, 11private   
  Hope Christian AcademyPK-5private   
  Hope Church SchoolPK-12private   
  Hope CS9-12charter  1
  Hope Partnership for Education5-8private   
  Hopkinson Francis SchoolK-8public  2
  Houston Henry E SchoolPK-8public  2
  Howe Julia Ward SchoolK-5public  1
  Huey Samuel B SchoolK-8public  1
  Hunter William H SchoolPK-8public  2
  Hunting Park Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Hyde Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  Ijoba Shulen/aprivate   
  Ijoba ShulePK, 1, 7private   
  Imani Educational Circle CSK-8charter  2
  Imhotep Institute Charter High School9-12charter  2
  Immaculate Heart of Mary SchoolPK-8private   
  Immanuel Lutheran SchoolPK-8private   
  In The BeginningPK-4private   
  Incarnation of Our Lord SchoolPK-8private   
  Independence CSK-8charter  5
  Individual Assessment Manager Resource Academyn/aprivate   
  International Christian High School8-12private   
  Islamic Day School of PhiladelphiaPK-1 & ungradedprivate   
  Ivy Leaf Middle School4-8private   
  Ivy Leaf School4-8private   
  Jackson Andrew SchoolK-8public  3
  Jameson Christian AcademyK-10, 12private   
  Jenks Abram SchoolK-4public  4
  Jenks John S SchoolK-8public  4
  Jesus is the Way Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  John B. Stetson Charter School5-8 & ungradedcharter  2
  John Barry Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Jones John Paul Middle School5-8public  1
  Jubilee SchoolPK-6private   
  JW Hallahan Catholic Girls' High School9-12private   
  Kearny Gen Philip SchoolK-8public  2
  Kelley William D SchoolPK-8public  1
  Kelly John B SchoolK-6public  2
  Kenderton SchoolK-8public  1
  Kensington Creative & Performing Arts High School9-12public  1
  Kensington Culinary Arts9-12public  1
  Kensington Intern Business, Finance & Entrep9-12public  1
  Kensington Urban Education Academy9public   
  Key Francis Scott SchoolK-6public  3
  Khepera CSK-8charter  5
  Kids World Christian Education Centern/aprivate   
  King Martin Luther High School9-12public  1
  Kinsey John L SchoolPK-8public  1
  KIPP Philadelphia Charter SchoolK, 5-9 & ungradedcharter  3
  KIPP West Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School5-8charter  3
  Kirkbride Eliza B SchoolPK-8public  4
  La Brum Gen J Harry Middle School6-8public  6
  La Escuelita AcademyPK-5private   
  Laboratory CSK-8charter  10
  Lamberton Robert E SchoolK-8public  2
  Lamberton Robert High School9-12public  1
  Lankenau High School9-12public  3
  Lasalle Academy3-8private   
  Lawton Henry W SchoolK-6public  2
  Lea Henry C SchoolPK-8public  2
  Leeds Morris E Middle School7-8public  3
  Lehigh Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Leidy Joseph SchoolK-8public  1
  Les Petits Cherubs-CathedralPK-2private   
  Levering William SchoolPK-8public  2
  Light of Hope Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  Lincoln High SchoolPK, 9-12public  1
  Lingelbach Anna L SchoolK-8public  3
  Little Flower Catholic High School9-12private   
  Little Footstep Islamic InstitutePK-2, 4-5, 7-8private   
  Little Learners Learning CenterKprivate   
  Locke Alain SchoolK-8public  1
  Loesche William H SchoolPK-5public  4
  Logan Hope SchoolK-8private   
  Logan James SchoolPK-6public  2
  Longstreth William C SchoolPK-8public  1
  Lotus AcademyPK-4private   
  Loving Care Academy1-12private   
  Lowell James R SchoolPK-4public  1
  Ludlow James R SchoolPK-8public  2
  Lutheran High School Of Philadelphia9-12private   
  Maranatha Baptist Academyn/aprivate   
  Marcus Garvey Shule Pos. EdK-8private   
  Maria Gardner Christian AcademyPK-6private   
  Mariana Bracetti Academy CS6-12charter  2
  Maritime Academy CS5-12charter  5
  Marshall John SchoolK-5public  1
  Marshall ThurgoodPK-8public  1
  Mary Mother of Peace Area Catholic SchoolK-8private   
  Mary, Mother of Peace Area Catholic Schooln/aprivate   
  Mast Community Charter SchoolK-12charter  8
  Mastbaum Jules E AVTS9-12public  1
  Masterman Julia R Secondary School5-12public  10
  Mastery Charter High School6-12charter  5
  Mastery Charter School Harrity CampusK-8 & ungradedcharter  3
  Mastery Charter School Mann CampusK-5charter  4
  Mastery Charter School Smedley CampusK-5charter  2
  Mastery CS - Thomas Campus7-12charter  6
  Mastery CS -Shoemaker Campus7-12charter  6
  Mastery CS-Pickett Campus7-11charter  3
  Mater Dolorosa Elementary School1-8private   
  Maternity BVM SchoolPK-8private   
  Math Civics and Sciences CS1-12charter  2
  Mayfair SchoolK-8public  4
  McCall Gen George A SchoolK-8public  6
  McCloskey John F SchoolPK-6public  3
  McClure Alexander K SchoolPK-4public  2
  McDaniel Delaplaine SchoolPK-7public  1
  McKinley William SchoolPK-8public  1
  McMichael Morton SchoolPK-8public  1
  Meade Gen George C SchoolPK-8public  1
  Meehan Austin Middle School7-8public  2
  Mercy Vocational High School9-12private   
  Meredith William M SchoolK-8public  7
  Methodist Services for Children & FamiliesKprivate   
  Methodist Services for Children and Familiesn/aprivate   
  Middle Years Alternative School5-8public  4
  Mifflin Thomas SchoolPK-8public  1
  Miller E S School6-12public   
  Miller HomeschoolPK-5private   
  Miracle Temple Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  Mitchell Elementary SchoolPK-5public  1
  Moffet John SchoolK-5public  4
  Montessori Genesis II SchoolPK-4private   
  Moore J Hampton SchoolK-5public  3
  Morris Robert SchoolPK-8public  2
  Morrison Andrew J SchoolK-8public  2
  Morton Thomas G SchoolK-5public  1
  Most Blessed Sacrament SchoolK-8private   
  Mother of Divine GracePK-8private   
  Motivation High School9-12public  5
  Mount Sinai Christian AcademyPK-2private   
  Muhammads Islamic Academy1-12private   
  Multi-Cultural Academy CS9-12 & ungradedcharter  3
  Munoz-Marin LuisPK-8public  2
  Nazareth Academy Grade School1-8private   
  Nazareth Academy High School9-12private   
  Nebinger George W SchoolPK-8public  3
  Nelsons Academyn/aprivate   
  New Foundations CSK-12charter  7
  New Harvest Christian AcademyPK-12private   
  New Harvest Christian Academy1-3private   
  New Hope Christian AcademyPK-4private   
  New Hope Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  New Hope Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  New Hope Christian AcademyPK-2, 4-6, 8-12private   
  New Life AlternativesK-2private   
  New Life Alternatives Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  New Media Technology CS5-12charter  1
  New Testament Church ChristianPK-K, 3-8private   
  New Visions Learning CenterPK-3private   
  Northeast Catholic High School9-12private   
  Northeast High School9-12public  2
  Northeast Preparatory School7-12private   
  Northwestern Human Servicesn/aprivate   
  Northwestern Human Services of Philadelphian/aprivate   
  Northwood Academy CSK-8charter  6
  Norwood-Fontbonne AcademyPK-8private   
  Nsa Islamic Intitute of Academic Excellencen/aprivate   
  Olney Elementary SchoolK-8public  2
  Olney High School EastPK, 9-12public   
  Olney High School West9-12public   
  Our Lady Help of ChristiansPK-8private   
  Our Lady of Calvary SchoolPK-8private   
  Our Lady of Confidence Day Schooln/aprivate   
  Our Lady of Consolation SchoolPK-8private   
  Our Lady of Hope SchoolPK-8private   
  Our Lady of Lourdes SchoolPK-8private   
  Our Lady of Mount Carmel School1-8private   
  Our Lady of Port Richmond Regional Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  Our Lady of Ransom SchoolPK-8private   
  Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament SchoolPK-8private   
  Our Mother of Consolation CatholicPK-8private   
  Our Mother of Sorrows/St. Ignatius SchoolsPK-8private   
  Overbrook Edu CenterK-8public  5
  Overbrook Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Overbrook Farms Preparatory Academyn/aprivate   
  Overbrook High School9-12public  1
  Overbrook Presbyterian Church PreschoolKprivate   
  Overbrook School for the Blindn/aprivate   
  Pan American Academy CSK-6charter  3
  Parkway Northwest9-12public  5
  Parkway West9-12public  5
  Parkway-Center City9-12public  6
  Pastorius Francis P SchoolK-8public  1
  Patterson John M SchoolPK-4public  1
  Paul Robeson High School for Human Services9-12public  2
  Peirce Thomas M SchoolPK-6public  1
  Peirce William S Middle SchoolPK, 7-9public   
  Penn Alexander SchoolPK-8public  9
  Penn Treaty Middle School5-8public  1
  Penn William High School12public   
  Pennell Joseph SchoolPK-6public  1
  Pennsylvania School for the DeafPK-12 & ungradedprivate   
  Pennypacker Samuel SchoolPK-6public  2
  Penrose SchoolK-8public  2
  People for People CSK-8charter  3
  Pepper George Middle School5-8public  1
  Performing Arts Christian Educationn/aprivate   
  Philadelphia Academic School12private   
  Philadelphia Academy CSK-12charter  7
  Philadelphia Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Philadelphia Christian AcademyK-5private   
  Philadelphia Christian AcademyPK-K, 3-12private   
  Philadelphia Electrical & Tech Charter High School9-12charter  3
  Philadelphia Elwyn InstituteK-8private   
  Philadelphia Harambee Inst CSK-8charter  3
  Philadelphia High School for Business & Tech9-12public  4
  Philadelphia Learning Academy - North7-12public  1
  Philadelphia Learning Academy - South7-12public  1
  Philadelphia Mennonite High School9-12private   
  Philadelphia Military Academy at Elverson9-12public  4
  Philadelphia Military Academy at Leeds9-12public  3
  Philadelphia Montessori CSPK-6charter  2
  Philadelphia Performing Arts CSPK-8charter  7
  Pickett Clarence E Middle SchoolPK, 6-8public   
  Planet Abacus CSK-7charter  10
  Politz Hebrew AcademyPK-8private   
  Pollock Robert B SchoolK-6public  4
  Pope John Paul II Regional Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  Potter-Thomas SchoolPK-8public  1
  Powel Samuel SchoolK-4public  4
  Pratt Anna B SchoolPK-6public  1
  Preparatory CS of Mathematics, Science, Tech, And9-12charter  8
  Prince HallPK-5public  1
  Prodigy Learning CenterPK-5private   
  Project Learn SchoolK-8private   
  Quba Institute Day SchoolPK-7private   
  Randolph, A. Philip AVT High School9-12public  2
  Red Lion Elementary SchoolK-5private   
  Red Lion Elementary School1-2private   
  Renaissance Charter School6-8charter   
  Resurrection of Our Lord SchoolPK-8private   
  Revival Hill Christian High School9-12private   
  Reynolds Gen John F SchoolPK-8public  1
  Rhawnhurst SchoolPK-5public  3
  Rhoads James SchoolK-8public  1
  Rhodes E Washington Middle School7-12public  1
  Richard Allen Preparatory CS5-8charter  3
  Richmond SchoolK-5public  2
  Roman Catholic High School9-12private   
  Roosevelt Theodore Middle SchoolPK, 6-8public  1
  Rowen William SchoolK-5public  2
  Roxborough High School9-12public  1
  Russell Byers CSK-6charter  5
  Sacred Heart of Jesus Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  Sanctuary Christian AcademyK-6private   
  Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter SchoolK-5, 9-10charter  2
  Saul W B Agricultural School9-12public  3
  Sayre William L Middle School9-12public  1
  School of Moorish Science Temp1-6private   
  School of the Future9-12public  3
  Science Leadership Academy9-12public  9
  Senior Clara Muhammad SchoolPK-12private   
  Settlement Music Schooln/aprivate   
  Sharon Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  Sharswood George SchoolPK-8public  3
  Shaw Anna H Middle School7-8public  1
  Shawmont SchoolPK-8public  4
  Shepherd's Christian AcademyPK-4private   
  Sheppard Isaac SchoolK-4public  1
  Sheridan SchoolK-4public  1
  Sheridan West6-8public  1
  Smedley Franklin SchoolK-5public   
  Smith Walter G SchoolK-8public  1
  Sojourner Truth S.D.A. SchoolPK-8private   
  Solis-Cohen Solomon SchoolPK-6public  3
  South Philadelphia High SchoolPK, 8-12public  1
  Southwark SchoolK-8public  2
  Southwest Leadership Academy CSK-6charter  2
  Spring Garden AcademyPK-2private   
  Spring Garden SchoolK-8public  2
  Springside Chestnut Hill AcademyPK-12private   
  Spruance Gilbert SchoolPK-8public  2
  Spruce Hill Christian SchoolK-8private   
  St. Ambrose Elementary SchoolK-8private   
  St. Anne SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Anselm Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Athanasius-Immaculate Conception SchoolK-8private   
  St. Barnabas Episcopal SchoolPK-6private   
  St. Benedict Elementary SchoolK-8private   
  St. Bernard SchoolK-8private   
  St. Boniface Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Bridget Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Casimir SchoolK-8private   
  St. Cecilia Elementary SchoolK-8private   
  St. Charles BorromeoPK-8private   
  St. Christopher Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Cyprian Catholic SchoolK-8private   
  St. Dominic SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Donato SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Francis De Sales SchoolK-8private   
  St. Francis XavierPK-8private   
  St. Francis Xavier SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Gabriel SchoolPK-8private   
  St. George Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. George Greek Orthodox Schooln/aprivate   
  St. Helena SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls9-12private   
  St. Hugh SchoolK-8private   
  St. Ignatius of LoyolaPK-8private   
  St. James School5private   
  St. Jerome SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Joachim Elementary SchoolK-8private   
  St. Joan of Arc Elementary SchoolK-8private   
  St. John the Baptist SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Joseph's Preparatory School9-12private   
  St. Katherine of Siena SchoolK-8private   
  St. Laurentius SchoolK-8private   
  St. Leo Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Lucy Day School for Children W Visual ImpairmentPK-2, 4-5, 7private   
  St. Lucy SchoolK-8private   
  St. Malachy SchoolK-8private   
  St. Malachy Schooln/aprivate   
  St. Martha Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Martin De Porres SchoolK-8private   
  St. Martin of Tours SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Mary of the Assumption SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Mary's Interparochial SchoolK-8private   
  St. Matthew SchoolK-8private   
  St. Monica SchoolK-8private   
  St. Nicholas of Tolentine SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Peter the Apostle SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Peter's SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Raymond of Penafort SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Richard Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Rose of Lima Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Thomas AquinasPK-8private   
  St. Thomas Aquinas SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Timothy SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Veronica Elementary SchoolK-8private   
  St. William SchoolPK-8private   
  Stanton Edwin M SchoolPK-8public  4
  Stanton M Hall SchoolPK-8public  1
  Stearne Allen M SchoolPK-6public  1
  Steel Edward SchoolPK-8public  2
  Stella Maris SchoolPK-8private   
  Stern Hebrew High School9-12private   
  Stetson John B Middle School5-9public   
  Strawberry Mansion High School9-12public  1
  Sts. Clement IrenaeusK-8private   
  Sts. John Neumann & Maria Garetti Catholic High School9-12private   
  Sts. John Neumann and Maria Goretti Catholic High School9-12private   
  Sts. Tabernacle Day SchoolK-8private   
  Student Ed Center & Delaware Valley High School CC9-12private   
  Student Ed Center Del Valley High School NEn/aprivate   
  Sullivan James J SchoolK-5public  1
  Sulzberger Mayer Middle School6-8public   
  Swenson Arts & Technology High School9-12public  2
  Tacony Academy Charter SchoolK-12charter  3
  Taggart John H SchoolPK-8public  2
  Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia9-12private   
  Taylor Bayard SchoolK-5public  1
  Thankful Learning Centern/aprivate   
  The Better Way Christian AcademyPK-3, 5-12 & ungradedprivate   
  The Bridge School9-12 & ungradedprivate   
  The City SchoolK-12private   
  The Crefeld School7-12private   
  The DePaul Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  The Islamic Education School -TiesPK-8private   
  The John Hancock Demonstration Elementary SchoolK-5public  4
  The Mill Creek Schooln/aprivate   
  The Philadelphia SchoolPK-8private   
  The School District of Philadelphia's Virtual Academy6-12public   
  The Waldorf School of PhiladelphiaPK-8private   
  The Westwood SchoolPK-5private   
  Tilden William T Middle School5-8public  1
  Timothy AcademyPK-8private   
  Triumph Christian SchoolPK-6private   
  True Gospel Tabernacle Learning CenterPK-4private   
  Truebright Science Academy CS7-12charter  2
  Turner John P Middle School6-8public   
  Universal Bluford Charter SchoolK-6charter  1
  Universal Daroff Charter SchoolK-8 & ungradedcharter  1
  Universal Institute CSK-8charter  3
  University City High School9-12public  1
  Vare Edwin H Middle SchoolPK, 5-8public   
  Vare-Washington Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Vaux Roberts High School9-12public  1
  Visitation SchoolPK-8private   
  Wagner Gen Louis Middle School6-8public  2
  Wakisha Charter School6-8charter  2
  Walter D Palmer Leadership Learning Partnership CSPK-12charter  1
  Waring Laura W SchoolPK-8public  1
  Washington George High School9-12public  2
  Washington George SchoolPK-8public  3
  Washington Grover Jr School5-8public  2
  Washington Martha SchoolPK-8public  2
  Webster SchoolPK-5public  2
  Welsh John SchoolK-8public  2
  West Oak Lane Christian AcademyK-5private   
  West Oak Lane CSK-8charter  5
  West Philadelphia Achievement CESK-5charter  2
  West Philadelphia Catholic High School9-12private   
  West Philadelphia High SchoolPK, 9-12public  1
  Westmeade Academy9-12private   
  White Dove Performing Arts AcademyPK-3private   
  Whittier John G SchoolK-6public  1
  Widener Memorial SchoolK-12public   
  Wilcox Learning CenterPK-3private   
  Willard Frances E SchoolPK-4public  2
  William Penn Charter SchoolK-12private   
  William Penn Charter SchoolPK-12private   
  Wilson Alexander SchoolPK-6public  2
  Wilson Woodrow Middle School6-8public  3
  Wisdom Christian Academyn/aprivate   
  Wissahickon CSK-8charter  4
  Wister John SchoolK-6public  1
  Woodbine AcademyPK-3private   
  Woodhaven Schooln/aprivate   
  Word Alive Learning CenterKprivate   
  Wordsworth Philadelphian/aprivate   
  World Communications CS6-12charter  2
  Wright Richard R SchoolPK-6public  1
  Young Scholars CS6-8charter  7
  Young Scholars Frederick Douglass Charter SchoolK-8public   
  Young Scholars Frederick Douglass Charter SchoolK-8 & ungradedcharter  2
  Youth Build Philadelphia CS12charter   
  Ziegler William H SchoolK-8public  2

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The cost of living numbers on here are deceiving. Philly itself is such a large city that the cheap, crime-ridden neighborhoods outweigh the safe, expensive... (Read More)

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