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Advantage Academy
300 W Pioneer Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75051
(214) 276-5800
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charter | PK-12
County: Dallas


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7/31/2012parentI sent two kids to North Duncanville last year. My mistake was not pulling them out mid year. I support experimentation like Advantage's Metakogs, but in this case they simply don't work. Textbooks were not available to students, no way to learn material at home, or for parents to know what's going on. Even the "megakogs" were photocopies with small print. Everything we saw was poorly implemented. One math class had a 50%+ failure rate on tests! To their credit, they did post the results on the bulletin board, but obviously this teacher needed help and the principal did not provide. (poor performance continued) The school should be shut down, but if it's not, I don't recommend sending your students there. As far as parental involvement, it was nil. Good luck even trying to get a syllabus to give to a tutor so she could be taught before tests!
7/28/2012otherI am a student at Advantage academy. From my experience being there as a student i would tell parents DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO THIS SCHOOL. It is possibly the worst school in GP. As far as education, you will barely get any education. Every other school is far more advanced than we are and we are way behind in what we need to be in, I will be a junior this August and I am in desperate need of finding a new school. This is far most the worst school to ever put your child in. No type of well education. Students treat teachers badly, some. A lot of GREAT teachers get fired for absolutely no reason and hire teachers that can't teach for nothing. So far 6 teachers were fired so basically we learned nothing while they were being fired and some had no type of experience Never go back there. GP Advantage Academy. I promise you, you will regret it.
7/5/2012teacherI worked at this school in 2010. It was a horrible experience. A new administration building was opened that one can tell cost a lot of money, however the students had no library, gym, playground. Students could not talk to each other during lunch.Teachers were overworked with no lunch break, little pay and demanding schedules. When testing is going on, even if it is only one grade testing they force the other grades to stay in a class room the entire day without talking and working on packets (no isd does that). We were forced to teach Caroline Leaf's strategies for education, but no other school uses that. Students were completely disrespectful and the administration did nothing to moniter it. Many teachers did not have degrees or credentials. I would not send my child to this school because they most likely will not learn. Teacher turnover is high because the work enviornment is horrible.
6/5/2012teacherI worked at another Charter School for 7 years before coming to Advantage Academy. I feel like the staff and administration really care about the students. I thought after leaving my last job that Charter Schools were worse than Public Schools, but I was wrong. Every school goes through periods of restructuring. I think the changes that have been made in the last year are all positive and I believe that Advantage Academy is headed in a great direction.
6/2/2012teacherI worked at the North Duncanville location 2 years ago, and it was terrible then. From what my friends who are still there tell me, it is way worse, and everyone has either quit or been fired. Unless you are desperate, I'd find another place to work. Teaching is hard enough without all the extra stress they add. Go find a real school to work at.
3/20/2012parentThis is a terrible school. It has consistently disappointed me with the quality of its academics, and has one of the highest turn-over rates for teachers I have ever seen. The administration is failing both the students and the teachers, and its only virtue is the crypto-Christian values it tries to push on its campus. When this school began it was desperate for students and so offered busing from our Dallas location to its campus in Grand Prairie. My wife and I were concerned with the quality of public schools in our area, but almost immediately I noticed that the standards were much lower academically than my child's previous school. This last year was the end, however, with a combination of chaos during enrollment and now the cancellation of the bus route now that they feel secure with the number of students enrolled. I am happily looking for a new school to enroll my children and will not miss Advantage Academy in the least.
3/6/2012otherI am a former teacher who was fired for reporting irregularities concerning No Child Left Behind. Seems this school is not interested in education children, but only in the money that they generate upon enrollment. Many good teachers have been fired due to Mrs McDonald's wild temper flares. The scary part is that, as many on this blog have written, many of the administrators and teachers are not certified or even have college degrees. This school brags on being an alternative to public education, but DON'T believe them! There are plenty of other good charter schools to send your children to without exposing them to this non-Christian environment. A parent shouldn't have to ask whether their child will be educated at this school. It is generally understood. However, many students are left to linger in the classroom with no direction. Writers are correct when they state that TEA should shut this school down.
8/17/2011parentROWLETT, My child has attended Advantage Rowlett for the last 4 yrs. The Rowlett location is K-8th grade. Our overall experience have been good. We are looking forward to the new school year.
8/17/2011parentROWLETT, My child has attended Advantage Rowlett for the last 4 yrs. The Rowlett location is K-8th grade. Our overall experience have been good. We are looking forward to the new school year.
8/8/2011parentWOW!!! I readed parent's concerns. I was going to put my kids in GP location for HS. WHERE is TEA to monitor? Education is very important for our Future. Why would the Teachers allow this- if you sign up to Educate. Please Teachers Speak up, Parent get involved and stay involved NO SCHOOL should tell parents to stay OUT........ MAybe they should get the STATE involved and shut down all AA! It happen in Wilmer, Texas, it can happen in Grand Prairie, Texas SHAME SHAME MR BECK,Central Office, and Principals, Directors, SHAME SHAME!
5/26/2011otherI am wondering what campus these reviews are referring to? I am looking into the Rowlett campas. I was pretty excited at first, but after reading these I am a little skeptical. Need to know about Rowlett campas? Any info would be great.
5/6/2011parentThis school has the good teachers. There is alot of drama here. But as a parent I really care about how my child is doing in class. Yes I am concern about the lunch room. All parents should be concern about that. I don't know what goes on behind close doors with all of them. That is why they work there and I don't. I only care about what goes on with the kids. The grown ups can be just like kids them self. There is alot of good about this school, but there is also room for improvement as with any other place. We just need to stay out of the drama in the school and place our concern on the kids. This is how I feel. The kids has to be the up most concern. Has any child really been hurt here. I don't mean the deal with the lunch room. Has any teacher or office staff hurt any of our kids? Other schools are alot worse than this school. I can name some real quick. The teachers there don't step in on anything. Here they do the best they can. We need to think of our kids. I am not telling anyone where to place their kids. But look at other schools before you make any move. Thats all I have to say.
4/27/2011parentThis place has hit Rock Bottom. I have three children that have been there from yhe begining. At first it was a GREAT school!! The past year has been a total disappointment. The other reviews are correct, what kind of school does not I repeat DOES NOT want parents involved in their childrens education?? Answer a school that has many things to hide. I have first hand info of the administration making the teachers change failing grades to passing ones. There is a video of the 6 7 and 8 grades being made stand nose to the wall with their hands behind their backs. And then they fired the teacher of the child that made the video. COVER-UP!!!!!!! Do not get me wrong we have a GREAT group of teachers, too bad the are getting fired and the others will not return next year. Any potential Parents Of Students You Have Been Warned.
4/27/2011parentTHIS SCHOOL HAS FAILED OUR KIDS. We got letters today that 5th and 8th grade did not meet state standards on the Math and Reading Taks. They took them a few weeks ago. They did offer tutoring but on several occasions they called an emergency staff meeting so tutoring had to be cancelled. Advantage Academy is not up to par on their teaching at all. You have straight A students barely making B's now. I do not recomend this school to anyone.I personally know people who have left and their kids are repeating grades. That is not fair.
4/22/2011parentThis school is going down very fast. It is out of control. The teachers are under so much stress to where it is affecting the kids. 3 math teachers in 1 year. fired music teacher, art teacher. Makes kids throw out lunch because the teacher got mad at the kids. Then she made all 6,7,8 graders to stand against wall with nose against wall arms behind back for the rest of lunch. Why hasn't TEA been in yet? Someone needs to save the kids and teachers from the administration. You can't get anyone at the Grand Prairie campus to help with anything. In the office they know so much but yet knows nothing. They are rude to the parents and bully the teachers. And yes they are trying to keep parents from being at this campus. This school needs to start firings in the office and go up as far as need be. Teachers and kids are being bullied by people who want to control and break their wells to their thinking. Again what country do we live in? Someone needs to come in and help ASAP!!!!!!!!
4/21/2011parentThe last post must be coming from someone in administration because teachers and parents alike feel otherwise. Yes, the teachers are awesome and doing what they can. Yes, we should and do praise the teachers with doing their best when they take orders from an insane central administration who brings in a so called expert to introduce "metacogs". Where is the proven research that shows Dr. Leaf's methods work. I am not an ignorant parent who does not know how to look this info up. She has no background in education and every bit of info on her background has no valid documentation to back it up. They should not be using our children as guinea pigs. As another parent posted we are treated as outsiders and prevented from coming to campus and communicating with teachers. They have gone as far as to have police come to the campus to keep too many parents from coming to the Christmas parties. Limiting classrooms to two parents per class. What is that.?! Not parent involvement for sure. So unless the changes begin at the top there will be no improvement in this school. I suggest looking elsewhere.
2/10/2011teacherThe school is on the decline. If you check with TEA, none of the so called Campus Managers/Principals are certified. The two certified administors they did have were both fired, because they were not liked by the truck driver-Son-In-Law Kevin Mcdonald, who now calls himself the Director of Operations! Thsi school is a joke, it is a crooked family run school, that is pocketing money and does not pay us teachers what we deserve! The Director at Waxahachie used to be a P.E. teacher and has no degree, but now she runs a school? Stay away from this school
8/22/2010parentI thought this was a good school, it does have some really great teachers who unfortunately are not treated as they should be treated. It had a great Principal and Vice Principal last year but they have both been replaced with unsatisfactory people who do not care about the well being of the students. The new Vice Principal acts like he is a drill sergeant and violates the children by making them throw away their food because he says its not healthy, he illegally searches their personal backpacks and takes their cell phones, speaks to them in demeaning tones. I do not recommend this school AT ALL!!! BEWARE IT IS NOT AT ALL WHAT IT SEEMS!!!
8/18/2010parentAA-GP Campus Loved the fact that that AA incorporated character assembly which was similar to chapel when my child when to a Christian private school and incorporates prayer! Loved the fact that all her teachers where Christians and well qualified for her grades of 3rd-5th. Now entering 6th grade this school year and too many changes have been made and very disorganized. Orientation was chaos, recieved letter saying my son was in for the school year and then a phone call later this summer saying letter went out by mistake..still on waiting list. 3 prinicpals in the last three years and it just seems to keep going dowhill from there. We have 2 vp and a head principal..little to reserved and stand offish for me to be the first day of school! Can't be timid, meet and great, direct the flow ...that's why they gave you the position!
5/17/2010parentMy kid's campus had 4 principals in 2 years, 3 math teachers in 1 year, grading policy changed in the middle of a SIX WEEKS with no parental notification, teachers pulled from class for WEEKS at a time for "special training" and subs are not qualified. Facilities are run down, teacher turnover rate is high, moldy food twice in the cafeteria, expired milk, they run out of food!! There is a handful of great teachers - rumor has it they are quitting. WHY!?
3/24/2010parentThis school was a nightmare. The students are out of order, and kids who want to learn can not becuase of the attention being placed on trying to quiet the kids. The well behaved kid are picked on by the rowdy majority who stick together. Many of my friends have had the same expereience were their children were abused by the others and the teachers did not do much to change it. This is true for the Duncanville and the Grandprairie campuses.
9/20/2009parentThey really care about each child. They work very hard with what limited funds they have. They teach our children to love America as well as each other. They teach them to respect authority and try to build into them self esteem and integrity. There principle sets high goals and expects the very best from the students.
6/1/2009parentWe love this school. Eagle Charter schools are more 1-on-1, parent friendly, great academically, and they stand on a spiritual foundation. My daughter went from K to 3th and now returning for 6th. The other schools were ok but she and i missed Eagle... Well Advantage Academy now... I had everyone of her teacher's email and a cell# for some of them. The only 2 disadvantages back then was they didnt have sports or music programs so we enrolled her in outside extracurricular and secondly, the North Duncanville location is in 2 buldings across the street from each other. There are busy major businesses next door but they have a full time cross guard. When i win the lotto my community donation would go to a Brand new, hi tech building for this school.... Go Eagles!!
8/24/2008parentI personally like this school (Grand Prairie campus) my son attended 6th grade last year there. He made commended performance on his math and did well in his other subjects. Because it is such a small school I feel that he gets the attention that he needs. However I feel that discipline is too lenient. Which in a couple of years maybe cause the school to have a down fall.
7/17/2008parentI have a son going into the 5th grade. The teachers at Waxahachie Advantage Academy have been a wonderful role model for him. He is ADHD. The teachers and staff have worked with him and are very understanding. This last year he was commended by the state on his TAKs reading test. I believe that the school is on the right track towards building champions!
11/7/2007parentI cannot praise this school enough! My child is being challenged academically and her social skills have improved greatly. This is her second year. Last year there were some issues and the staff went out of their way to get it resolved in a fair manor. We are just sad that Ms. Smith is gone this year. :(
10/5/2007parentMy daughter is in Kinder and has been at Eagle since Pre-K. I wanted to thank Mrs. Lozano for the awesome job she does. She goes that extra mile, she cares for each student's education. She is now learning how to write her name in cursive. She can also read! She's also learning sigh language! Thankyou Mrs. Lozano! Oh must I add the staff is all very polite.
8/2/2007parentMy children went to Eagle Advantage for two years and they learned so much and love going to school every day. The whole staff there is very caring and loving toward each child. I moved and took my children out thinking for convince everything would be fine, but I didn t feel that they were not learning that much and fell behind at there new school, so now I am going to be driving that extra time to have them go to Eagle Advantage because of the entire outstanding job that every one there does and I will continue to take my children there no matter what drive.
6/7/2007parentthat's a great school and i believe that they are building champion's
5/4/2007parentI have been very dissappointed with my childrens education at Cornerstone Eagle Adv. this year. There is a lack of communication between parents and teachers, and the teachers to administers. I find the whole school full of confusion and disorder.
8/31/2006parentLets just say that I was not Pleased with this school that I put my 2 children in another school and my 6th grader is now so far behind that she is already struggling. She didn't have a permanent teacher last year for Math. And she did not get the tutoring that was promised to me. She even felt that the teachers did not care. I also had a child in Pre -K and he learned a lot last year. But he did not go to this campus. He went to the campus on Shelly Street. I don't think there is enough teachers or qualified teachers for this school.
7/7/2006parentEagle Advantage do not show a great deal of concern for the students (jr high & high school) academic learning. The school needs to focus on a teaching/learning level instead of high ratio of enrolled students so that more federal funds are granted. The teachers need to take mandatory workshops throughout the year, so that they will be able to teach the courses that are essential and balance or better than surrounding school districts. They do not have PTA or anything of sort so that the parents can be more involved & active @ the school. The school needs to offer accelerated learning opportunities to the high school grades, that have yet to become available.
6/1/2006parentThe academics were great, however there was no discipline guidelines in place. Also, they were somewhat unorganized. But on a academic level they were great....
9/1/2005parentMy sons glasses were broke and nobody cared. Theres nobody helping the students or anybody. Its a big mess. Classes are too small and they have to many kids. The teachers cant handle the kids. I called the principal and he told me it would be okay. Be careful.
8/26/2005parentEagle Advantage is on a higher academic scale than the public school system. The areas where the school is lacking would be in sports. As with most Charter and Private schools, the school is challenged in that area. Be prepared for a lot of parent involvement. If asked whether I would send my child back, Yes I would.
8/18/2005teacherThis year the school is crazy. They have children as young as 6 through 9 changing classes every hour. These kids think they are in a circus. This program will not work.
4/7/2005parentI like this school alot better then the other bigger school my son attended because they are smaller and offer a more one on one atmospear.
4/1/2005parentI am very disappointed. My children have been at this school for 5 years however; it seems that the last two years with giving more enphasis on this year the school has definately lacked in several policies/procedures such as; discipline, uniforms and tolerance. There are a lot of discipline problems and feel that the fact that students are not being screened as passed years. When there is a concern and it is brought to the authorities attention it is swept under the rug. Now it seems that Eagle Advantage officials have a mentality of 'more kids, more money', not caring of the academically, appearance and reputation of the school.
2/4/2005parentI wanted my daughter to get into a magnet Highschool. She was sick the day of the benchmark test. A representative in the office told me she could take the test. She went back they didn't give her the test. They told me it would not affect her report card,then told me it was not a major part of her grade,then told me it was 25%.This will ultimately affect my daughters future. I feel very bad about the unattention and disconcern given to my daughter's situation. Not to mention the many times my calls and messages were never returned.
1/4/2005parentI was disappointed with Eagle Advantage Charter School. My daughter became lazy with school work and her study habits dropped dramatically.
2/27/2004parentMy overall experience is fair, with the understanding that the school is still in it's growing stages, I am hopeful that they will increase the efforts of parental involvement and the tolerance towards students with learning challenges. I have also experienced some teacher's growing intolerance to more provide one-on-one attention those with learning challenges because they are dealing with an overwhelming amount of children who exhibit disciplinary problems on a consistent basis.
2/10/2004parentI would love to see the school improve in the area of discipline. There seems to be a low tolerance for challenging students. I was given no other option by Administration to withdraw my child. As a result I had to pull my other two children who were doing academically well. Overall the school is great, but lacks a fair discipline structure.
1/26/2004parentI am very pleased with the performance Eagle Advantage Schools is having on my children. They have an excellent Accelerating Reading program to help your child develop their reading abilities! My son have learned so much concerning technology in the Computer Technician Mentoring Program.

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