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Ursuline Academy of Dallas
4900 Walnut Hill Ln
Dallas, TX 75229
(469) 232-1800
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private | 9-12
County: Dallas


  School Head OfficialYear
Elizabeth Bourgeois2007
10/29/2012studentI graduated from Ursuline and loved every minute of high school and, because I was prepared and ready for it, I have loved every minute of college. Ursuline trains students to take pride in their work, to be independent citizens and to balance their academic and social lives.
11/13/2011studentI LOVE URSULINE. Although it is challenging, I'm so peppered for college academically and socially. I have made life long friends here. I was the only person from my school to make it to UA and absolutely loved it. Yes, its true if you don't work hard, you definitely won't make it but it builds character. Plus, everyone else is in the same position you are. As for the administration not caring, i find that to be false as well. All my teachers dedicated time to my understanding of the concepts being taught. Its a great place, great environment and prepares students for the future.
10/17/2011parentMy daughter will graduate from UA this year in the top 10% of her class, with great grades and fabulous test scores. But she paid a steep price. She had no life outside of academics. Ursuline prepares them for college by immersing them in 4 years of competitive college level work. (I teach college.) Parents have no voice whatsoever. The rules and curriculum are unyielding. The administration does NOT care to hear from parents at all except to donate money. Teachers do not have longevity, and the math and college counseling dept are exceptionally poor. My daughter will be prepared academically for college but not socially. I would not send another child there, despite the excellent academic preparation. It's not worth it.
2/27/2011studentUrsuline is the best, period. I have never spent time with such genuine girls. The environment is competitive but highly collaborative and supportive-- girls build each other up instead of tear each other down. Another great thing about Ursuline is its approachable, involved teachers and the quirky but firm administration. The academics are excellent-- except for the math department, which is laughably incompetent to the point where I have given up on it. UA is very strong in humanities with a variety of social studies electives to chose from. The English and history departments are excellent. Teachers lecture without notes and makes these classes engaging and discussion-based. I have so much fun here it doesn't even feel like school. I'm a junior now, and Ursuline has yet to "get old". Ursuline takes naive teenagers and turns them into young women. I've seen the change in myself and in my classmates. The alma mater does not lie when it says "Ursuline Academy, in our hearts you'll always be". Thank you, Ursuline.
1/23/2011otherI went to Ursuline for a year and it was the worst learning environment that I have ever encountered. The teachers do not care about individual students, if you do not have a high aptitude for a subject then expect to be ignored. If you dont come from one of the big private grade schools (st. Rita, st. Marks, st. Monica, st. Pats) that you will probably have lots of trouble making friends. Ursuline is a school for genius park city princesses.
12/22/2010parentI have two very different daughters that attend Ursuline. They both found their own paths to success while they've been there (one has a learning disability that Ursuline accommodates.) The teachers and administration genuinely want the girls to succeed and will do what it takes for them to reach their goals.
12/2/2010studentI wrote an interview earlier this year and over these couple of months, the curriculum is challenging. If you do not do your work, you are going to be behind. You have to be on your toes at all times and try your best. If not, good luck to you. I have been doing very well and I have God to thank for that! Our motto, Serviam, is being drilled into our lives by the teachers and head leaders of this school. It is almost the end of the semester and I hope the next of the year goes great for me, my classmates, and my teachers!
10/16/2010otherGreat school; curriculum and teachers. Recommended. My older sis attended and went on to earn a degree in Philosophy. She credits Ursuline for prepping her well for advanced University studies.
9/29/2010parentCaring and hard-working teachers, responsive and positive attidude of students, challenging curriculum, many extracurricular activities. The students are joyful and friendly.
8/12/2010studentAs an alumni of Ursuline Academy of Dallas, I have to disagree with most of the other parent reviews. I spent four years struggling in math classes. After many parents complained about the math department, nothing changed. The principle is old and outdated. The school needs to add a more modern look. The school raises and spends millions of dollars on a new math and science building, but cannot afford a soccer field even though the UA soccer team has won 20 consecutive state titles. I've heard UA administrations try not to put an emphasis on athletics, but athletics are a huge part of most of the girls lives Overall, strongly consider sending your daughter to Ursuline. Talk to many of the students and get their opinions before making your decision. Some parents are confused on the true feelings of most Ursuline students.
4/6/2010parentA great school for everyone! They are all welcoming and very kind
3/30/2010parentIf your Catholic and want your child to go to a Catholic college then Ursuline is great, if not .. think twice. A broad range of girls go into a small funnel based on the Ursuline core ideals and come out very similar to each after 4 years. I loved the service and responsibility aspects but the down side is that the regimented academic requirements, plus 4 years of religion mean that under normal circumstances your child will take only about 2 electives in 4 years. At other schools that number is between 6-8 electives. This really hurt in the college selection and application process. And yes, there is too much emphasis on ISEE grades. Don t plan on honors/AP even after scoring very well (70 s) on the PSAT. The dye is cast the day you walk in the school.
9/29/2009studentUrsuline is a great school, especially for girls who want a plethora of unique and varied extracurricular activities. If you're an honors/AP student be prepared to work 24/7 to maintain a good GPA - life at UA can be extremely stressful and at times cuthroat competition erupts concerning grades, test scores, and college choices. Also be aware that politics and money dominate the campus, so don't be surprised to find out some administrator's daughter got into an honors class over you or that some girl who was just expelled is back after daddy wrote a check. Don't let the Maseratis, BMWs, Mercedes, or Hummers in the student parking lots fool you, Ursuline does have some down to earth girls who do desire to be more than just trophy wives. As a former student of UA, I am forever grateful for the amazing friendships I formed while in high school.
9/7/2009parentMy daughter attended UA for high school and went to her first choice college and was academically prepared. Our biggest issue with UA was that the administration did nothing to empower the girls. Her ISEE scores did not qualify her for any honors courses her freshman year even though she had been a straight A student during middle school. We were told that she would be crushed under the weight of honors courses. For her soph year several teachers recommended her for honors courses but she was not placed in any because her ISEE scores from the 8th grade were not high enough (!!??!!). She did well on the PSAT so she was put in 4 AP classes for her JR yr. Not only was she not crushed she excelled--scoring 3 5's and a 4 on the AP tests. Girls and parents should be given more say in class choice.
12/22/2008studentI currently attend Ursuline Academy. The academics are above average and will prepare you for college, however, some departments are lacking. There are plenty of new teachers every year. A few cons...to be completely honest, if you're in hard classes, you will have no life after freshman year. If you don't know any guys before you go into Ursuline, chances are, you won't meet many till you're a junior unless you do extra-curricular activites. However, the sports are plentiful and competitive. There are also a number of clubs you can participate in...Ursuline, like any other high school, is what you make it. You will, for sure, make friends for life. It is a different kind of experience.
8/2/2008studentI recently graduated in 2007 and I think that attending Ursuline Academy was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It prepared me extremely well for college and I learned valuable life lessons. The teachers are wonderful, and they teach you not to let anything keep you from pursuing your goals. I am not Catholic, and I never had a relative at UA, so I wasn't sure I would fit in. But honestly if I had to go back in time and choose whether or not to go to Ursuline, I would choose yes over and over again.
5/6/2008parentUrsuline Academy of Dallas is not what it is cracked out to be. Many of the departments are lacking. Almost every year a new teacher comes in and then the very next year they aren't asked back (that says something about who they choose to teach there). I feel that the principal could do more to figure out what is going on in the lives of the students. Overall, there were things that our family felt were excellent, yet still, the things that stick out to us were not so swell.
12/11/2007studentAs an alumni, its a great school! Prepared me well for college!
5/7/2007studentI currently attend Ursuline Academy. I absolutely love the school. I have made many friends that I know I will have for a long time. My mom went to Ursuline and she still is really good friends from high school. The academics are outstanding and there are countless extracurricular activities for the students to get involved in. I would recommend Ursuline to any young woman that wants to make great friends, have a wonderful high school experience, and learn a lot.
11/20/2006studentThis school is incredible. The academics, sports, and other curricular activities are amazing. I currently attend Ursuline and from the second I set foot in that school I knew that was where I belonged. The teachers are excellent and the curriculum provided is top notch. There are many opportunities to take ap classes. Another great part about Ursuline is that it offers many foreign languages such as spanish, chinese, french, and latin. The students that attend this school have many options for classes. Ursuline presents many highly admirable qualities. Ursuline academy should be your top choice when choosing a high school! I love Ursuline
10/3/2006parent If you value Catholism and expect UA to enrich your daughter in her faith, pass on enrolling her at Ursuline. If you have deep pockets, you'll fit in with the parents. If not, you'll never be accepted. Overall it was not a good experience.
4/3/2006parentMy niece went to Ursuline for her first two years of high school and it simply was not the school for her. She was not involved on any of the athletic teams, nor did she have an overly high intellect; therefore, she just never fit in. She was part of the student body who just didn't 'fit the mold.' Thus, if your daughter is slightly 'on the edge' in terms of her social life, you might want to consider a more diverse student population at a public high school.
2/18/2006former studentUrsuline is a great school that offers everything to its students. They offer sports, art, music and many more extracurricular activities. The academics are top rate.
1/18/2006parentTwo of my children graduated from this school. I've been in four private schools with my children over the years. All have ups and downs, but overall, I maintain that Ursuline had a constant focus on best development process for the girls, even during tumultuous times and changing leadership.
11/14/2005former studentExcept for a few extraordinary teachers, this is more of a finishing school for trophy wives.
10/24/2005former studentUrsuline Academy is a great private school for young women. Ursuline stress the importance of serviam to serve others at the same time, growing as an individual. Academics are highly rated and graduates go onto Ivy League colleges and Universities.
3/8/2005studentThe fact that this is an all girl school allows the students to express themselves intellectually without ever feeling embarrassed. The strict curriculum allows the students to be accepted in some of the most prestigious colleges. The environment is extremely welcoming, and friendships are formed there that will last a lifetime.
8/11/2004studentI'm a student at Ursuline. The academics of the school are very challenging which is a plus of the school. But the school gives us, the students, little freedom in expressing ourselves. If your views do not fit what the administration thinks is appropriate you get in trouble. The girls at Ursuline are great, there a true mix of views about all issues, which allows you to become close friends.
8/11/2004parentI am a parent of a junior at Ursuline. The girls must really work, but are very prepared for college. The school is well organized and safe, as a parent I have few issues except the inaccessability of the administration. The teachers have for the most part been very supportive of my daughter and are available when I needed to speak with them. The counceling office is good. The girls are amazing young women. Helpful and supportive of each other with less cliqueiness than at other schools. If you can deal with the inflexibility of the procedures and administration, then you and your daughter will enjoy Ursuline.
7/13/2004former studentI just graduated from Ursuline and if I had do it again... I wouldn't. The administration is extremely insincere and their main focus is getting money from you. If you donate money to the school then you are worth their time. They believe they are superior to everyone; although I have to admit some of the teachers there are nice and care about their students, but most do not even know how to teach. Most of the people there (students, administration) are close-minded and naive. So my piece of advice is: If you want your kid to live in a bubble and grow up around people thinking they are better than everyone else...Ursuline is the place for you.
3/8/2004studentI'm currently a senior here at Ursuline. It is definately challenging but I believe the teachers push you to your best. The all girls environment was the best decision I've ever made. The teachers here are excellent and willing to go the extra mile to help you. I definately recommend Ursuline for the focused student!
8/10/2003former studentThe social environment is great - generally good set of girls attend here and girls are not as 'catty' as they are at other girls. But the administration can be sufficating. Students have little freedom academically and behaviorally - and not in a beneficial way. Work load is extremely strenuous - although it challenges the student be prepared for the possibilty of a a lower grade for the effort than if you were attending a public school- which you might want to think about before you start applying for colleges. A plus is that there is a large variety of extracurriculars a student can get involved in- everything from athletics to the arts to community service.

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