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Minneapolis, MN is a vibrant and diverse city with a unique political landscape. With a population of over 425,000 people and growing, Minneapolis is home to many different ethnic backgrounds and political opinions. The City of Minneapolis has a strong mayor-council form of government that consists of the Mayor, an elected City Council, and six elected Park Board Commissioners. The City Council meets regularly to discuss initiatives, debate legislation, and set policy for the city. Additionally, it is responsible for approving the city’s budget each year. The government also works in close partnership with both state and federal representatives to create legislation that reflects the interests of its citizens. In recent elections, progressive candidates have had success in Minneapolis as residents prioritize issues such as affordable housing, racial equity in policing reform, climate change initiatives, small business support during the pandemic recovery process and more. As the city continues to grow politically engaged citizens will continue to shape the future of Minneapolis through their votes at local level elections.

The political climate in Minneapolis, MN is strongly liberal.

Hennepin County, MN is very liberal. In Hennepin County, MN 70.5% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 27.2% voted for the Republican Party, and the remaining 2.3% voted Independent.

In the last Presidential election, Hennepin county remained overwhelmingly Democratic, 70.5% to 27.2%.
Hennepin county voted Democratic in every Presidential election since 2000.

The BestPlaces liberal/conservative index

Minneapolis, MN is strongly liberal.

Hennepin County, Minnesota is very liberal.

Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington Metro Area is moderately liberal.

Minnesota is leaning liberal.

The BestPlaces liberal/conservative index is based on recent voting in national elections, federal campaign contributions by local residents, and consumer personality profiles.

Displaying 20 years of Presidential voting, visualized in one word.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: D D D D D D

How It Works:
Here at BestPlaces, we were looking at the voting patterns since the 2000 election and realized that we could express the results of each election as one letter. R if the Republican Party candidate won, D if the Democratic Party candidate won and I if the Independent Party candidate won. The six elections (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020) would be expressed as six-letter word (R R D R R).

Then we went a little further and added the dimension of magnitude. If the difference of victory was greater than 10 percent, the letter is upper case, and lower case if the difference was less than 10 percent. This allows us to see interesting voting patterns at just a glance.

Here's the VoteWord for Iowa d r d d r. In the last six elections the state has been closely contested, voting narrowly for the Republican Party candidate in 2016 and 2020 after voting for the Democratic Party in 2008 and 2012. Virginia (r r d d d D) has voted for the Democratic Party in the last three elections.

Individual Campaign Contributions in Minneapolis, MN

In the last 4 years (2018-2021), there were 77,339 contributions totaling $14,009,245 to the Democratic Party and liberal campaigns, averaging $181 per contribution.

In the last 4 years, there were 4,024 contributions totaling $2,221,334 to the Republican Party and conservative campaigns, averaging $552 per contribution.

(source: Federal Election Commission)

Hennepin County, Minnesota Politics Voting
Hennepin County, Minnesota Politics Voting
Hennepin County, Minnesota Politics Voting History
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Lived here since 2007. Great city. I would’ve gave it 5 stars but the winter weather ??. Great for many, I’m burned out on it. We’re the coldest major city in the US and  More

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It’s not Minnesota nice, it’s sardonic.. we know you’re full of **** but we will play along for a while, make you uncomfortable for attempting to pull one over on us..  More

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Over 3 years ago

I lived in Minneapolis (or St. Paul or Stillwater) for 20 years. Minneapolis is a very livable city. It has quality museums, good transportation, excellent healthcare,  More

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