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Ope. Well hello there :) - 6/28/2021
Lived here since 2007. Great city. I would’ve gave it 5 stars but the winter weather ??. Great for many, I’m burned out on it. We’re the coldest major city in the US and that should say enough. I probably would give it 3 stars also for things like passive aggressiveness and how White it is compared to larger cities like Philadelphia (my home city) and New York. Still, I think it’s getting more diverse as the years go by and the social uprising is a HUGE plus in my opinion. Definitely recommend trying to live here if you’ve thought about it. Also rating it 4 stars to balance out these super low reviews ;) Also, glad to see the city be more vegan friendly over the years. Read More

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We play games better.. passive aggressive, or..? - 5/22/2021
It’s not Minnesota nice, it’s sardonic.. we know you’re full of **** but we will play along for a while, make you uncomfortable for attempting to pull one over on us.. We are one of the most educated cities (or used to be) and we will know **** when we smell it. Read More

Very livable! - 4/21/2021
I lived in Minneapolis (or St. Paul or Stillwater) for 20 years. Minneapolis is a very livable city. It has quality museums, good transportation, excellent healthcare, and the cost of living to the wages paid is really, really good. As a single woman, I could afford to buy a small but well-built house in a safe neighborhood.

However, most of my friends were also transplants. It's very, very hard to move from small talk at the office to true friendship. I lived in Minnesota for 20 years and never once called myself a Minnesotan.

Also, you'll get used to the weather. The trick is good socks and don't stay indoors once fall hits. If you always go outside, you'll adjust.  Read More

Well, it's the Midwest..... - 2/26/2021
Terrible city for transplants without family in the area. Minneapolis is superficially a friendly city. Very brutal winters and high taxes. I had to travel there and live temporarily because of my job to learn what "Minnesota nice" meant. I wasn't pleased. I'm used to the down-to-earth people on the east coast and the warm, welcoming people in the south. I'm sorry, I wouldn't permanently plant roots here...knowing that my child would hate me for living here. Overrated expensive housing for the weather. It's also too liberal, smug, judgemental and prejudice. It's like a city that's hiding in the shadows of Seattle or San Francisco. Come on, this is the Midwest. The city should try to pattern behind southern cities. Dating within your race or dating here at all is almost non-existent, since most people marry straight out of high school or college. Thry stay married to the same miserable spouse in the lousy marriage forever. Not a cool city at Read More
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Best of the Midwest! - 2/5/2021
Minneapolis is my hometown. One would think that that would skew my review, but I actually have a pretty honest take on this city. Many of the things that have been written about Minneapolis on this site are valid and accurate. The one thing I disagreed with was a review that talked about North Minneapolis which was actually confused with Northeast Minneapolis, two very different sections of the city. Thankfully Cory from Golden Valley set the record straight. North Minneapolis is NOT a kitschy, hip kind of place to hang out with great coffee shops! It is a poverty-stricken hood with high crime (mostly motivated by drug running) and really horrible inner city schools that are too busy trying to manage the crime to be bothered with teaching. If you don’t nail it down or lock it on the northside, it will come up missing! I know the area very well, as I grew up there.

That said l, there are many things to be enamored with about Minneapolis. But as others have done, let me Read More

Decent & Underrated - 1/11/2021
I've only visited here, but at least half a dozen times and mostly for work. Minneapolis is the only Midwest city I'm familiar with having only visited Chicago twice by comparison. In fact (surprisingly) much of the geography and weather of the city and surrounding suburbs reminds me a lot of where I grew up in Northern NJ.

There are some other posters who have said Minneapolis gets overlooked and I'd have to agree with that. It has a clean and walk-able downtown, tons of bars, great food, nice hotels, art exhibits and museums, a major airport, great Universities & Fortune 500 company HQ's etc. Even the metro system is underrated. Aside lakes there are apparently a lot of bike trails as well but never tried them.

Does "Minnesota Nice" exist? Definitely, but not everyone who lives there is this type of passive aggressive. Some locals are especially sheltered and think MSP is the center of the universe (which clearly it's not). After visiting several times, Read More

Candid review from a long time resident - 12/30/2020
I’ve lived in Mpls for 10 years and am originally from the Mpls metropolitan area. I’ve also lived briefly in Australia and Thailand so my comparisons are not National but here’s my take on MN.
The winters are simply too much. Even if you have the good fortune of heated parking at home and work and no pets that require daily exercise outside, the lack of sunlight and outdoor recreation for the majority of the year is very undesirable and to another reviewers point impacts our mental and physical health.
The city has also become combatively liberal particularly in the past 5 years or so. I’m a left leaning moderate but it’s even too much for me. The tolerance of criminal activity due to the deterioration of the police department in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death has been sad to see. Minneapolis has grown more unsafe each year over the past decade and there is much tension over wealth disparity and the lack of affordable housing. “Minnesota nice” is also a real Read More

As underrated as they come! - 10/12/2020
Minneapolis native here - after college I left the state, and have lived in the PNW, the South, and the SW. I'm reflecting on my time in each, and writing a review for my hometown.

Having lived and traveled to many places, I can say that MPLS is VERY underrated. The city has so much to do, and is often overlooked, or thrown into the "boring Midwest" bucket. That is a mistake. I'll get this out of the way, if you don't like the cold, don't move here. Ok now that we are past that, I'll list some other pros and cons.

Pros: Culture (I believe the most theaters after NYC), world class museums such as the Walker Arts Center, a really solid food scene (its not LA food scene quality, but there are some amazing options, and you'll rarely run out of options), and a pretty great craft beer / coffee scene as well. The best park system, and among the best cycling infrastructure in the US. At times cliquey, but mostly kind-hearted people.

Cons: Besides MN Read More

Not So Great - Minnesota - 10/9/2020
I have lived her 5 years and cannot wait to get out. This is the worst place I have ever lived. Taxes are high. You are taxed and assessed for any and everything. This is not a place for retirees. The winters are horrible and dangerous with the ice and low temps. The cost of living is high. The job market is stale. I find the state to be quite racist. It’s a tough place for black professionals.  Read More

MN Nice!? OK sure only on the surface not the soul - 8/7/2020
I Lived here for 3 years and I have to say Mn landscape nature biking etc is Nice lots of malls specially in Metro .Great Entertainment for sports it has NFL MLS MLB NBA WNBA HOCKEY so in that category it is awesome 5 stars. Concerts are ok could be better but good Food is ok could be better sure if you search you will find good places but not like other city's where good food is a rock throw away.The Cold here aint that Bad people over react it aint Alaska its just a hair worst then Milwaukee and Chicago.I have lived in IL and WI and I worked in both and in the job market I have to admit in MN if you dont have a degree or high skill you basically will be treated like a slave every where you work soo be aware of that work over load and pay is not that great doe not match economy here almost pays the same as Wi or IL but in IL and WI the dollar goes farther so Work Here in MN TWO Stars basically it sucks.My Opinion also MN is a lil racist I have personally experience more racism here Read More

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