Boston is great!

 George Maggio
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Star Rating 6/16/2006
In reply to the previous commentors: Boston is a great place to live! I think it offers alot of opportunity in a great location. People need to stop complaining about the high costs and start living. You can choose less expensive submarkets like NH or RI. Take my advice Boston is not too expensive compared to New York. New York is the most expensive and believe me you get crap for your money. Boston is not that bad. So for people flocking to southern regions, I have looked into them all, it looks great on the computer (MARKETING!) but when you get there it is a very different feel. I been to Austin, TX its nice but small and verrrrrrry diffferent!!!!!

No beach, No skiing, No mountains, small cultural feel, cowboys! Nice apartments and homes for the money but not much to do! Homes are expensive there too.

* Y O U G E T W H A T Y O U P A Y F O R!
* L O C A T I O N L O C A T I O N L O C A T I O N!

Yes its expensive, but everywhere gets expensive. The better a city becomes the more desireable hence the more expensive!!



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