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 Shelly Lynn
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Star Rating 2/21/2010
Enough with the negatives about Boston please. The FACTS are that this city has the best hospitals, education, schools, history, and many other wonderful qualities that other cities lack. Also, the FACTS are that: Bostonians are loud, rude, snotty, close-minded, don't know how to drive or get along w/ anyone outside of the Mass. border, and oh yes...the world does revolve around us. These are all known facts around the if you don't like it, leave or just don't visit at all.



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ashley p.

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We visited Boston in the fall and I can honestly say, everyone was very nice to us. We thought it was a wonderful city and we look forward to visiting again. It was beautiful and clean. There were plenty of things there for us to see and do. We took in a lot of the history Boston has to offer. The traffic was no worse there than it is in any other major city. I doubt I could live there because I'm not a fan of cold or snow, but it is definately a place that I will visit often.



Agree with Shelly. Boston is one of those liberal, smuggly Democratic Party ruled, progressive, narrow minded cities, like San Francisco, that one must avoid whenever possible.



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