Jazz and rock'n roll

Star Rating 5/22/2010
A lot of grass roots jazz and rock'n roll bars.


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Reviews for Boston, Massachusetts

gretchen doumit
Haverhill, MA
SOOOO proud to be from Massachusetts. We have it all he...
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Bob Marley
Hubbardston, MA
If you like high taxes and poor weather move here.
Corrupt Politicians, terrible roads and signage, terrib...
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Bob Marley
Hubbardston, MA
If your a liberal, that loves bad weather and corr
Extremely high cost of living. Corrupt and Inept Democ...
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Poe Sloak
Albany, NY
Boston is great!
I love Boston. It's the most beautiful american city. ...
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Jack Kriebel
Dorchester Center, MA
Boston: dirty, deteriorating infrastructure, mean,
I have lived in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Washigton DC, ...
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David Cohan
Canton, MA
Is Boston nicer than other major cities?
Tow days ago, I moved to Boston area with excitment to ...
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