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Carver High School - Philadelphia, PA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Carver High School1600 West Norris St
Philadelphia, PA 19121
(215) 684-50799-12PhiladelphiapublicPhiladelphia City School District

School Head OfficialYear
Ms Linda Ahmed2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/22/2012studentE&S is one of the best high schools in all of Philadelphia. I will admit my freshmen year at this school was not as challenging as it could have been but it made transitioning into a new school full of strangers easier. You can pick your classes at the end of freshmen year which pretty much dictates how easy or hard your sophomore year will be(and how intelligent your classmates will be). My sophomore year was very challenging and time consuming. Once a sophomore you will be very acquainted with most of the teachers at the school as well as lots of the people in your class and in other classes as well. The building is nicely kept the lockers are very spacious and we have a central air conditioning system. We also have a whole lot of student clubs and it is not too difficult to start a new one if you have teacher and peer support. Most of the students are friendly and approachable. As far as Cons go I don't have too many: the school lacks diversity(although this is slowly changing), the lunches are pretty bad, and a small few of the staff have an attitude problem. Overall it is an excellent school and will be a perfect fit for any intelligent and talented Philadelphia student.
5/25/2012studentE&S High is awesome! I love this High School so much. You wanna work your way to becoming a doctor, an engineer, or Scientist, then this is the high school to be at, where everybody knows you and teachers who care about your education. I love how this high school is focus on getting students and myself to college. I think this high school is way better then Central high school, This should be consider one of the best high schools in Philadelphia. My only con against it, is i think it needs to be more diverse. Other then that, this school is the best.
3/25/2011studentThis school does not challenge the students in many academic ways.To me it is easy. I am on the honor roll without even trying. Also, a main downside to this school is that it is not DIVERSE ! Diversity is very important to me. This world is diverse, and throughout a child's high school years it's important to experience a work facility with different ethnicities and backgrounds. This is the reason why I am transferring to Central High School, a place where diversity is presented and allow student to have a higher education experience. I love the fact that this school is reconstructed with many modern features and "some" teachers actually educate the students (even though many don't). When I say educate I meant in a way it challenges my brain and the potentials I have, yet to be revealed. In addition, I don't think this school would help me discover myself and what I want to be in life. Besides the negative comments, there are some wonderful things, for instance, the relationship and bond between a teacher and student.
1/5/2011studentI am a freshmen attending G.W. Carver HSES, and the first two weeks of school I instantly fell in love with it.
10/13/2009othergreat instructional program,highly technologically advanced library and nuturing teachers!!!!!
8/30/2008otherFocused on college bound. Great atoomsphere.
6/24/2008parentI'm a graduate of HSES and I can tell you it prepared me for college. The class size was small. I knew everyone in my graduating class. You can't say they to too many schools. The neighboorhood is not so great. This is the same challenge that Temple has experienced for years.
2/19/2008studentI am a current student of E & S it is my last year and I have enjoyed the experiences that this school has bestowed upon me. We have been promised a new building and we are getting exactly that, with new halls, classes and labs. E&S is the best
5/19/2007former studentWhat can I say---HSES prepared me for the World! I am confused as to why it isn't in the Top rated schools when that last I checked it was still a special admission school and still hard to get into. The 'small school with the big name' left its mark on my life academically, literally and intellectually.
8/31/2006studentI am a current student at Carver. It was a pretty good school at first, but as the enrollment requirements have become more lenient, the quality of the school has gone down.
4/9/2006former studentAs a former student I am proud to say that I attended E&S. My education at E&S prepared me well to compete & succeed at Drexel University. The only negative of the school is it's location and small size. Promises of a new/improved school have not been met.
3/18/2006studentI am a current student to this school and I love it. It offers me the callenges that was not getting at my regular school but also has a lot interaction, something a big school like Central or Mast. could not give you. Don't come if your not up to the challange!
3/1/2006former studentI am a former student of H.S.E.S. This school prepared me for college, my career and life. Academics here were second to none. Actually H.S.E.S as we used to call it was harder than most of my college courses because I received my foundation for college at E&S.
6/14/2004former studentI'm a former student of the esteemed, 'H.S.E.S'. It would be fantastic if every child could experience high school as I did. At E&S, you weren't a number, but a student. A student, who was known by everyone from the principal to custodial staff. The working environment encompassed teachings needed for the college classroom, in addition to the world at large. I'm proud to be an 'Engineer'.
1/22/2004parentThis school provided my son with an excellent education. The leadership at this school is excellent from students, teachers office staff and principal. Your child will be very prepared for college after graduation. Parents however are the key. Parents involvement, discipline and commitment to their children and the school is necessary for the school to continue providing our youth with an excellent education.

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