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Christopher Columbus Charter School - Philadelphia, PA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Christopher Columbus Charter School1242-46 S 13th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 389-6000K-7PhiladelphiacharterChristopher Columbus Charter School

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic52.20782009
Black, non-Hispanic35.45452009
Asian/Pacific Islander7.012992009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.259742009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Ms Rosemary Dougherty2009

6/26/2012parentIt's definitely not what I expected. I've heard wonderful coments about this school, and I have no complaints about the clean environment, no bullies, but there's not much parent involvement allowed, and if you come from a different background, (specifically Hispanic) they will make you feel worthless. And totally agreed with the past coments about kids with IEP, they just make the work easier for them. I really wanted my kids to finish in one school, but after I've seen and lived with my kids in this school I've had to make a tough decision....
4/25/2012parentHorrible school, PSA testing scores are way below normal. Ranking is 1376 or 1655 at an elementary level. I ll pass on this one. I m surprised their charter did not get revoked.
7/29/2011parentIt's hard to get help for children with IEP's. My child is making great grades because they have made all my child's work easier. My question is "Wouldn't it make since to just help my child with their disability, than to make everything easier . I don't seem to be able to get much help. They just want me to say Ok, and go away. The school is clean, there are no bullies. Only friends and family of the admin. is allow to participate in school activities
7/19/2011parentA great school for children without disabilities. If your child is naturally smart, this is the school for you. Rules are only enforced for select students. Only traditional learning allowed. Not much room for children to explore their individualism. Not much parent involvement allowed, inless you are in the click. Children with disabilities, be prepared to fight for your child's education.
6/20/2011otherchristopher columbus charter school is a very great educational.... and very easily located in the philadelphia area..... the school is in fact a charter school.... the rules are phenominal and the way of the structure of the kids... are great... im the age of 17 and my name is bria.... i have been attending christopher columbus charter school.... ever since the 1rst grade... until the 8th grade... the school is very small... and you find friends quickly... the teachers were okay... but some of them can be a bit greater.... they do have uniform,... which is the best part of the school.
4/7/2011parentI am a parent of a child in 7th grade who has been at CCCS since kindergarten. This is an excellent school. Academically challenging and disciplined - no nonsense - which is how it should be. I've heard of students that have transferred from other schools (catholic and public) and needed tutoring in order to catch up and stay in their current grade level. This is a wonderful school. I wish it went to 12th grade.
10/31/2010parentI am a parentof afourth grade honor student and my daughter is a graduate from cccs .The principal is strict but she has high standards and brings out the best in our children.I would like to see them start a gifted program. I am grateful to Ms.D,Mrs.Porshia and the entire staff at Christopher Columbus Charter for pushing my son and daughter to reach for the stars.
4/27/2010parentMy children have been at CCCS since 1995. I think that the school is excellent. But some of the teacher are not for the children. One teacher will talk about one child to another teacher and that child is label in the school which is not fare. Some teacher need to respect others. What they say and how they say thing are important. Respect children they do have opinion. Some taecher can not come from six grade and teach third grade. Teachers need to take the time and teach, patient is the key word with student .
2/28/2009parentMy DD is in the kindergaten class of 2008-09 :-) When she entered school this past fall she couldn't read one word yet now in just a few short months she is reading with confidence & pride :-) We were so fortunate to have her name picked in the lottery last year, otherwize our special girl would have gone to a poorly rated school in our dist. CCCS is a wonderful school with a loving caring staff, it's a fantastic choice(IMHO) esp if you want that private school feel without paying the private school tuition.
10/3/2008parentMy son has been in this school since kindergarten, he is now in 6th grade. We love this school. I am so grateful he has this opportunity. Yes, they are strict, but in a good way, they care. Any issues over the years, whether it was academic or behavior, the staff handled it in a loving and knowledgable way. I would recommend anyone that can apply here.. do so It is the best move you can make for your child--- what am I going to do when he graduates 8th grade :(
8/22/2008parentMy son recently graduated from CCCS. The first class that went from K-8. So imagine your child being in the same school since kindergarten and not ever having one problem? I love CCCS for the structure they have given him to prepare for life after CCCS. I only wish that Ms D would have made it K-12 so he could stay longer!
4/16/2008parentExcellent school & academic program - I forgot to check the five stars!
5/16/2006parentExcellent school. Great opportunity for children to learn. Excellent staff
5/5/2006parentI am a mom whose daughter is in the 3rd grade. We both love this school. The only problem I hav is that there are not many after school activities for the children. Otherwise, the school and staff are great!
3/21/2006parentMy Daughter is 8 yrs old and was diagnosed with ADD, not only the school but the teachers are helping my child in every way possile for her to reach her goal in her academics. I walk in the morning or after school and all the staff at CCCS know each and every child, as the kids approach the staff with a big hello and hug. I have no worries about sending her to school if anything or anyone is going to bother her. I look forward to my 4 year old attending as well. Thank you all for the help and support you have given me and my daughter.
3/2/2006teacherCCCS offers a solid academic program that includes skill development and reinforcement at all grade levels. There are several extracurricular activities for Grades 5 to 8, such as art club, homework club, chess club, student council, etc. The school atmosphere is pleasant, safe and caring. The teachers and parents who are involved at CCCS are caring, enthusiastic and helpful. Students who attend this charter school are very fortunate.
2/21/2006parentI agree with the September 2005 comments. I agree that a school needs to be strict but I also beleive that the rules should apply to every student in the school including relatives of the principal and teachers. The school has it's cliques and unless you are a member of the 'Premier Clique' your child will be treated differently.
12/3/2005parent They are strict, but it is in a good way and all of the children benefit from the dicipline. A calendar mark is only intended to keep the parent informed of the student's progress. If they didn't impliment this system, parents wouldn't know what areas their child is having problems with. This school is highly recommended and academically challanging than Performing Arts. You can't compare the two. Christopher Columbus is the Cadillac of schools and Performing Arts is the Chevrolet!
9/20/2005parentWhile the academic portion of the school is great, it appears this school has a rigid and strict regime that expects young students to adhere to only one staff direction and after that they recieve numbers and then demerits. Imagine a first grader being told only once to stop talking, once that is supposed to last the entire day, and if they continue to talk and get a number on the behavior chart they get suspended. Do yourself a favor, try Performing Arts Charter School instead.

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