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Community Academy Of Philadelphia Charter School - Philadelphia, PA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter School1100 East Erie Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19124
(215) 533-6700K-12PhiladelphiacharterCommunity Academy of Philadelphia Charter School

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic1.784272009
Black, non-Hispanic17.76162009
Asian/Pacific Islander2.189782009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Joseph Proietta2009

11/5/2012otherI myself graduated from CAP, and like the majority of reviewers here, I find the administrative of the school care more about tiny details like appearance and such more than the academic quality that the students receive. However, almost all of the teachers here are excellent and I find myself referring to their lessons now still when I am in my second year of college. CAP students, however, suffer heavily from favoritism and inequality; such as sport-active students get more attention and students with slow learning ability get pushed off aside. Why not let the students that make a lot of effort and change dramatically over a period of time go on that oversea trip? Why 90% of top 20 students of the class get to go on that trip? Favoritism ruined this school.
10/31/2012parentI am still happy with Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter school, my son is getting ready to graduate and he has been here at this school since fourth grade, when he needs extra help , he can always get tutored or he can email his teachers, my young daughter is also enjoying this school, she is in the third grade and she has been here since Kindergarten. When she came there she was ready for the challenge and they keep her learning and striving for more education. They have computers for the kids and after school activities which are great. The staff is wonderful and helpful and the security, keep up the good work team. And that is what makes a great school.
10/16/2012otherI agreee with this statement completely. I agree because your right, I myself attended Cap and graduated from Cap. It is a very good school and I am completely shocked at the one out of ten ranking it has been given. You are very right in saying that they focus on a lot of the idiotic things such a missing piece of the uniform. They should be focusing completely on the education being provided so that the school would not be ranked a one out of ten. I agree with you wholeheartidly about the fact that the fault in all of this is not the teachers, it is the administration in charge who are at fault, if they were to focus more on the needs and the quality and substance of the education the students are being given then I do believe that the school would receive a higher ranking. The school must make some neccesary changes in order to prosper.
2/28/2012teacherIt is disheartening that Greatschools posts nameless rants full of misinformation and unfair accusations about a group of wonderful young people who attend Community Academy. They are not racist toward their teachers; they are open-minded, respectful and good people. Of course they are teenagers, and they act at times like teenagers. But CAP provides conflict resolution, clinical counselors, and strong discipline to help them make their way through those difficult years. CAP is not the school you want to go to if you want to be rowdy! CAP is calm and dedicated to learning and has a wide range of students from AP classes to special ed. for the severely autistic and honors students to returned drop-outs. That's why our PSSA scores are often below average; CAP accepts every challenge. However, no one who knows CAP believes it rowdy or violent. In fact, it has been called one the safest public schools in America. There is a danger in websites like this, because anyone, without having to backup what they say, can just rant away. CAP's strict rules are not for everyone. It is a school of choice.
2/28/2012parentCommunity Academy of Philadelphia(CAP) is an amazing school, full of caring adults and much needed structure for todays young people. It saddens me to see the negative comments about a school that does so much more than educate our children. My daughter attended the school for three years and graduated in 2011. She left the school with fond memories and a strong foundation of education. She is currently attending a four year university, lives on campus and will one day be a Pediatric Nurse. CAP prepared her for higher education and continues to support her whenever she needs it. She visits CAP frequently and most recently spoke with current CAP students about her first semester experience in college. I wholeheartedly agree with todays post from a CAP teacher and wish CAP continued success!
11/14/2011otheri was in this school since kindergarten and there has been a lot of improvement. But they are worried more about the appearance of the students and what the school looks like on the outside. also they have a bootcamp like mentality for discipline which doesn't even work because the students were even more misbehaved because the most teachers,principles,and security guards were so meticulous about everything for example if you were missing a flag pin or a year pin you got a detention for not having a complete uniform. also if we didn't have clear book bags we had to carry our books every where our run back and forth in 3 min. in the extremely overcrowded hallways just to get to our lockers. and another thing they made us pay 10 dollars for a lock to put on your lockers plus if you didn't get a locker you got a detention. they were so busy with the useless security that was easily outsmarted by the students that the academic standards were horrible. the majority of teachers just taught you the material and gave you the work and expected you to do it and if you were failing some told you to go to tutoring.It is more the administrators fault than the teachers.
10/19/2011otherHello everyone, First I'll start with - I have no reasons behind my rating. I have never been to this school, but they required me to choose a rating in order to post, so hopefully you guys will read this. My name is Danelle and I am a Temple University student doing a project about the 24th police district. I am focussing on the opportunities the schools have for children and students (or don't, depending on what information I get) Would any of you who have made comments about this school be interested in talking to me about your experiences at this school? It will have to be videotaped because it is a video project, but if preferred, I can keep names anonymous and I can blur faces so you are unrecognizable. Let me know what you guys think, any help would be greatly appreciated.
8/28/2011otherThis School is horrible because they hardly have sports..The Lunch is distgusting and the teachers dont listen to you or help you....not mentioning any names
3/22/2011otherThe reviews of this school show a microcosm of the problems of our educational system. Some Parents don't like the dress code and the discipline, while others love it. I'm going to go out on a limb here and bet the kids and parents that follow the rules have much better grades than the kids and parents that do not. Structure is important! Without structure there is no learning.
5/25/2010parentAll I have to say is why? Why such low scores on state testings? This school is more worried about student appearance and discipline then ever! Yes student discipline is good, and the security is fantastic! But the teachers should be inforcing knowledge and preparing these students for the real worls, not the meaningless stuff they are teaching that is getting most of the students at "cap" NO WHERE. Public schools seem to be more determined to setting their students to a bright future even though there discipline is very poor, but just look at CAPS scores!! Does that say anything to you?
3/18/2010parentstudent appearance and security is very vital, is the beginning in providing students with self awareness in a save enviroment. education is paramount, the school provide educational value a high school level based on a college model and career wise. This school prepare our student to be responsible and prepare them for the challenges that they need to face in Colle and in the work force.
3/14/2010parentThis school is horrible if I could change my children I would their more worried about their appereance and security than the education of students.....
2/23/2010parentIt's no surprise that this school has removed their PSST results considering that they do not meet state standards....and have not for at least the past few years. Yes, discipline is not too much of a problem, however the fact that they are no where near the state's standard's speaks volume's. Our children deserve better.
1/15/2010studenti go to community and i love it their you feel as if someone is all ways givin u a helpin hand
11/5/2009parentI love the fact that every year students are selected to go out of the country as part of the languages program. It's a trip for them to learn and have fun at the same time. I think that's a great opportunity for the students. I hope that they are able to continue doing this great initiative for the years to come.
9/9/2009studentwell I am a cap high school student, cap is an excellent school. Its a second home to me. When I say its a 'second home' I mean that in my own home, I go threw many problems and sometimes feel unsafe. But as soon as I go to school, all those fears are gone, and i could let my feelings show.
3/17/2009parentI love this school, I have my son enrolled already and I am hoping my daughter will be able to get in there as well, the staff is very caring and teacher parent nights are very organized.
2/26/2009parentNot only do I have all 3 of my kids in this school since K, I personally graduated from this school in 95. I would not change my children from this school. The staff in CAP has help me along the way with diffrent problems my kids had. They have been very family to me. My kids feel safe and comfortable here and I feel good/happy that they do.
11/12/2008parentI have had my daughter attending this school since K and she has only progressed academically through the years. She is now in the 7th grade and has a great pride for her scholl. Also my son was able to attend, after being in the public school sytem for two years and has shown a drastic change not only academically but also socially.
5/14/2008parentI have to children at this school both are in elementary school so far I had no complaints.The school security its great I do not worry about my kids security at all. I also love the fact that the teachers are caring and I know they are there because the love to teach this reflects on my kids attitude toward school. This school also worries and monitor kids absences if my kids is out of school for one day they will not hesitate to call and you and find out the reason with your kids its absent (this will come in handy for highschooler parents you will not have to worry about your kid cutting class because as soon as the class assistance is taken and your kids its not in they will contact you) Great Haa!!
5/8/2008parentI have 2 daughters in this school and they came in the middle of the year. I think that the teachers are excllent with working with me to get my children on track and I think highly of the school. I love the uniforms and the safety that takes place in this school. You always have to worry about your children getting to and from school but once they are in the school I don't worry as much. The teachers seem to care about the students but as parents we must do our part and make sure the children are doing what is expected of them.
3/10/2008parentMy daughter is more confindent due to her surroundings and loves to learn more because this school allows her to make changes for now and for her future, that will guide her in success and inner strenght.
10/29/2007parentCommunity Academy has been instrumental in the success of my child. My child had many difficulties in the regular public school setting and was not academically or socially challenged. CAP has helped my child reach her full potential by having wonderful school programs, in-house support from all faculty and staff. Thank you Mr. Proietta for creating such a wonderful place!
1/15/2006parentCommunity academy is a great school for discipline, and helping your kids get ready for the future with all the new technology our children need to be prepare for any and every possiblie carer in the future from K-12 they help your child grow to understand that they can be anything they want to be. I'm glad that my children get to go to the school that I graudated from as well.
8/20/2005former studentThis school is a great environment for children of the high school age.
5/24/2005parentMy major concern with this school is the scores of PSSA testing they are very low. These scores are too low so my question is WHY. The school is very strict with uniforms and discipline so why not become more concern on teaching these children so they can score higher on these exams.
12/14/2004parentMy daughter has gone to Community Academy since Kindergarden. CAP (Community Academy of Philadelphia) has a great discipline and academic program. They have high standards of discipline and expect all students as well as parents to follow the rules. The teachers and staff I have had the pleasure of interacting with are qualified, attentive, fair and friendly. They encourage involvement and challenge students as well as parents to exceed their full potential without singleing anyone out in the process. They have a great sense of what it takes to teach the children of today and they do a wonderful job.

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