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Creative and Performing Arts
901 South Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 952-2462
public | 9-12
County: Philadelphia


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr John Whaley Jr2009
10/15/2012studentThis school is amazing! Im a 10th grade visual artist and never want to leave. The teachers are so nice and really care about the students. CAPA isnt just strong in the arts they reinforce the education also. I never thought i would understand high school math but i do and my teacher knows how to help me understand the topics. If your doubting sending your child here, dont. They will be welcomed as a new member of the CAPA family.
6/20/2011parentIt's the end of junior year and now my son is a senior. The school has helped him be more outgoing,not as shy. 12th grade will be his best year with all that CAPA has to offer. Great kids,great staff.
6/19/2011parentMy son, who attended a private school for elementary and Masterman for junior high, just completed his freshman year at CAPA, and we couldn't be happier. Unlike Masterman, where teaching is uneven and the environment is rather factory-like, the teachers were consistently top-notch and the principal is deeply involved, as is his administration. My son's skills as a reader and writer easily improved 100%, and he was regarded as a strong writer at Masterman. The school is diverse, welcoming, and engaging, and small enough that everyone knows your name, not just the students--the parents!
10/9/2010teacherCAPA provides a nurturing environment for all students.
6/22/2010parentGorgeous physical plant, tolerant, supportive environment for your budding artist.. Great parental involvement. Zero or near zero (serious) discipline incidents. Academics above-average for PHL public schools but lag behind the rigor of area private schools. All teachers and administrators we've interacted with have been engaged, helpful and courteous. If your kid is headed for the arts, this is THE one school in the city to go to. If more traditionally academic focused, look elsewhere. One star off for good but not great academics.
11/25/2009studentI love this school =) I am now a senior currently at capa and it is a great experience. It is not like the other schools. You can send your child here and not have to worry about bullying or anything like that! I cant wait to graduate.... But I would do anything to be here at least one more year! =)
10/4/2009parentThis is one terriffic school. Even though there is a lot of focus on the Arts portion of education, there is also a major focus on academics, which I love. my daughter is doing really well here and I am proud of her, the teachers and the students she attends classes with.
9/17/2009parentI love the students! Though culturally diverse, they are tolerant and kind to each other, and they are focused on succeeding at their artistic discipline as well as their studies!
8/28/2009studentTeachers are passionate about their subjects, and are always willing to teach and help while at the same time harboring a sense of independence. This is an environment where students can always fit in with people who share their interests in whatever major they choose.
2/15/2009parentMy child graduated from CAPA Cr. Writing. Academically speaking we found it not on par with Jr High (Masterman), but many of the unique offerings -poetry, screen-writing, fiction & non-fiction--provide an excellent 'workshop' for aspiring writers. Administratively, though, the school lacks professionalism. Jr and Sr year, we attempted (largely unsucces-sfully) to resolve frequent issues of what amounted to haphazard record keeping & then contentious follow-up. The least serious was being charged over & over for dues/fees already paid -- generating notices of being dropped from prom. The worst saga was our attempt to rectify an error in the recording of a final exam score --an error faculty admitted was improperly entered, & would be fixed in a snap. 1 yr & many meetings later, the incorrect score was averaged with my students final GPA/class rank. 1 concern was literally laughed at to our faces. The lack of accountability was most distressing.
9/23/2008studentIt is the best public high school academically to send your child in Philadelphia, I would say, behind Masterman and Central. The quality of academic education depends largely on the teacher you are assigned to - many are amazing, but there are the few who just are not good at their job. The arts are excellent - the feeling of being in the midst of all that talent is indescribable. And responding to student below, it was decided that the induction for the National Honor Society will take place in the beginning of the school year rather than at the end of the previous year, and I don't see what that has to do with academic quality. Discipline isn't strictly enforced because it really doesn't need to be - the general student population knows not to act stupid. Overall, this is a good school. I would recommend it.
9/1/2008studentThough it's a lot safer than most public schools in Philadelphia, there is a lot wrong with CAPA. The school's standards for students behaviorally and academically are extremely low and there is a severe lack of discipline. There are simply a lot of kids that don't deserve to be in this school but stay anyway. It also seems that they don't really care about their more advanced students. Unlike schools like Central, there are basically no advanced classes offered until junior year. And unless I am mistaken there was no ceremony for the National Honors Society last year. As far as the art classes, they're what keep me at CAPA. Small and usually supportive communities develop within the majors and when the correct amount of effort is put out the results are amazing. A lot of excellent teachers have retired recently and even more plan to within the next few years.
5/28/2008parentMy wife and I--and most importantly our daughter-- are extremely happy with CAPA. The academics are strong and the art is inspirational. These kids are so talented! And, the school environment is friendly and supportive. We've found the teachers to be, without exception, professional and willing to go out of their way to be helpful in whatever way each student needs.
2/22/2008studentCAPA is a wonderful school when it comes to the arts. They have outstanding programs when it comes to dance, theatre, vocal, visual arts, and creative writing. The CAPA building is absolutley beautiful. However the academics are a little shabby. Most of the teachers are old and dried out. The administration tries to give you what they think is a passable education. If you have come from a private, charter, parocial, or magnet public school, you will find your years here to be a breeze. But the arts are amazing, and the faculty really cares. CAPA is a great choice, but always keep the academic situation in your mind.
2/12/2008parentBest High School in Philadelphia. My daughter LOVES to go school. Looks forward to all of her classes and she is a Honor Roll Student.
5/8/2007parentCAPA is the best choice we made for our children to go to high school in the city of Philadelphia. Teenagers need to an outlet to express themselves and our city has taken most of those curriculums out of their schools programs. Not everyone is an athlete, science or computer whiz. I am tired of people saying that CAPA doesn't have good academics. My children always have homework and sometimes I can't do what they are learning in class. The teachers are always available for any questions. CAPA's Home and School Association not only helps with fund raising activities but gets involved in all aspects of the school to support and encourage teachers, staff and students.
12/1/2006parentI'm a parent of a Jr vocal major at CAPA. Having had a high school aged child attending an academic magnet program at another high shcool I was a little sceptical of the academics at CAPA. I attended the winter concert and my mind was blown with the heavenly sound virbrating perfectly off the beautiful atrium walls and have never looked back! The relationship the staff and principal have with the students is too awesome for words. The close-knit-community-family-feel that graudates return for between college breaks is heart warming! The academic program is...look at the scores for yourself! This school is tops, If I could be a part of the CAPA community, I would go back to school tomorrow! Nothing like it!! Racial, religious harmony like nowhere else! What a wonderful place to spend 4 years to grow and learn. The school itself, atrium, classrooms all state of the art!
10/13/2006parent What a shame that such a fabulous building and marvelous resources cannot also include fine academics. I was impressed with the drama program and the quality of the vocal music but the overall experience was very poor. Discipline was all but nonexistent.
9/21/2006parentAs a parent, my opinion of this school is a++,I have two children attending as a freshman and junior, they both major in creative writing. This school gives your student a great head start in experiencing the college atmosphere. Entering the building in itself is a great boost of confidence for all. Ap classes are available and other chances to advance your knowledge are encouraged. The teachers are hands on and involved with the students and parents.Parents are always welcomed to contact the teaching staff with any issues. The principal and vice principal are approachable and always visible-they really make the school unique. Clubs and sports are also a big part of student activities- and of course the creative activities are awesome.What a great place to learn.The students strive to be unique and noticed for their accomplishments .What a great student body this school has! thanks capa!
12/30/2005parentThis school is the best. Just the way I like it.
12/1/2005former studentThe academic progams as well as the extra curricular programs were in my opinion all excelent. I paricipated in cross-country with a great coach and I was in the Drama program where I learned a lot about acting and about myself. Unfortunately, I had to transfer from this school to a 'regular' high school where the kids were not as closely knit or accepting and I have also found the academics to be easier! A lot of the academic program at Capa involves learning time managment in order to balance home work with performances. This is a great skill to have when you attend college.
10/24/2005parentAs a parent of a current senior, I think CAPA is a fine example of Phila. Public schools at its best. The curriculum is improving and evolving each year including more and more AP classes under the current School District Administration. It is a very safe, integrated academic community. The atmosphere is tolerant of individual expression, and as a result, there is a feeling of acceptance for all. There is an abundance of activities for varying interests. We have one of the most active Home and School associations that I'm aware of anywhere. Parents for the most part seek an active role in the education of their children. I would recommend this program to all.
8/5/2005former studentThis school is supposed to support a creative thinker, but it definitely falls short. The teachers are just average and there really is nothing special about the standard curriclum at CAPA.
11/3/2004former studentI'm a graduate of 2002 and I must say that attending this school was a great experience for me. The way we were being taught by the teachers, it allowed us to be prepared for college. If you're considering a school, I believe this school is a must.
10/9/2003parentMy son feels like this school is his second family. All of the students look out for one another in the academics and arts. I'm very pleased with the College-Prep curriculum.

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