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Mastery Charter School -Shoemaker Campus - Philadelphia, PA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Mastery Charter School -Shoemaker Campus5301 Media St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(267) 296-7111n/aPhiladelphiacharterMastery Charter School-Shoemaker Campus

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
Black, non-Hispanic100.02009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Scott Gordon2009

4/2/2012studentOk, so yeah mastery has it good things I have to admit. They pay for really expensive tests that are required for application to college. They call themselves college prep school and they do help students with the college application process, but they prepared students to be mediocre. We can't choose classes and if we want to double up on something we can't. we are pretty much at everyone's level. They assume that their system work for all the students. People like me are a bit more open to challenges and mastery is not a challenge. Everything is too easy and in my believe and other people i know from mastery, these school are pretty much fake. Sadly, is a bit late for me to change the school I go to, since I'm a sophomore and most school hold application at the beginning of the year and I certainly don't want to go to school in my senior year. In the other hand, the students are very rude, which is something I don't appreciate. I appreciate the teachers they tried and they have to get use to the changes but students don't see it that way. I know the staff is trying hard and I appreciated b/c it's what they understand is best for us, but in belief definitively not for me.
12/27/2011parentMastery charter schools have no concern for the students' well being or morale. They are overly focused on academic scores and CONFORMITY. The students have no voice and the 'discipline' system is run like a Prison camp. There is no compassion or caring on the part of the administration. These same issues have been pointed out by parents; read reviews for Pickett campus etc.. Yes, the bathrooms are clean. Yes, there are no metal detectors. Yes, there is no violence or safety issues. Yes, excellence in academics is mandatory. Guess what? 99% of the students that are accepted in Mastery are GREAT KIDS to begin with! Their parents are involved & the students want to do well in school. Mastery schools are just doing the BASICS that every public school should be doing- non violence, new books, clean facilities, expecting kids to advance- no more, no less. The students are well behaved & have good grades but are punished to the extreme for silly & minor perceived 'infractions'. For example, a child in uniform short sleeve mastery shirt who was cold was forced to take off a plain black long sleeve sweater BECAUSE IT DIDN'T HAVE THE MASTERY LOGO ON IT!. Despite the very cold building.
4/25/2011parentMy daughter is n her senior year. And she have come a long way with her academic clases. her test scores were high and she scored great on her SAT's and because of her grades she had been accepted to "Wilson College" and she also have gotten an offer from "Clarion University". I am very proud of her. Mastery have prepared her and she is on her way.
8/15/2010parentThis is my child's first year attending this school. She attended the summer program and I was very impressed with it. The staff here at the school appear to be very dedicated to our children's success. this school has a vey structured program that WORKS, and I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing good things from my child. consistentcy and discipline is the key to success and this school stands by these two things everyday, and I see great things happening for this school, and our children!!
5/20/2010otherMastery Charter Shoemaker campus is an excellent school. They give students the opportunity to soar and realize that their dreams are attainable. With all the academic trainwrecks charter schools can present, Master stands out in the crowd. It is amazing to watch the growth of the students, who were enrolled in the worst Middle school in West Philadelphia. Big Ups and continued success
5/11/2010parenti hate mastery charter shoemaker campus my child do not feel safe in that school. she comes home everyday and tell me how the teachers are un fair. the school do not let her have her words
3/24/2010parentGood school but needs some work on the teachers there.
11/6/2009student Ahnyia loves and appreciates all her teachers and her dean at mastery charter shoemaker campus
7/28/2009parentMy child started Mastery last year and was very pleased with the school. My child mad honor roll ever report and is looking forward to coming back to school this year.
12/21/2008parentThe new principal is not what this needs. The school's reputatation as being stellar is going down. They need to bring back the first prinicipal who knew how to manage a school with a great team.
9/23/2008parentMy 8th grade Son loves this scholl and is an A student. Mr El Mekki is the best principal. The teachers are excellent too.
6/21/2008studentMastery Charter School is the best school i ever been in. They show us that we can make it. When i first started out their it was hard. Now I'm an honor student.
4/17/2008parentConstant new ideas in improving the education process for our children.
10/29/2007parentMastery Charter School is an excellent school to be a part of. They have helped my son improve in his grades 100%. His attitude has changed to the positive, he loves to attend school and is always ready to soak up any information concerning his classes. One class in particular was math, his math grade was a low D last year while attending People For People Charter School. He received is first grade report from Shoemaker Mastery and received a 89% score among other A's and B's he received. If you want a community that cares about their children, teacher who listen to their students, please have them attend Mastery Charter school --its the best place to be for our Philadelphia school children. Proud and Grateful parent

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