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School Profile

Penrose School
2515 South 78th St
Philadelphia, PA 19153
(215) 492-6455
public | K-8
County: Philadelphia


  School Head OfficialYear
Katherine Pendino2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/20/2011teacherPenrose Elementary is a wonderful school equipped with a dedicated staff, active principal, a collective motivation to learn, and unique opportunities for the students. The faculty and students work together as a team to challenge students academically. Throughout the school year Penrose presented several unique assemblies, exciting field trips, contests for the students, and more. The school also offers excellent programs (during and after the school day) such as PlayWorks, Dance, Jump Rope, Chess, Yoga, Karate, Zumba, Basketball, Track, and Cheerleading. The school buildings are kept in an ideal condition; overall Penrose is a great place for staff and students alike!
7/19/2011teacherPenrose has a committed group of staff and teachers, lead by a committed terrific principal. Penrose has made their state exam targets. Over the years Penrose has added a gym, after care program, aand has been completely renovated . There are SMART Boards in most of the classrooms, computers in every classroom, and a terrific variety of after school activities, such as track, dance, Families and School Together program, yoga and the Eat Right Now gardens. Although some prefer to waste time criticizing, Penrose staff focuses on educating students with proven positive results!
7/19/2011parentPenrose has some hard working teachers. The school needs a better Principal. No one takes care of the kids. they run wild in the yard. Big kids and little kids. No one is in the yard with the kids. My daughter is in second grade I take her every day and make sure she gets in the class and get to the school early to get her so she is not in the yard with the big kids who knock down and pick on the small ones. The principle is the worst she does not think highly of the kids or parents. My daughter transferred to this school because I lost my job. She was in a privet school. I will never forget the conversation the principal was having in the hall way a staff member. I wanted to remove my daughter from the school at that second. If this is how the principal thinks this will not be a good school for her. I did not care very much for the way my daughters teacher dealt with the kids but was OK with the work skills. I have my daughter on a lot of list for schools. I pray something works out.
7/19/2011teacherPenrose has a wonderful staff led by a well-organized principal. Because of this, Penrose has met state standards with the PSSA exams. Also, the school offers a variety of extra-curricular activities for free to the students. Everyone at Penrose works exceptionally hard in creating an educationally-stimulating atmosphere for its students. Many students excel because of it. As compared to other schools Penrose goes above and beyond with technology, using Promethean Boards and laptops in the majority of the classrooms. Overall, Penrose is a great school!
7/19/2011other penrose is an organized and motivated school. it has diffrent learning activities and sport activities to help children improve on thier grades the principle gets all these education websites and the techers are very nice and smart and knows how to handle children and has security for safety
7/17/2011parentThere are some really hard working teachers at Penrose. I don't get the sense that they are supported. There is no real conflict resolution or respite for teachers when students get out of hand. Other than a Saturday detention which is not actually attacking the root of the issues. Also, there is very little communication between staff and parents when there are problems arising. On any given day you will see students afterschool beating each other up or jumping into the school buses and cursing. In terms of academics, no emphasis is placed on social studies /science and the PSSA end up being taught while social and science studies are completely neglected. Over the years I have seen a lot of great initatives started but not followed up. I think it is because it is not staffed properly.
5/20/2011otherThe Penroes school is the Pits. I have a neighbor whose children attend this school in grade 1, which is the last year. she said there are not enough teachers and the children are buck wild, one kid arm got broken, in reading the reviews one mother said it is the best, well maybe she is uneducated and does not recognize education to know the difference. It is a shame and disgrace we have schools in the neighborhood with such low ratings and this is the best for our children. the only attractive thing about this school is the color.
5/7/2010otherAppearance and organization are very important to developing a climate of success. The Penrose building is well maintained and is full of educators (including the principal) who do take education seriously. They are prepared and care deeply for the children as if they were their own.
4/12/2010parentThis is a terrific school with a caring group of teachers and staff. The district decided the school should teach Corrective Reading and Corrective Math but still the school tries to bring out the best in all of the kids with fun activities. We love it here!
2/25/2010parentThe principle here is the worst she does not think highly of the students and now the teachers are to teach the students something called C.A.M and i do not think that the teachers seem to like to teach it, my child does not see to be improving either. Whats wrong with the Philadelphia school district
7/7/2009studentAs an attended student at penrose, I would definitely recommend this school for any average child ready to make a difference in their grades and behavior. We have alot of parent involvement and it is easy to make friends here. I love this school and never want to leave, but, I unfortunately have to graduate from the 8th grade next year. I will miss my old teachers and good luck to them!
1/19/2009otherThis school has very little going for it. Problems start with the principal's negativity and trickle down to the rest of the teacher/student population. The kids need less harsh, negative discipline and more genuine care and compassion. There are, however, excellent fitness programs started and run by the school nurse and the new counselor, Ms. Egan, is a bright spot in the dark. Another major problem is that the school is poorly prepared to handle the addition of 7th and 8th graders on its campus. There needs to be additional opportunities for these students, especially interscholastic sports teams.
11/11/2008parentThe school district needs to take a hard look at this school. Times have really changed and the children's behavior has gotten worse. My child's teacher does not communicate with the parents.
1/10/2006studentThey have a cool computer lab and a good music teacher and science class
6/2/2005parentMy son is in the 6th grade this year, and so this is his last year there. We changed to Penrose because he literally hated the school he was in. He enjoyed coming because in his words the kids were better behaved. Due in no small part to the principle and the caring staff of teachers. I would recommend Penrose heartily. The teachers work really hard to give the kids what they need to advance, and it shows. We're kind of sad that he has to change schools, because it's been such a great experience for him.

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