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Philadelphia Academy Charter School - Philadelphia, PA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Philadelphia Academy Charter School11000 Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19116
(215) 676-8320K-9PhiladelphiacharterPhiladelphia Academy Charter School

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic88.49482009
Black, non-Hispanic5.276822009
Asian/Pacific Islander1.73012009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.3460212009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Brien Gardiner2009

6/11/2012parentThis is an awesome school!!! My child love this school and so do I, and I also want my children to go to HS here too!!! Thanks
8/28/2011parentMy son started at PACS in the 6th grade, he transferred in from public school and boy what a difference. He is doing so much better now and we are so happy that he will be attending the HS this Sept. It's because the staff and the administration are committed to the school and the kids needs. Go Chargers!
4/8/2011parentI am very happy with the school so far. This is our first year at pacs and am looking forward to many more years to come. The staff is excellent they really do care about the students.
3/24/2011parentMy daughter attends the PACS grade school and I am so impressed! True they did not make "AYP", by a slight special education margin, but know that academics is strong. The thing that I find most impressive is their mind, body, and spirit approach. There are musicals for every grade, yoga on Tuesdays, Tutoring, clubs, fundraisers, charity drives, a giving tree, field trips, and wonderful teachers. They have so many supports including an occupational therapist on staff! My daughter absolutely loves school, my toddler can't wait to go and have her teachers (he already has a crush on one), and her grades show it. PACS is wonderful!
3/24/2011parentI researched this school before applying. I had many many parents tell me that it was fabulous. So I put my child in PACS. I think that it is better than a public school however, as long as you dont mind your child getting an hour morning detention for simple mistakes. My child has had an hour morning detention for forgetting his math book and for writing his homework down wrong and did only part of a math page. He is a good kid and does not have behavior problems. So as long as your child is completly perfect and never messes anything up, it is the perfect school for you.
11/13/2010parentMy son attends PACHS coming from a Phila public school and I have seen such a wonderful change in his personal demeaner,He has told me that the feeling of unity within the school is something he has never experienced in the past. The students all tend to look out for each other and make sure no one feels alone. In his last school he was feeling very depressed and felt left out,like he was an outcast and he didn't fit in, also the bullying within the last school was overwhelming. He has had nothing but good things to say about PACHS and it has been very refreshing to hear that my child actually looks forward to going to school last year every day was scary,never knowing what was going to happen.With him attending PACHS,I do not feel the need to worry about my childs safety when I take him to school in the morning.
11/12/2010parentBecause it's a great school that allows my son to be the best he can be.
11/9/2010parentMy children have been doing so much better than in the Catholic school system. PACS has so much more to offer students and the teachers and staff are excellent.
11/7/2010parentThis school really cares about education and really makes the kids the top priority. A real A+
11/6/2010parentTerrific faculty and staff. We are very happy with this school.
11/3/2010parentI love this school because of the fantastic faculty and staff. Each one is a treasure!
11/3/2010teacherI am a teacher at PACHS and the staff and students make it a great place to come everyday. The students here are respectful, excited about learning and enjoy the school. We do not have many behavior issues and we are able to create a fun environment. We are trying to get new things in school so students have greater opportunities to succeed and they seem to really appreciate this. The staff is so helpful for each other in sharing ideas and just supporting each other so nicely.
11/1/2010parentMy son attended this school and received an excellent education. The teachers are very knowledgeable, caring and committed. The academic instruction is outstanding and the school has a wide variety of extracurricular activities to suit every child. I would highly recommend the school to any parent.
10/29/2010parentThe teachers, staff and volunteers make this school a great place! A+++++
10/28/2010parentThe staff is wonderful. I feel my son is getting a great education there.
10/27/2010parentI am very impressed with the academics and the techonology at PACS. The school spirit and teachers are amazing.
10/26/2010parentIt is a "family", my daughter is safe, and the academics are top-notch
10/26/2010parentPACS is an amazing school. The school is safe and welcoming. Not only are the academic programs excellent, but there are a wide variety of activities for students to participate in. My child was very shy entering kindergarten and by the end of the year was participating in the school play. He is in fourth grade now and we have never regretted choosing PACS for one second.
10/26/2010parentMy son is in 6th grade he has been here since kindergarten. We were very lucky to get in to PACS and everyday when my son gets out of the car I tell him to have a good day and be grateful. We live right by a catholic school that I went to. I say to him look at all the kids faces do they look happy? When we get to PACS the kids are smiling, the parents who volunteer and the many staff members like Mr. Moon and Joe are there with happy faces to greet our children in the morning. You feel so safe dropping off your child. You know when they walk thru that door everyone knows who they are where they belong. It is like a family. The teachers and staff are wonderful! I like when you email/call a teacher or even the principal you get a prompt answer. Everyone is accessible. Yes they have had some bumps along the road but I really think they are doing their very best for our kids. It is perfect for everyone? no but tell me where you can make 100% of the parents happy? I can only speak for our family my son is thrilled to go to PACS he never says he doesn t want to go to school. They keep him very interested in every subject he really is doing well and loves every teacher he has had over the years. The children are very nice to each other. The school does not tolerate any bullying or bad behavior. Which I love because if your child is stressed in school about being picked on that can really affect their self esteem and grades. Yes they are strict about uniforms but I like that, kids need to know how to dress appropriately they are learning how the real world is you can t show up to work looking like a slob. The school is kept very clean. PACS also has the latest technology the kids are really enjoying the interactive learning with the new smart boards in every classroom. It is a wonderful school and I am truly grateful for PACS and the wonderful education my son is receiving.
10/26/2010parentwonderful caring teachers and caring comunity
10/22/2010parentThe teachers are very helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help and encourage students. The school is large enough to offer a multitude of activites, but small enough that the kids do not fall through the cracks. The school provides a safe and nurturing learning environment.
10/21/2010parentIt is a school that takes pride in their education, sports and always encourages to parents and children to participate in school activities.
10/21/2010otherThe innovation that the school provides is one of the best in the city. The administration has put a good sum of money into the technology aspect of the school and hopes to continue doing so. The school is small, catering to about five-hundred students, but the hopes and goals of the students and administration for the school are vastly superior to many other high schools in the city of Philadelphia. The school is small enough that each student develops a relationship with the teachers and the teachers care about the students. Every student and teacher knows each other by name and you don't feel like you are just a name in the crowd. The teachers are specialized to what they're teaching (ie. The History Teacher has a Master's Degree in History), and many of them are willing to go out of their way and devote extra time to a student if he or she is struggling. In the last two years, the curriculum at the school has grown more challenging, ten-fold, making any previous doubts about the school virtually obsolete. I think Philadelphia Academy Charter School and Philadelphia Academy Charter High School are two schools to watch in the future. They attract a lot of talent and potential and it is everyone of these aspects that define this school. I am a Senior in the Graduating Class of 2011.
10/20/2010parentMy son has Aspergers and has special needs. In the past he has had problems with bullies. He feels like he fits in and is safe here. He has not had problems since he started here. He loves it here. He has many friends and is doing well in his academics. We are very happy with the school.
10/20/2010parentThe education and specials my children receive are amazing. The teachers are wonderful and care about the children. It is a safe, education and fun atmosphere.
10/20/2010parentCaring teachers, save environment, newest learning tools.
10/20/2010parentI love the way that this school cares about its students. The faculty and staff treat the students with respect. They really try to make High School challenging and fun for all students.
10/19/2010parentAll the staff is so caring, its like a big family.
10/19/2010parentThe expectation for every student is high.
10/18/2010parentI believe Philadelphia Academy Charter is an excellent High School. They have small classroom size which help the kids learn better and alot of their teachers are younger which i believe is better for the children because the teacher and the children can relate better to each other. Most importantly they have a strick no violence code.
10/18/2010parentThis school is the best! From the teachers to the staff, they really care about the students and the education they receive. My two kids attend PACS and they love it!
10/17/2010parentMy boys have been here since the inception of PACS,(5th grade & 1st grade). My reasons for wanting them in a charter school was my oldest boy has ADD (now 21 and doing great!) and the public school in our neighborhood was not what I wanted for him. The bonus was his younger brother was automatically ushered in (a senior at PACHS and in honors classes)! PACS have given me as a parent the peace of mind knowing my kids are getting the most up to date classes and technology while providing a stable and stress free atmosphere.
10/16/2010parentPhiladelphia Academy offers a diverse range of course offerings suited to all students in a clean safe environment. Lead by staff who care about students, it is an amazing school.
10/12/2010parentMy kids are doing great in 9th and 10th grade
10/11/2010parentMy family started attending Philadelphia Academy from it's very start and so far we have had three graduates from the elementary school with the fourth just beginning in PACS. I am very proud of the education they received and the teachers are wonderful too.
10/11/2010parentThis school is awesome from there teachers to the staff. My daughter had a problem in reading when she got there in 8th grade. With help from the reading teachers she went from a 2nd grade reading level to a 9th grade in one summer. From people who really care about your kids and show them you can do anything if you just try. I give this school a 100 star in my book Keep up the good work .
10/8/2010parentIt is not like other schools. It helps with My children needs
10/8/2010parentExcellent school with an amazing staff. The kids actually LOVE their school. Anyone that can make kids love going to school deserves to win!
10/6/2010parentPhiladelphia Academy Charter is a great school. My three older children have all attended and graduated and it's the best school around. The staff really care about the children and their education.
10/6/2010parentMy son has been at PACS since 3rd grade, he now is in 8th grade. I feel the teachers and staff at PACS realy care about the students as well as their education. My son loves the after-school programs and the school play. We think it's a GREAT SCHOOL...
10/5/2010parentthe staff are very careing and the education is great my children are challeneged which is something i like
10/4/2010parentThis school helped put my children back on track academically. Couldn't have asked for a better enviroment. Help is always there when needed.
10/2/2010teacherIt is one of the hardest working schools ever. The school has been through very difficult times and on several occasions we thought it wouldn't survive the difficulties it suffered. It survived solely because of its dedicated staff, new administrators, new board members,and our students and parents. There was tremendous community spirit to keep this fine school open. It would not have happened without the tremendous effort and commitment of the above mentioned groups.
9/30/2010teacherIt is a great place to work. The children and parents are very respectful of the staff they stand behind our ideas. I never wake up and say I do not want to go to work.
9/30/2010otherExcellent teaching and LEARNING is not constantly interrupted by disruptive students!
9/30/2010parentCaring and support the children receive
9/30/2010otherThis establishment has made tremendous growth over years since it's opening. Being part of the first graduating class from the Philadelphia Academy Charter High School and now going into my fourth year working as a paraprofessional, I have come to love and respect both the faculty and students that come here. Walking in the and seeing all the smiling faces every morning is the highlight of my day everyday. I love my job.
9/29/2010parentBecause my students are hard workers and the parents are so helpful as well. I love working in such a friendly environment!
9/29/2010parentPACS is a great place to work! All members of the community are focused on student success. The atmosphere is positive and upbeat.
9/29/2010otherThis is the best school. The school handles academics as well as social events plus sports teams. Kids hate to go home.
9/29/2010otherDedicated teachers and staff, enthusiastic students, and experienced admin work together to create the ultimate learning environment!
9/29/2010parentGreat School., Love it!!!
9/29/2010teacherI love Philadelphia Academy Charter School because the administration, faculty, parents and students work together to help everyone reach their fullest potential.
9/5/2010parentAs A Mother Of A Child With Special Needs This School Rates Zero to me the staff are more worried about dress code and other things rather then the education of the children this 2009 2010 school year was the first time my son ever attended PACS and it was a horriable expirence dont trust anyone in that school esp the director of special education. If you have a child with autism i strongly suggest that you do not send you child to pacs it was one of worst choices i ever made for my son . They care more about the pssa scores for money then the well being of special needs children
5/25/2010parentI have a son attending PACH, and I can say with full certainty that this school is in desperate need of qualified staff for a HS level. The are more worried about disapline that Education. My son has attended this school for 4 years he is now a Senior, and is learning the same thing as my daughter is in the Philadelphia school district as a Sophmore. The offer almost NO after school activities. I would not reccomend this school to anyone.
5/18/2010parentSpeaking as the mother of two special needs children, one with Autism, I have to say that I've been very satisfied with my children's education thus far. I've had only positive experiences during IEP meetings, my children are achieving academically, and the teachers have really stepped up to find ways to challenge my children. I know not every parent's experience has been the same, but I would say that on the whole, PACS is not only a school but a community as well.
1/28/2010parentI have several children attending Pacs, I can honestly say the teachers there are TRULY the best !!!! Most have come from catholic schools and although we can't talk about faith the teachers show God like ways everyday. The teachers are the reason Pacs has survived the ups and downs of the past couple years. So THANKYOU Brien for doing right by having these wonderful caring people teaching our children !!! I could not rate this school a 5 because no school is perfect but we are truly trying to get there !!!!
1/27/2010studentI'm currently a junior at PACHS, and I've attented since first grade. I can honestly tell you, as a reader, that I enjoy PACHS! I read a previous review about a parent switching her son to PACHS, from Judge, and back again. Our curriculum is also different from Judge, and a few other high schools. Our english and math classes are opposite from Judge between Sophomore and Junior year. I like PACHS because it's a nice size facility, and we can have more one-on-one time. No, there aren't any AP classes, but there is an 'honors class' and some students can get their rosters changed. You need to give PACS/HS a chance, and let it grow on you. Our school is filled with caring people, unlike other schools. I love it, and would never transfer. I'm glad that I stayed here.
4/29/2009studentI attended PACHS all four years for high school, and I am currently enrolled at West Chester University with a current GPA of 3.6. I believe there is more to high school than test scores, and that the students will take from this school exactly what they put into it. PACHS is like a family, your not just a number like every other school in the area. The teachers are some of the best and they are willing to go that extra mile. Walking down the hallways everyone knows your name, and cares about you. I can honestly say PACHS helped shape who I am today, and I am proud that now my siblings have the same chance that I did.
3/5/2009parentMy daughter is a new 6th grade student at the philadelphia academy charter. Let me tell you that all of my daughter's teachers are wonderful and accomadating. I f the child needs help in a subject they'll give it to you and if the child is above in certainsubjects they'll challange you.
12/18/2008parentI finially decided to pull my son out of this school today. This is a special needs school. Not a school for kids to be prepared for college... I am very unsatified with the academic quality in Pach. They need to catch up with other schools, and stop worrying about ridiciculous disipline issues and focus on Academics. I would not advise waiting on a waiting list for this school as it is not worth the wait. The public schools in the area are a much better alternative to this facilty. They have no AP classes which is what my son need so he is bored, and his grades have dropped to failing, becasue he is bored!!! There are also no sports to spreak of, to help with college scholarships. The school is also on academic probation as stated by them for not making adequate progess...
12/18/2008studentI have attended PACS since its opening, and then continued at its newly opened high school. The fact of the matter is that it is not for everyone. Both PACS and PACHS have an ok special education program and aid for struggling students. I truly admire the faculty's dedication to help those in need. However, the school does not track or have AP classes, leaving clear honors students left in slow paced classes. I have seen this result in poor grades and even worse attitudes. It is ashame to say, but it is my opinion that proficient students will not find this school to be as fostering and helpful as many claim. PACHS will not prepare students for college. Still, neither school provides any of the great experiences that Public schools offer, such as AP classes, beneficial clubs, or scouted sports, which help in the college application process.
10/11/2008parentThe quality of academics in this school is extremely low. The school enviorment is not one I want my child subjected to anymore.
9/26/2008parentBoth of my children attend PACS and I am more than pleased. The teachers are wonderful. My son is in the 5th grade and is being taught the same things as my niece who is in the 6th grade at a Catholic School.
4/5/2008studentI have attended PACS since its opening, and then continued at its newly opened high school. The fact of the matter is that it is not for everyone. Both PACS and PACHS have great special education programs and aid for struggling students. I truly admire the faculty's dedication to help those in need. However, the school does not track, leaving clear honors students left in slow paced classes. I have seen this result in poor grades and even worse attitudes. It is ashame to say, but it is my opinion that proficient students will not find this school to be as fostering and helpful as many claim. I don't buy that PACHS will not prepare students for college. Still, neither school provides many of the great experiences that bigger schools can offer, such as AP classes, beneficial clubs, or scouted sports, which help in the college application process.
2/6/2008studentI was a student @ PACS since it first opened. I can honestly say it was worth it. I made new friends, and the teachers are very determined to make school fun but, a good learning community too.
1/18/2008parentI finially decided to pull my daughter out of this school. I am very unsatified with the academic quality in Pacs. They need to catch up with other schools, and stop worrying about ridiciculous disipline issues and focus on academics. I would not advise waiting on a waiting list for this school as it is not worth the wait. The public schools in the area are a much better alternative to this facilty.
1/12/2008parentThis is my daughter's last year at this school. She has attended K-8. She has been given a wonderful education from caring, thoughtful and creative teachers. I am very pleased with Pacs and my daughter will miss it.
1/3/2008otherThis school is a great school!
10/27/2007parentMy son is in special needs class and they are fabulous! The whole school is great. Every kid I know who has had any disability problems have thrived. Outside activities ie dances,remedial classes and special ed wonderful. Even typical kids and tier parents love it. I love the no bully policies.Everyone gets involved.I can only hope they can expand thier autistic support rooms since their is great demand
10/6/2007parentMy son decided he wanted to leave Father Judge to attend PACHS, I allowed him to make his own decision and he lasted 2 days! I especially think that Mr.Sperling has what it takes to do great things in an educational environment and he was very helpful throughout the transfer process. I truly believe that allowing my son the choice between staying or leaving was an educational experience in itself. My son decided after spending a short time at PACHS that he wanted to go back to Judge, and he is thrilled with his decision, and without a doubt my heart is 'happy' he went back. His reason for leaving, the 'quality' of people. As far as the academic program they have, 'they' as a whole are behind the eightball. Challenging? Not compared to Fr. Judge, The Juniors @ Pachs were reading what my son had to read as new sophomore.
10/5/2007studentI've been going to P.A.C.S. since kindergarten and this is my last year.this school is the best and I'm going to miss it when I leave.
9/27/2007parentThis school has a wonderful IEP program. Thanks to them and the caring teachers my daughter is doing 100% better. I thank god everyday that she is in PACS and not in a regular Public School where she would just slip through the cracks. PACS didn't let her slip-they helped her.
9/20/2007studentIi liike thiis sch0ol m0or3 th3n any oth3r sch0ol iv3 been t0o the teachers uunderstand andhelp you out wiith just ab0ut everythiing =]
9/6/2007parentI am extremely unsatisfied with the school (PAC). My son has attended now for over a year, and I am currently looking for another school. I want my son to be academically challenged and prepared for college and that is not the case in the facility.
9/4/2007parentThis school is unsatifactorty. They focus too much on disapline rather than learning. My daughters grades have dropped dramatically since attending this school. The have very low academic standards and are more worried about hair and field trips than challegeing their students. They did not treat my daughter with an ounce of respect and I am currently looking for another more academically challenged and respectful school.
9/4/2007parentThe quality of academics in this school is extremely low. The school enviorment is not one I want my child subjected to. I dont believe this school has the endurance to excell my child and prepare him for college. They are more concerned with nonsensical disipline than challeging my child acedemically.
9/3/2007parentI can not say enough about this School.My daughter has been attending since kindergarten and feel the staff and education are outstanding.I feel so lucky to have my daughter attend this school.
6/21/2007parentMy daughter left a Catholic Grade School because she was having a hard time. She now attends Philadelphia Academy Charter School and in just one year she made honor roll. I think the teachers are great!
6/19/2007parentMy son recently graduated from PACS and my daughter is still enrolled there. We have been with the school since its inception and have been extremly satisfied with all aspects of the school. We are also an anomaly from most people because we moved out to the suburbs yet still send our children to PACS; the school has great academic programs, caring and deducated teachers (such as Mr. Pagliore in 8th grade) and small class sizes which engages young learners and supports them in their academic pursuite. The principal is very involved and is also able to effective manage the business aspect of the school. School uniforms lets the students focus on their education and specialty classes provides them with an understanding of tolerance and respect for their peers. I feel that this school has prepared my son for high school and an academic future that includes a university.
6/5/2007parentI can't say enough about the quality of this school. Academically it is truly outstanding. My son has attended the school for eight years and is soon graduating. He has had some of the best teachers this city has to offer. There is a bond within this school that will leave my son with some very happy memories for the rest of his life. To the PACS community we would like to say Thank You!
11/30/2006former studenti went to philadelphia academy from 5th to 8th they are very welcoming. The teachers are great every year i loved my teachers. They help there students as much as they can. It taught me more then what i would ever learn in a catholic school. The art and music classes are very good. We painted murals all around the school and music we learned a lot about how to read music, and learn a lot abouts its hisory. It was a wonderful experinence for me and most of the other kids i graduated with i hope one day i could send my kids to a school like this.
3/15/2006parentMy best friend sends her son to this school. She can't say enough about the resources that are available to her this chool has small classrooms and a dedicated staff. My only concern is that everyone know this and the lottery list is so long my son next year will not have a chance. We need more schools that rank as high as this one for our children to go to.
2/7/2006administratorThis is a wonderful school. The environment is warm and friendly. Children that I worked with felt very happy there. The K teachers are great. They keep the children going for a full day. The art, dance, music and gym everyweek are wonderful for K age children.
11/24/2005studentIts an educational experiance. I myself am a student there, in sixth grade. Mrs. Brody, Ms. Atkins, Ms. Heinger, and Mrs. La Brasca are all very great teachers.
10/16/2005parentGreat school, parent involvement is the most I have ever seen. There is a deep sense of committment from the entire school community.
9/30/2005parentGreat school---what education should be!
9/20/2005former studentGreat school and loving teachers.
9/13/2005studentI attended this school for almost seven years straight. It is a great school, and the teachers are friendly. Its great to be part of a cool community like this one!
8/5/2005parentMy son has attended this school for six years now. We could not be happier with the education he is getting and the great atmosphere throughout the school. They have a good music and art dept, but the sports dept is lacking. I would like to see the school offer more in the area of extracurricular activities. I can't say enough about the quality of teachers I have had the pleasure of working with and meeting in the last six years. They genuinely care about their students. The principal is hands on and a model to his staff and students. I definitely rate PACS as a superb school, a definite A plus.
2/9/2005parentMy son was fortunate enough to be able to attend Philadelphia Academy Charter School. He is eager to go to school everyday and returns home with a smile on his face. The teachers are hardworking caring individuals that take time to know and understand each student. I am so thankful that we found this school, it revised my hope in the Philadelphia School System. The curriculum is fast paced and challenging. This school gives new meaning to *No child left behind*. They recognize weakness and strengths and develop each child so that they can succeed. I wish every child in Philadelphia could have the educational experience that the children of PACS receive.
3/20/2004parentThis school is what every child needs and deserves. It is everything that is right about education. The curriculum is excellent and well taught by some of the hardest working teachers I've ever had contact with. There is a strong emphasis in developing good moral citizens, they are not afraid of teaching difficult life lessons. Children are treated fairly and given many opportunities from acting in a play to being in the reading olympics. The resource room teachers are excellent, what they accomplished with my son who didn't make it easy on anyone speaks volumes to their dedication and ability. The children who pass through these halls and make contact with any one of these exceptional educators are truly blessed. Their is significant parental involvement, that is welcomed and encouraged. The children know that their future is now and they actively participate in making the most of it.
2/23/2004parentI took my son out of a catholic school and fortunatly got him in this school. He was becoming emotionally damaged by the catholic school he was in. The kids were mean and the teachers were even worse. I am so thankful every day that he got in this school. The children and teachers are so kind to, I can volunteer when ever I want and best of all this school has really changed my son's life. He is happy when he comes home from school everyday and he was on the honor roll. He has also won every award you can get. Thank you Philadelphia Academy for being such a wonderful school.

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