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Blessed Sacrament School
240 Regent Ave
Providence, RI 2908
(401) 831-3993
private | PK-8
County: Providence


9/20/2009otherBlessed Sacrament School's teachers are the best! They love the children and guide them in all aspects of learning so that they develop in mind, body and spirit!
2/19/2009parentMy wife and I chose Blessed Sacrament because of its nurturing environment, quality of teachers and its reputation for graduating students that go on to the best high schools in the state. Blessed Sacrament delivers a high quality curriculum and holds every child to high standards. The teachers and staff care about each child and treat them as their own. My wife and I know that our children are safe and are given the best that the school has to offer. The school offers afterschool activities which my children love! Even in these tough economic times, my wife and I have never thought about removing our children. The school has been able to keep the tuition extremely reasonable. We could not imagine entrusting our children to anyone else.
2/18/2009parentBlessed Sacrament is the best choice we could have made for our children. We have two in the school presently and the education they are receiving is wonderful. The school offers Spanish and Art and has many extra programs designed to educate such as the Science Fair projects, the MARSS Fair (Math, Science, Art, Religion). They also offer after-school day care for an extremely reasonable cost as well as after-school programs. I couldn't be happier with our choice and would recommend Blessed Sacrament School to anyone looking to provide an affordable faith-based high-quality education for their children.
1/29/2009parentChoosing Blessed Sacrament School was the best decision we ever made for our children. We currently have one child who is happily enrolled in the middle school and one child who graduated two years ago and is doing quite well at Classical High School because of the stellar education she received at BSS. Blessed Sacrament is a true community of learners...where the principal and teachers have set high expectations for all students and are readily available to support each child to ensure they meet those standards. The children spread their spiritual wings by learning what it means to be a Catholic. Actions speak louder than words, and throughout the year students put into practice our Lord's teachings by conducting service projects for those less fortunate . We recommend BSS as THE school of choice for parents looking for a truly wonderful educational and spiritual experience for their children.
1/20/2009parentBoth of our children attended Blessed Sacrament School and received an outstanding education. Our oldest went on to the highly respected LaSalle Academy and will graduate from college this spring. Our youngest will graduate from Blessed Sacrament in June and will also attend LaSalle Academy. The principal, teachers and staff at 'B.S.' are second to none and totally committed to the school's educational mission to provide a challenging Catholic education. They provide a safe, clean and nourishing environment that allows children the opportunity to grow and develop academically, socially and spiritually. The school also offers an interesting assortment of extra curricular activities and has a first rate computer lab. We enthusiastically recommend Blessed Sacrament to any family seeking a first rate education for their children.
12/2/2008otherBlessed Sacrament School is a fantastic school that promotes the educational and spiritual growth of each student. The teachers challenge their students and are constantly offering their support. The principal, Mrs. Spencer, has worked fervently to enrich the experience of each student who comes through the doors of B.S.S. She is a wonderful person with a very kind heart. She is always willing to listen to suggestions from parents and families and is open to new ideas. She takes a great deal of pride in the school and in her students. You are guarenteed to find her at every school event, including basketball games, and school meetings throughout the year. You will not find a more devoted and passionate staff than the principal and teachers at Blessed Sacrament School.
10/24/2008parentOver the past 20 years, my wife and I have sent our 4 children to Blessed Sacrament School. Our youngest graduated this past June. I can unequivocally say that this school provided them with the educational foundation to attend and succeed at one of the top rated high schools in the state and in the country...Classical High School (Providence). Blessed Sacrament also aided in the development of our children as Catholics, by providing the formal religious studies necessary as well as providing an overall environment that shouts out its Catholic identity. The last sentence of the school's mission statement hits the nails on the head...'empowers students to become well-rounded individuals who are lifelong learners and joyful witnesses to Christ's teachings.'
9/20/2008studentI'm a student at BSS and I've been attending since Pre-K. This school is absolutely amazing. All of the teachers are spectacular, but there are a few teachers that are mean. One in particular. I won't say any names, though. The teachers are only doing what's best for your kids, though. Really. The school offers extra help programs if your child if having trouble with school. There is also Girl Scouts. And we have an absolutely AMAZING Choir. I was in it last year. I'm taking a year off this year, though. We're getting more work, and all~ There are middle school dances, which are totally fun. I went to one last night~ The teachers DANCE sometimes. It's hilarious. If you're taking your child out of his/her school for any reason, send them here! It's worth it.If I ever have kids, I'll probably send them here!
3/30/2008parenti love this school my child has been here for 3 years and everythings been great!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/30/2008otherMy child attended B.S.and after a few years, I decided it was time for a change for several reasons. I agree w/the previous parent about an upgrade in math and science. I also agree w/the parent in reference to fundraising and the pressure to raise funds to stem off higher tuition. However, tuition goes up every year at any school. I felt the school didn't recognize the abilities of each child as an individual. I've noticed on quite a few occasions where it was obvious that a child was performing above a particular level and they never made it to the honor roll. I was surpried to see such a large kindergarten class of 35 when most of the children continue to 8th grade. I absolutely loved how they had the buddy system between the lower and upper class. Teachers are OK. I definitely preferred the previous principal over Mrs. Spencer.
10/26/2007parentI have been a parent at BSS for 12 years and have been pleased. The students are cared for and are expected to perform at their individual highest level. The only improvement I feel that they need is the Middle School Science and Math area. English and Writing skills are fantastic but I believe Math and Science needs an upgrade. As I read another parent's review regarding fundraising there is only one major fundraiser that produces approx. $18,000 in which two toy/gift days and a basket week (each class has a theme basket) is done prior to the one day fundraiser and this is not too much to ask and the school does not make it mandatory to have parents to volunteer. Maybe that's not pushed enough.
3/2/2007parentI have practically no criticism of the teachers at this school. And the environment the teachers provide is a safe and nurturing one. I would like to see more transparency in the financial aspect of the operation of the school. More explanations as to how the money is divied etc. There is a degree of pressure to fundraise, and forecasts that the tuition will continue to rise seem, this year, almost continuous; and sadly, this seems to create a divide between the parents and the office. But I must say, that the teachers there have rarely disappointed me, and the school building itself is charming and humble, and the children seem very happy there.
3/21/2006parentI'm so glad I found this school for my daughter when she was 4. She's nine years old now and she's had fantastic teachers every year. Her standardized testing scores were extremely high which supports the wonderful education she is getting. She is learning in a loving and caring environment. Most importantly she loves her school.
3/16/2006former studentThis school is a gem! The academic standards are high, the curriculum is on target, the discipline is fantastic, and the teachers are truly outstanding. B.S. offers a safe environment, and you never have to worry about a child 'slipping through the cracks' -- it just doesn't happen at this school. B.S. is wonderfully multi-racial and you don't have to worry about prejudism here -- it just doesn't happen at this school. What does happen is lots of learning, lots of fun, lots of love. Excellent!
1/3/2005parentI have been extremely happy with the quality of education and the attention given to individual students. Blessed Sacrament School is a tremendous value given the cost of private education today. I highly recommend this school to prospective parents and students.
8/26/2003parentRespect and discipline amoung students and parents is terrific.

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