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There is no better place than NW Arkansas - 6/19/2020
I have lived in NW Arkansas for 14 years, but grew up in Washington DC, and went to college and Grad school in Chicago, and spent the first part of my career in Baltimore.I LOVE NW Arkansas. It is very clean, relatively quiet, and I awaken to bird song every morning. NW Arkansas is beautiful. I live in Bella Vista, which boasts 7 lakes, numerous golf courses, insanely (by city standards) cheap homes set in wooded areas where every morning I look at animal tracks as I walk my dog and try to figure out if it was a deer, or a tortoise or perhaps a racoon or armadillo that made it. NW Arkansas is diverse. We have 4 South Indian restaurants, at least as many Thai, several Vietnamese, and too many to count Hispanic and Chinese restaurants. We are of all faiths (the various Christian denominations, but also Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Budhist) have their places of worship. (Oh and most of them are open for dine in as well as carry out, though we social distance, wear masks etc. due to Read More

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Add on to my previous review. - 4/3/2020
I forgot to add to my prior review that another con is Fayetteville is too car dependant aside from the "core" of the city which is not a large area. Not much public transportation at all. Most of the city is Read More

Don't get the hype. - 4/3/2020
Native of Fayetteville that moved away in 2017. Yes, I understand that Northwest Arkansas has experienced a big boom and I will admit the NWA area is now SO much better than it was a decade ago. Fayetteville is constantly showing up on "Best Places to Live" lists and honestly I think it's overrated.There are tons of comprable cities all over the country. My 22 year old still lives in Fayetteville so I still visit often.
I have lived in 2 other cities - Cherry Point ,NC for 4 years a( had to move back to AR for family reasons) and have lived here in my current city Omaha, NE for nearly 3 years and I felt more at home & like BOTH other cites better than Fayetteville or the Northwest Arkansa metro .
Here are things I LIKE about Fayetteville & the surrounding area.
It's a naturally beautiful place. Lots of outdoorsy stuff, great hiking
Virturally no crime. There is some but overall it's so low compared to a majority of places. I really did'nt realize how safe it Read More

Not a good place for non-whites, overrated. - 8/2/2019
I've lived in Fayetteville for the past 10.5 years - went to college here, worked here, recently moved to Bentonville. Fayetteville is way overrated, whatever you read about #5 best place to live, I can assure you, unless you are a BIG TIME outdoors person who doesn't mind racism, drugs, nothing to do, you will regret moving here. If you're a minority, stay away. You won't be welcomed, and you'll be isolated, you'll lose job opportunities, dating pool is literally 0% for minorities. These are all facts, no regrets on my side, because Fayetteville 5 or 10 years ago was pretty awesome, but today, Read More

5th Best Places to Live in the USA! - 8/8/2018
It depends upon one's perspective in/on life (I lived in Rogers AR for a few years; it's just north but within the same urban sprawl). U.S. News analyzed the 125 most populous metro areas to find the best places to live. Their page is titled: 125 Best Places to Live in the USA! Fayetteville, AR is number 5, meaning there's only 4 other cities in all the USA that ranked higher. Forbes put the Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers MSA at #2 on its list of Best Midsize Cities for Jobs. According to the American Lung Association State of the Air 2018 report, NW Arkansas ranks among the best air quality from among all urban metros reporting in. The natural world of the Nature State is still awesome; lots of lakes and forests and wildlife; some of the best fishing in the nation. And the State is not as densely (human) populated as others. The urban core is pedestrian friendly; bike trails galore throughout NW AR; the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center designated Fayetteville as a Bronze Read More

Arkansas is fattening - 3/27/2018
I have been gone from Arkansas for quite a few years now. I lived there for several years, years ago. Prior to moving there, my weight was slightly above a healthy range. While there, it increased by 35 pounds. It is now back to where it was prior to moving there. Arkansas has one of the highest obesity rates in the country. The people I am around now are into fitness, healthy eating, bicycles, hiking, etc. Very few of the restaurants here feature deep fried foods. Being around healthy people and healthy influences tends to make you do the things they do to stay healthy. When you drive around and see giant fitness centers all over the place, and most of the people you associate with have a healthy weight, it naturally tends to influence the way you behave, eat, exercise, Read More

Low cost of living but strangely conservative - 11/1/2017
I’ve lived in Fayetteville about four years now and I’m 60. Fayetteville is chiefly a right-wing community with a very conservative state university. You’ll see why I say that. While there are many nice, normal individuals here, I’ve been annoyed and even harassed by literally *hundreds* of people about my brief, unremarkable stint in the military some forty (40) years ago. I was a common sailor with a low-level job, and I got out in 1978. The first couple of years I lived in Fayetteville one or more people either asked me about the military every day, or made a remark about it near me in public. I’ll tell you who’s responsible for this lunacy: doctors and healthcare workers who give out personal information, and Veterans Administration employees. Much of this activity is clearly illegal, and I’ve filed any number of written complaints with the authorities for years now. Many people here seem obsessed with the military, even college students from the University of Arkansas. In Read More

Too Expensive - 10/4/2017
Housing hard to find and over priced, high crime and a lot of homeless. Most new buildings in the north part of town. A lot of drugs all over town. Mostly ugly and people range from crazy to druggies to snobs...with some nice people in between...many hate it here and are Read More

Fayetteville, Ark is not a good place to live - 5/21/2016
I read Sandy's review and was very impressed with its honesty and factualness. I used to live there in Fayetteville and I moved away for pretty much EXACTLY the same reasons. I am much happier now in the Great Pacific Northwest. One of the things I love about the northwest is its “inclusiveness”. They go to great lengths to make certain that people feel “included” even if they are not from the northwest and have no extended family here. To give you an example, I was a member of a tennis club in Fayetteville for about a year, years ago. For new adult male members with no tennis partners, to be able to come and play in any type of league or weekly activity with other members their only choice was to show up and be available as a substitute. Often, no subs were needed and they just went home. Not very “inclusive”. By contrast, let me tell you about a local tennis club where I live now. About 3 or 4 evenings per week, there are tennis activities you can go to where you get put Read More

Regret Moving Here - 1/25/2016
For those of you thinking about moving to Fayetteville...DON`T DO IT!
Fayetteville (in fact most of Arkansas) is filthy. Poverty is everywhere. More people than not have no pride in their houses or property. People just pile up junk and garbage out in their yards etc. So many houses look as if they should have been demolished years ago. This also goes for the buildings throughout the city as well. Obviously no ordinances. Going out to eat is almost impossible since every place I have been in is disgustingly gross. Sticky seats and tables, dried on foods on the walls by the seating areas, floors that don`t look like they have been washed in weeks, no gloves being used when handling the food, the list goes on and on. They apparently have no inspectors for anything. I would have thought they would at least have nice Walmarts here since a lot of Walmart exec stuff goes on around here but their Walmarts (especially Springdales) are very sketchy, rundown dives. The parks and lakes Read More

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427 N Otoe St
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