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A nice place to live - 3/22/2018
Arroyo Grande is a nice place to live. However, it is rather expensive for many people. There is a large retirement community living here, and home and rental prices are getting higher all the time. The climate for the most part is good. The Arroyo Grande area population and building construction projects are fast out growing the natural resources of the area, particularly water. Vineyards are growing and popping up all over the place, and sucking up huge amounts of ground water to make their product. Many wells have dried up, and a 5 year drought has caused serious issues relating to water, and the ability to grow gardens, and lawns. Read More

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Hometown, USA - 8/12/2017
I've lived here for nearly thirty years and love it. Great, easy climate year round. I know what I'm talking about--having lived in San Francisco Bay Area, Nevada, Washington, Virginia, Colorado, Alaska, and more. My windows are open 365 days a year so I can hear the birds singing.

Beautiful, oak studded, rolling hills with cattle and vineyards. Think Tuscany! The beach is five minutes away.

I've owned a business in the town since we chose this area as our home - Klondike Pizza - located in the charming village of Arroyo Grande. We feel so fortunate to be a part of our community.

Our children received good public educations and never felt unsafe in their schools.

Through the years we have seen our town evolve and grow. We now have many great restaurants. We also have several venues for live theatre.

San Luis Obispo is a charming college town just minutes away.

What don't we have?
For me - not a lot Read More

Too Expensive, Boring and Cold - 9/23/2016
People from here absolutely love it and refuse to admit that it is much too expensive. They hate change. To live in a good school area will cost you dearly. There is nothing here that is the average price or below. For such a small town the theft crime is through the roof now, too. This is a direct result of people not having any money. Getting a doctor is impossible because, as other doctors have told me, new doctors find it too expensive to start a practice here. The location on the central coast is terrible, too. Too far away from any city with good museums or major theatre productions. There isn't a lot of authentic ethnic food either. A local life-time resident was so excited to take me to an over-priced gyro place that had gyro meat which tasted exactly like spam. Plan several hours in the car to LA if you want serious culture of any kind. San Francisco is too far away for a day trip, too. It is boring here and dealing with the over-proud residents who have rose-tinted glasses Read More

Beauty and the Beast - 9/13/2007
The beauty:
I live on a plateau overlooking the beach south of Pismo. It is incredibly beautiful. We have the beaches,lakes and marshes. Lots of trees. Mostly oaks in the north end of San Luis Obispo County and Eucalyptus around where I live. Plenty of ranches. Big horse community. Lots of mountains, trails and sand dunes. Huge wine country, resorts with plenty of culture and shopping. The people are very friendly. Especially the "old timers". Almost heaven.

The beast:
The problem is the demographics. We have a very high percentage of retired transplants who can afford million dollar homes and college students who are temporary which allows local employers to pay minimal salaries. It really says a lot about an area when you cannot get people in the medical field to move here because they can't afford the cost of living.

The cost of living does not equate to salaries paid. It is almost impossible for an average family even with two incomes to Read More

nice town - 4/14/2007
I've lived here for 22 yrs, great little town but i always feel cold!!
its typ in the mid 60's, and 70's is like a heat wave.
the median home price is in the $500's and stable, hopefully you have lots of equity if you move here. Best paying jobs are the CMC Prison, and Diablo Canyon Power Read More

Living in Arroyo... - 8/31/2006
To live in Arroyo Grande, you must have money, (or just act like you do). If not, you are left behind and looked down upon. It is a town filled with ranchers, or LA people. These people act like everyone else is there to serve them. Without money, your kids won't get into decent schools, you will live in bad neighborhoods, and you will never afford to buy a home...EVER! Yuppie, SUV driving snobs rule Read More

Arroyo Grande, California - Not Quite Paradise - 4/28/2006
Arroyo Grande is a small town in the heart of the Central Coast of California, located about midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is a coastal town with a mild climate and great opportunities for outdoor activities, particularly those related to the ocean. Unfortunately, it is becomming increasingly popular as a retirement destination and housing costs have skyrocketed with the median priced home at Read More

My new home!!! - 9/4/2005
We recently purchased a home here and love it. It is close to the beach, has great weather (rarely above 85), and a great community. You could not ask for a better area. Lots of rural outlying areas so there is plenty of open air. California is not ALL cement! Close to Pismo Beach and Oceano so it makes a great vacation spot Read More

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612 Castillo Del Mar
Bed 4 | Bath 3

837 Mesa Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

684 Paseo St
Bed 4 | Bath 2

166 Brisco Rd
Bed 2 | Bath 2

2358 Turnstone St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

285 LA Cresta Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

650 S Elm St
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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