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Kind of like a bigger version of Crescent City
Star Rating - 5/24/2018
A little bit more things to do, a little better restaurants than Crescent City. Still boring and suffers from a lot of the same problems Crescent City does. Unbelievably rude people, high crime, lots of drugs, methheads, thieves, bums, and other subhuman lowlife just like Crescent City. Rains and storms a lot in the winter. A little less than Crescent City though. Beautiful countryside but all the bad things are just too much for the natural beauty to make it worth dealing with. Just like Crescent City. I'd recommend avoiding both Eureka and Crescent City and go to Newport in Oregon or Tahoe instead. Beautiful like Eureka and Crescent City, but much more to do and not near as much crime and lowlifes and much better food.
Anonymous | Beverly Hills, CA
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I've lived here 5 years. I've lived several places around our country. This takes the "cake" on the lowest level. I agree with the "Anonymous/Bev Hills". If you're not related to the "good-old-boys" here it's extremely difficult to secure employment. The pot farmers run you off the roads. The police do not get paid enough nor are there enough of them to help. Carry a gun, it's the wild west out here. Buggin out SOON!!!!
R. | Eureka, CA | Report Abuse

Thank you for your review.
Pietro | Long Beach, CA | Report Abuse
- 9/30/2020
Avoid eureka at all cost! I was assaulted here within 2 months of moving here by an absolu...
Chuck | Eureka, CA | No Replies

- 7/2/2020
Probably the armpit of the Pacific coast
The Pacific coast is beautiful however this is probably the least beautiful place on the P...
Anon | Sacramento, CA | No Replies

- 3/4/2020
Bad. Just Bad.
I want to convey an accurate picture of Eureka but realize I can only paint a picture of m...
Beccca | Eureka, CA | 2 Replies

- 1/19/2020
My ex-hometown
Well, I was born in Eureka in 1957. As a child I absolutely loved it there. There was plen...
Montana | Sula, MT | 1 Reply

- 6/13/2017
Mixed Bag
Cons-- Little economic opportunity, high property crime rates, limited healthcare services...
Stuey | Eureka, CA | 3 Replies

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