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Reviews for Redlands  based on 13 Reviews

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An honest review of Redlands - 3/13/2018
If you want an honest opinion of Redlands. This is the review for you. I'll address the social, crimes, negatives, and benefits of the city.

I've lived in predominantly Latino communities. I'm half Latino and White. I have no racial bias. I've lived throughout LA County my entire childhood as well, I know bad when I see it. Redlands is a great city currently going through a gentrification into a modern city. Unfortunately, population increase also means more crimes. The crimes are non-violent and primarily petty crimes from residents of neighboring cities that are not as prosperous (I'm looking at you San Bernardino).

When I first moved here, there was a lot of town people telling me the North or the South side was the evil side of town. Those saying this in 2018 seem to obviously have a tribalist mentality. We all live in the same city, it's our duty to ensure we prosper together. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Positives of North Read More

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Mayberry! - 3/13/2018
Redlands is absolutely amazing with the old Victorian homes in pride in its city...We are halfway between Palm Springs and Disneyland and can be at big bear or Lake arrowhead in a half hour to 45 minutes the only drawback are the summers are getting to be 110° daily in July August and September which is absolutely ridiculous other than that this hidden gem with mountain views and quaint atmosphere is heaven on Read More

We are about to move out of Redlands - 2/4/2017
We lived here for 28 years. I am 28 years old. My father has lived her longer than me.

My apartment complex just 10 years ago was diverse and mostly white. TODAY, there is maybe 1 or 2 out of the 100 homes in our apartment complex that are not latino. It's now all latino in a neighborhood predominantly white and diverse just 10 years ago. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I have nothing against latinos and get along just fine and is buddies with alot of them. I'm just mentioning how quick Redlands flipped ethnic demographics in my area. If you are latino this may be good news for you, if you are racist then Redlands may not be for you. I personally get along with latinos and I personally don't plan on having kids cause I don't care about putting more people of my race here.

As far as costs of living. I've done my research. Most of the apartments in Redlands are around 1350 a month for 2 bedroom. Which to me is expensive. I found numerous apartments in nearby Read More

Redlands CA` - 11/16/2015
Has long been called "the jewel of the Inland Empire." It has the feel of a small city, however, it now it much more congested than 20 years ago. Probably still one of the best cities to live in the Inland Empire area. Winter weather is very nice...snow in the nearby mountains during Jan-Feb. Summer is a bit brutal, unless you like it HOT. Cost of living is fairly high...but then it IS Southern Read More

Some good, some bad - 1/21/2012
I have lived in Redlands for more than 20 years. It is a very segregated city with the wealthier (and politically conservative) Caucasian people on the south side and lower income culturally diverse households on the north side of town. Not surpisingly, the money, power and political clout are in the hands of the southside residents. It takes money to live here and one better have two substantial household incomes to be able to afford the high housing and tax burdens. The place is getting more crowded too as City leaders have eschewed managed growth and sprawl by endorsing several big box stores to come into town. Traffic congestion is increasingly a problem, The climate is very nice for 8 months of the year, although the dry climate and burgeoning population will strain dependence on water. Wildfires in the surrounding communities are not uncommon. If you make a lot of money, then it is a good place to live with lots to do; i.e. cycling, jogging, farmer's markets, theaters, good Read More

Wonderful town - 5/1/2011
Redlands is a great small city. It has a great deal of historical value and a proud Read More

Upsides of Redlands - 7/31/2009
Not as crowded as Orange County and L.A. areas. Nice little slow-paced town with all the amenities off the beaten path and close to mountiain Read More

great place little costly - 2/5/2009
redlands is very nice but so cal. is a little more costly place to Read More

Redlands Is Unique. - 8/29/2008
Redlands is a snooty community--and it has a right to be so. It is beautiful. It is warm and hospitable, has a lot to do, and is proud of it's Read More

Redlands - Almost Perfect - 3/26/2008
Redlands, California is a great little city - not too big, not too small. Because of the amenities offered, it's virtually self-contained. Violent crime is very low, the schools are good, and Redlands is very family and community-oriented. My only criticism is that we have many HOT days in the summer, and smog. It has a rich history based on the citrus industry, with many beautiful, historical homes. The residents of Redlands have a tremendous pride in their hometown, whether they are a native, or have adopted it as their Read More

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