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Born here, left in 2011 - 4/14/2018
I was born and raised in San Diego. For Climate, it cannot be beat -- although it IS a lot more humid than it used to be. Don't be fooled by the July temperatures shown here. July is NOT the hottest month in Southern California! August and September are the hottest and sometimes October is too. Likewise, January is not the coldest month. Usually that is February and sometimes March.

San Diego is a great place if you are young, slim, and attractive. Finding a job there depends as much on that as on your abilities. Sometimes more. I'm a large woman, HIGHLY SKILLED and could not find a job for less than minimum wage -- and then only after many months of searching.

As others have said, the cost of living is high. And now thanks to Moonbeam AKA Governor Jerry Brown, it's even higher. One reviewer stated that San Diego was extremely conservative. I don't find that to be true. It's pretty middle of the road, leaning one way for awhile and then the other, but never Read More

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The most highly overrated city in America - 2/28/2018
I lived in San Diego for two years back in 2013-2014. When I moved there, I was received nicely. But, the longer I lived there--the more I hated living there. It's a beautiful city and all but it seems so depth. It lacks the culture and diversity that you'll find in Miami, a similar city. No real entertainment, nightlife and boring superficial people. It's sunny 24/7 most days, except during a few months out of year there's a raining season. The job market is worse. You are expected to look like a Vogue model to get a job bagging groceries. The jobs pay low for California living. Racism runs rapid against blacks, ultra conservatives, fundies bible-thumpers everywhere. Fake, backstabbing, smug types everywhere. This place is like a mirage---a beautiful city but with a darkness to it. It's something that's completely opposite of what you expect it to be. People judge you on your possessions, not your character... especially your clothes. You are not welcomed in most Read More

Beautiful climate, scenery; cost of living- bad - 12/22/2017
If you have money, few places in the US beat San Diego County. However, if you are young with a growing family and have a medium salary, you will be very frustrated that you cannot afford a home here.

The climate gets hotter the further you are from the Read More

Transplanted Midwesterner speaks - 10/30/2017
I've been living in San Diego for almost 18 years and I love it here. Sure, I'll never be able to buy a house, but I've lived all over the country and you get what you pay for: San Diego is the best. All kinds of people, beautiful and strange plants, the ocean, and any landscape you desire is nearby. Yes, traffic sucks but that's because everyone wants to be here! There's so much to do and see and people are great. I think the only thing that could run me off is the brutal Santa Anas. A week ago today, it was 100 degrees out. Who cares if it's a dry heat. It was absolutely brutal. Aside from that, the place is Read More

used to be nice - 10/17/2017
moved here in 1994, left in 2015. the town used to be pretty nice - not much on culture (still isn't), but great weather year round, great beaches. people are not very bright or cultured - there's a great gallery scene in LA but people move to Bland Diego to live a vacation, not to go to museums - they're much more likely to live at the gym. it more or less had a small town feel, with pretty vapid people (plus ex navy conservatives and mexican communities nearer the border, but people didn't mix much - you had the gung ho aging navy republicans on coranado, the meth heads in santee, gays in hillcrest, college kids in pacific beach, aging hippies in ocean beach, etc. - but it's not like they commingled) - plus it was much cheaper than LA, as the jobs just weren't there

what really screwed Bland Diego up, well a few things - first, they "revitalized downtown" which essentially consisted of dropping huge condo towers and a ballpark on the areas which had been mainly homeless Read More

Used to be a decent and livable city until........ - 7/16/2017
A San Diego native here since 1976, and it's a shame how messed up this city has become. It used to be decent and livable up until the beginning of 2000 until every 'out of stater' came in changing the face of San Diego for the worse.
Let's start with the weather. Unless you are rich enough to live in the coastal areas, be ready to endure 90 plus temperatures inland. With that, we are in a major drought, so water restrictions are in effect meaning your lawn is a rock garden or weeds and your car looks like it went through the Baja 5000 a day after being washed. Oh Yeah! You can't wash your car on your own; that is a fine here. You will be luck to get a total of 10 days of rain here for the year.
Don't believe San Diego has the best climate in the US!!
Next; job market. The market is decent only IF you look pretty/ handsome or mommy and daddy set you up. Yes! Male bosses here are 'skeeves' and only hire a pretty face to get in their pants!! Hiring middle age people Read More

Let's be serious - 5/19/2017
First some observations about comments by others: 1) "it's not like it used to be", really? it's changed since you grew up there in the 50's? imagine that. 2) "it's insanely expensive", you want cheap, you can't go somewhere other people actually want to be, duh. I hear Cleveland is quite reasonable. 3) "traffic is horrible", it is everywhere, get over it. 4) "the weather sucks", if you think year round temps in the low 70's then don't move here, or move back to Indiana. 5) "the people are mean to me", oh boo hoo. Remember that most people who post here are probably unlikable, unhappy losers. Harsh but true.

Now for some pros and cons, as someone who has lived in SD and plans to shortly move back:

Great weather, mild without any of the unbearable heat or humidity of the desert or the south. Also no winter, obviously.
Great beaches, much cleaner than LA's. And real beach towns to boot.
Strong job market.
The people. Not the Read More

Money Money Money - 5/4/2017
I first arrived in San Diego in 1977 with the Navy. "SD" has grown rapidly and continues to do so. Techies have begun to infiltrate the area and the cost of living will continue to rise. SD was affordable until 2012 but things are now out of control the past 5 years. The legalization of marijuana has also contributed to higher costs. Pot smell is everywhere. This is also the Meth capitol of the USA. Even mobile/manufactured home parks are increasing rent so high people are abandoning them. Nobody speaks to you unless you speak first or there is a earthquake or big fire. Good thing I am single and can move around the country because the writing is on the wall. Time to back up the moving truck! THIS IS NOT MY SAN DIEGO ANYMORE. Read More

Outhouse with Balloons - 4/22/2017
San Diego used to be a great place to live, but it has become extremely crowded and even more expensive. I've lived here for 22 years and can't wait to get out of here in two months. I'll break down why as follows:
Pros-Plenty to do (if you have money) and the weather is either mild, or blazing hot. If that's what you like, it's a pro. Decent restaurants, beaches, and close to LA and Mexico. Julian is nice if you like the mountains, and the apple pies are probably the best in the world-I'm not kidding.

Cons-Cost of living is outrageous. The cost of a 1 bedroom apartment in a safe (NOT UPPER CLASS) neighborhood is swiftly approaching the $2k mark, and they're all dumps and run down. Black mold seems to be the style, and that includes the $3k and up apartments in La Jolla, the ritziest part of town sans Del Mar. Speaking of, both of those areas have F-18 fighter jets screaming overhead all day, and there's always an odd smell in the air there (fertilizer?) Perhaps Read More

Use To Be Good - 1/27/2017
Lived here from 1954 --- 1997. First half was paradise - second half turned into a Puppy Dog Read More

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