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Not worth it - 6/10/2016
We moved here from Austin, TX with high hopes last summer. I sold my house which I did quite well on in Austin (well enough to start a new business), but, not well enough to buy a house in San Diego, or, pay California taxes.

We plan to move back to Austin this summer, but, other places I am considering are the Fort Lauderdale area (family there), Houston (home to me)!, and Portland, Oregon. I would love to hear input from other writers?

I am on my 3rd rental in San Diego. The 1st 2 were "Luxury" apartments which cost 2500 and 2600 per month and felt like Section 8 housing. Do not Ever rent an apartment from Irvine Property Management Company, you will be in for a nightmare! These buildings were so poorly constructed, I was constantly calling maintanence, the 2nd was filled with Black Mold and under the military flight path, the 1st I could hear my neighbors every step and conversations, I could even hear them sneeze! No city is worth it to pay this pricing Read More

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ghmh - 3/1/2016
gmhmh Read More
Emily | ,  | Reply | No Replies

This place has gone a long ways downhill since the - 1/6/2016
I visited San Diego in 1972, moved there in 1986 for a year and have moved here again in late 2015.
Short story is there are better places to live. I wanted to like this place very much but too many cons.
The weather is enjoyable especially if you come from a snowy climate. The beaches are nice although the water is pretty cold. There are quite a few things to do but San Diego is really an island, an expensive one too.
If you have a $100,000/yr job and your spouse works too, you can afford the housing costs. If you live in an apt, for some reason, people are stand offish and won't respond to a kind hello. This is to be expected for a large city though.
You have to drive north on a VERY crowded freeway on weekends to take in other cities such as San Clemente and such.
BUT there are things you can't deal with by throwing dollars at it like terrible traffic, rotten roads, rather unfriendly people Read More

Loving life! - 12/10/2015
Hi! The website is asking me for a review of San Diego, so I will.

I really wanted to write a review downing San Diego to discourage people from considering coming here, but I just can't do it. I'm 4th generation San Diego. My pops is a former Marine out of Camp Pendleton. We have roots here.

I grew up in SD and I love it here. I've lived other places, been to most of the states, through Mexico a lot, Canada, the UK. But I always com back here. Why? Because it's San Diego. If you live here or have visited, you get what I mean.

The thing is this... There has been a large influx of outsiders moving to San Diego, raising the price of everything, and acting like jerks. Lot's of folks come here and litter our beaches, then just go on back to wherever they are from and don't think twice.

I'd just like to say that if you are not from San Diego, or at LEAST from Southern CA. OR Baja CA. Mexico; please don't move here. Please don't even Read More

Completely Over Rated, insanely expensive for a se - 11/15/2015
If you are tempted to move to San Diego I would recommend you think
long and hard about it first. The options for great restaurants is terrible, the quality of food and housing is terrible, housing is tract garbage with completely obnoxious HOA rules and regulations and terrorist living within those communities who love to make your life a living hell. Renting an apartment is living in a tiny box for insanely high rent, and for some reason has an incredible amount of rude and uncaring people. I cannot understand the lack of respect people have for one another here. All I can come up with is that many people here have been raised to be selfish and hateful. If you are nice to kids and let them visit they label you a "child predator" (I am actually not using the real disgusting term they use) What I am saying is the truth.
HOA laws are backed by all predator attorneys who only support HOA terrorism as a rule, so should you need to fight back on abusive tactics there will be Read More

San Diego is highly overrated - America's Finest C - 10/24/2015
Relo from So Florida // one year in San Diego // the place is way overrated and does not have the 'best weather in the country' // the city is very dirty and run down and overrun with homeless people everywhere // real estate is very expensive and not very good value, dollar for dollar // can be very dull and monotonous and people do not have a good old east coast sense of humor - folks seem repressed and a bit passive.agressive and the 'flakiness' is chronic (rude!) - it feels like Stepford & Ground Hog Day combined..... can't wait to leave and move Read More

recreation - 10/21/2015
lots of things to do for singles and families but very expensive to live Read More

Every day is picnic day - 10/8/2015
This has been one of the most beautiful cities to live in with a very temperate climate. Unfortunately, the cost of living is pretty high and challenging for young people starting out or older people retiring. San Diego has some of the most beautiful beaches and living near the ocean has been Read More

Southern California - 8/29/2015
Southern California is "pretty" but at a cost. The place is a desert and artificially made green. If you are looking for a place with trees, green grass, and full of wildlife other than snakes. Look Read More

San Diego - 8/17/2015
San Diego is a terrific place to work and live as long as you have an education or a good skill. Cost of housing is high as are all the basics. Lots of recreation and off work activities and the weather is generaly superb. People are friendly and you dont find the pretentious assholes you find in LA or NYC. People are into their activities and families. Read More

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