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Weather Is Best Everything Else Horrible
Star Rating - 7/24/2018
Mike of Santee review is spot on. I’ve lived here my entire life and just sold our house in Carmel Valley and I’m counting the days before I get out of here. I’ve hated living here the last 5 years.

Traffic is horrendous. It’s not just during the commute but it’s all hours of the day now. All major freeways are parking lots at all hours. The Los Angelesation of San Diego is complete. Why not? Developers own SD. They are in cahoots with city officials who only care about tax revenue and don’t care how it impacts current residents. Most new commercial projects have apartments attached to them. Really. Expect more cars, more people going forward.

Honestly, I don’t know who would want to live here now. Cost of living is off the chart. Highest taxes in the US. Highest gasoline prices in the US. Weather is good though. Better enjoy that because you’ll be fighting people for everything you do here.

Give me San Diego of 15-20 years ago and I’d consider staying buy now? Can’t wait to leave. If you’re thinking of moving here, have your head examined because this place blows.
Rick | Woodmoor, CO
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Weather is not good. It's the same every day. The same every day is not good, it's boring. Sunny and 70. Boring boring boring. LA same thing sunny and 70 sunny and 70 now more like sunny and 80 but same principle. I'll take the rain, the clouds, the snow, the leaves changing in fall, a winter snowfall a hot day followed by a cool day followed by a cold day followed by a rainy day… Any day over the sameness and drudgery of San Diego whether. Change of scenery/change of clothing/just change or change sake. The weather is droll and uninteresting a lot like the people. Yes I'm an arrogant northeastern New Yorker. I know you hate us but most of us up here feel the same way. Gave California a shot for a long while. Good job as a doctor but never could make enough money to live well. Everyone has said it already but it's true, it's overrated and overpriced. I've lived in several European cities, Vienna, Oslo Stockholm Sweden, expensive but worth it. These are real cities in every sense of the word not conservative backwards thinking Christian scientist meets hoards of border jumpers.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV
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