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A once beautiful city now ruined - 1/27/2020
A legendary city that has deliberately ruined itself. Over the past fifteen years it has become overrun by homeless and the associated rats and human waste in the streets. The billionaire tech titans walk around them to get into their offices. The cost of housing is the highest in the country, but that doesn't mean people need to live in the streets. They live in the streets because the local politicians actually encourage it! The city provides free needles to use illegal drugs, does not provide mental health services for those who need them, and allows the shiftless and the lazy to deem themselves "street people" and simply live on the sidewalks. Police are instructed not to worry about things like auto break-ins or burglaries because those are "quality of life issues" and only affect people who have jobs, so don't matter. The politicians do everything they can to encourage homelessness and drive out the people who pay taxes and are now unable to use parks or feel safe on public Read More

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A beautiful world class city. - 1/10/2020
S.F. is absolutely gorgeous. It has beautiful views, interesting places to go, and some of the best food in the world. I've always suspected that one had to be brain damaged to be right wing and the other reviews are proof. S.F. has a booming economy and put more into the U.S. economy than they take out -- as opposed to the "taker states" more of which are "red". Oh, so THAT'S what she meant by Read More

It used to be a great city. - 10/29/2019
I first moved the city in the late 70's. It was a great place then. Friendly, creative people, relatively peaceful, and of course beautiful. There was a great vibe going on. But now! I've been back to live there maybe a dozen times, and each time it just got more expensive while offering less, and the city I once knew is now totally destroyed by greed. People moan about the liberals, but it's about corruption and ineptitude really. The liberals that are still there, and there's not many, constantly fight among themselves. There is NO consensus between no one, especially on important things like the homeless, crime, traffic, all that. The police have been a disaster with their so called "containment" policy, and folks, they have been doing this for going on half a century! Their policy of cramming all the drug addicts and assorted criminals into the Tenderloin and allowing them to do what they want with impunity is insane. Besides, what sort of message does that send to the rest of Read More
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Playground for the elite and the hapless - 9/2/2019
Typical city with democrats at the podium. If you enjoy mixing the high-income elite, mixed with traffic gridlock, daily crime, gangs, homeless people defecating and urinating in public, business people who cannot communicate using the English language, illegal aliens, and governmental non-support for law enforcement agencies and ICE, it's a great place. There is no place for the middle class American to survive in a meaningful way here. You may add San Fran pandering to criminals, drug addicts and alcoholics more than they do ethical business owners. Overpopulation and exorbitant housing prices are a plus as well, if you are into that. This left coast city taxes at will and forces unconstitutional state laws upon their citizens and disregards federal laws. It's a sickly community. Stay away, or you may catch the liberal cult Read More

Poopers Delight - 7/31/2019
An outdoorsy "Poopers Paradise". Techno Geek millennial Hipster nerds love it. Diner's with a window seat at the ever diminishing San Francisco eateries, not so Read More

Okay - 7/3/2019
It's pretty okay there. I went there to visit Pier 39, Coit Tower, and Alcatraz. Those places were pretty great, although traffic sucks. I spent about an hour that day on the Golden Gate Bridge. It also makes me really sad when I see homeless Read More

San Francisco ZERO quality of life (Not kidding) - 3/9/2019
Lived here in San Francisco for 8 years now, and fed up with the whole city. I was lured in by a high salary and position at a tech company. I grew up poor in a small town so it sounded good. I work in tech sector and have a pretty high paying job and I find rentals and mostly anything too high priced. So I dont know how anyone working a regular job like retail even makes it.

What does it tell you when the highest paid jobs in the city are at the city’s department of retirement services and the sheriff’s department. (it tells you that the city is corrupt and self serving.) Liberals have not only ruined San Francisco but California altogether, its a shame since its a beautiful state.

This is evident by the now famous amount of bums we have in the city and the needles and drug paraphernalia littering the parks and sidewalks at every turn. The place is akin to a 3rd orld country (likely worse). bum population is disgustingly high and crime ridden.
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Unreal - 6/14/2018
Drug needles all over the place. Homeless all over the place. Democrats stole public employees retirement funds. They put illegals like ms 13 over citizen. Yet sick pos democrats keep voting criminals into office. Read More

sometimes warm often breezy --rarely too hot - 5/17/2014
the City craves the hot weather but falls apart after two day, nobody can sleep they get bit to death by mosquitos at night when they open there windows for air and finally on the 3rd the blessed fog rolls and life goes back to Read More

nice - 2/15/2014
nice Read More

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