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Do a lot of research before moving here! - 5/6/2019
If you are considering moving to Denver because you think it's the "promised land" please read this review and others like it before moving. I have lived in and around the surrounding Denver area for 8 years now. The incredibly dramatic change just in the last 5 years has overall not been for the better. The traffic here is unreal, it usually runs 7 days a week and the city just cannot handle the amount of people on its roads. It makes everything so much more difficult, outside of a couple mile radius from your home. The smallest infraction on the freeway can set you back hours in delays, as well as in the mountains. The cost of everything is very expensive, especially home ownership and renting for a landlocked city, where the median income is around $51k and average house cost is closer to $500k, sometimes for a below average home. Just going out to enjoy a restaurant or movie becomes a task that sucks the joy right out of it. Crime goes up every year overall, 16th street mall Read More

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I don't necessarily recommend moving here... - 4/27/2019
I am a Denver native and lived here most of my life. I have watched the city change considerably in my lifetime and not really for the better in my opinion. I am planning to leave the city very soon because I don't care for how big it has gotten. I will try to break it down the pros and cons of living here.

The pros:
The mountains. For those who enjoy outdoor activities the mountains are right there for your enjoyment (as well as everyone else so be prepared for a minimum 2 hour drive to find solitude)

Sports. Denver has become a model sports city. Every major sport has a Denver home team. Lots of radio (and some tv) spectrum dedicated to getting you all the stats and opinions you could want.

Plenty of activities and venues. If your looking to see your favorite band live in concert, chances are very good they will make a Denver stop. There are some good theatrical productions that pass through and comedy as well. There are some museums, Read More

CO can be deadly if you have bipolar/depression - 4/15/2019
I don't know where to even begin with this city. I don't want to bash it, but I want to summarize why it's not for me. For many, it's a fabulous place. I grew up in South Carolina. Lived in Myrtle Beach and Charleston for 10 years. Lived in Florianopolis Brazil for 6 months. I graduated college and was laid off from my first professional job four months into it. I ended up back in minimum wage jobs and knew there was no opportunity in the southeast for me. I also wanted a change. I started looking for somewhere in the midwest because it was completely different from what I grew up with, jobs seemed to be fairly plentiful, and you always hear about the low cost of living. Originally I was looking at Omaha but people urged me to look at Colorado. I was hesitant because I always heard Colorado was expensive, but I decided to check it out. Turned out Denver was just as expensive as Charleston SC had gotten and it supposedly was a fabulous place to live with a fantastic job market. So I Read More

Denver - A Dangerous Disappointment - 3/30/2019
I am a Colorado native of almost 50 years who is packing my bags to leave! It's such a disappointment to live in Denver anymore, especially within the last two years. Why?

1. The crime. My office was burgled a year and a half ago. Six weeks ago, my garage was broken into and a few weeks after that, someone tried to break into my apartment with a crowbar. I live in one of the nicer areas near Cherry Creek in a gated community. My neighbors have had their garages and cars broken into. You will also notice signs along Speer warning people not to leave their cars running unattended while warming them up in the winter because of high incidents of auto theft. I will not walk alone at night here anymore, and neither will any of my friends. It's too risky. And I'm selling my bike because I don't want to ride it alone down the Cherry Creek path like I've done for many years because of the sketchy characters roaming around there now.

2. The drug addicts. They're Read More

There was a time. Not anymore. - 3/18/2019
I am a 57 year old native of Denver that CANNOT wait to leave. But I have to stay since my mother lives here and is 85 and is not moving anywhere else. So I can at least vent some of my frustration here with a city that was once the coolest city and best kept secret in the country; I city I once bragged about and cherished.

So here are the top reasons I despise Denver followed by the top things that are pretty cool about Denver.
First the bad:
We solved our pollution problem from the 80's and then had some of the best air in the country for a couple decades but the dreaded brown cloud is back again. and probably for good.
It has become unbearable. People drive like absolute moronic idiotic unbelievable crazed lunatics. NEVER, and I mean NEVER pull away fast at the green light as there will ALWAYS be two or three cars running the red light coming the other way. This one tip should save someones life on Read More

Used to love it - 3/5/2019
Moved here 5 years ago because of family. Visited several times and loved it in the past. Still loved it the first 2 years. Now, I am planning on leaving in the next 2 years. Cost of living is way to high. Every place for rent is marketed as Luxury , and is far from it. Accidents on a constant. We are on our 3rd car since moving here in 2014. Both cars were hit and totaled because people don't care. Speeding, cutting you off, etc. It's ridiculous. Friendly people are hard to find and it's difficult to make " real" friends. I am also sick of winter weather. This year has been brutal. Growth can be good, but sometimes with it comes more bad than good.  Read More

Large size hail storms have become way too common - 2/21/2019
I moved to Denver almost 20 years ago for the arid climate and sunshine. However, now that I M retired I can no longer tolerate the bitter cold winter days or the awful hail filled summers. When it rains in the summer it almost certainly turns to hail and can be very terrifying. I've had both a car and my roof destroyed by hail. It is often golf ball size and can be terrifying if you are caught driving in it. Heaven help U if you are walking with no shelter. I am going to start carrying a helmet with me when there is even a chance of precipitation. Looking for a new city to relocate Read More

2007 fast forward to 2019!!! - 2/4/2019
Immensely desirable City back in 2007 which is when I relocated to Denver. I was incredibly optimistic -
tolerable traffic, accommodating housing market, friendly citizens. Fast forward ten years: horrendous traffic, terrible housing market not to mention that gentrification has indeed created economic value - but has ultimately destroyed affordability due to the relentless influx of transplanted undergrad goofballs with Subaru’s (no subjective feelings regarding subbies)! For a landlocked state, Colorado is quite overpriced and It appears that everyone who is 5 minutes into deep thought will inevitably start some new brewery, dispensary, or trendy named gluten-based restaurant processing orders containing language that my 2 year old will understand. Dating is interesting as with most of it in the digital age. Everyone seems perplexed by the organic approach, you’re best bet is to result back to the yearbook. The good ole days. Nightlife is a Downtown infested mixture of Read More

I'm Sure There's Worse Places - 2/1/2019
Born here and been here for most of my life. Trying to write a real review here but also want to vent...
If you move here with lots of money and a spouse it may be fine...
If you are trying to start a life this is the worst place!
Dating scene is dismal-- more guys than women. Everyone is stressed out because of the horrible cost of living so no time anyway for relationships.
The weather sucks; winter is LONG and miserable with dirty snow and ice and dirty air and diesel fumes and car wrecks and slip and fall injuries. When summer finally comes it just gets HOT and brown.
There's not much to do except get drunk/high/eat.
The mountains are all propaganda-- hours of I-70 traffic and when you get where you're going there's no parking! Coming home will be another traffic jam and you will wish you just stayed home!
The bums are everywhere and very aggressive. I live in a decent area but 3 days ago a bum attacked a woman at the light-rail Read More

They Will Wreck You - 1/16/2019
I've lived in DTC, Aurora and Centennial the last 5 years in Denver.
When I first came, I loved it, loved all the hiking and the friendly Coloradoans.
Sadly this all quickly changed.
I read countless other reviews saying "if you haven't been in a wreck you will be when you move to Denver.".... THIS IS TOO TRUE! BEWARE x_x I was hit from behind by an unlicensed illegal immigrant, it changed my life and body forever.
Traffic is worse and worse every day. every day o_o!
The heart of the city is FULL of heroin addicts with blood dripping from their track marks, there are also plenty of Bloods and Cryps gang members lurking around downtown. My sister in law barely missed a man with blood running down his arm from track marks, what a way to welcome family to Denver!

The road grid is straight stupid.
People drive the worst I've ever seen, I've lived in FL, CA, NY and CO.... at least in CA you know to go fast and be agressive. People will Read More

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