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Transition from cowtown to urbanity has spoiled it - 12/8/2018
Retired last summer and decided to pack it up and move out of state after living a lifetime of 60 years around the Denver metro corridor. Change is a beneficial thing, except when growth is poorly planned with respect to infrastructure, environmental impact and quality of life. Years ago, Gov. Roy Romer (D) basically promised he would throw the doors wide open and boy, did he ever.

1. Climate is wonderful. You never know what you are going to get. The weather forecasters get it wrong quite a bit. Expect a period of blast furnace heat in summer (100+ degrees F) and a bit of bitter, squeaky-snow cold in winter(- 0 degrees F) aka Stock Show weather in January. Air is very dry and people tend to suffer extended cold symptoms, bloody noses and headaches after moving in. Staying hydrated will help all that. Snow doesn’t stay around long on the flats, but expect 9+ months of winter if you go higher up. In metro area expect wind to the west and north of town, more Read More

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DENVER CO, an EXCELLENT city in all regards - 8/11/2018
Hello, I have reviewed this website. There are many negative comments. But overall, I give Denver 5 stars

1. It's among a small number of USA cities with a population above 500,000 where the non-Hispanic white population is above 50%. It's 54% in 2016. The population age 25 and over. 29% had a bachelors degree and 12.5% masters. Check the American Factfinder website. Its population is highly educated, young, and knowledgeable. You can talk about anything
2. It has a large Hispanic population which comprises 30% of the total population and 80% of that is Mexican. It's very easy to find cheap labor for construction, lawn work, many trades and many works, housekeeping, maintenance, or anything, They speak English often good and many speak Spanish well. So if you want some Spanish conversation, come to Denver.
3. Homes are quality. Most homes, apartments, or condos are big, quality, spacious, and decent. Rarely will you find something super old, run Read More

Ordinary city, doesn't live up to the hype... - 7/30/2018
I lived in Denver from 2006-2012 and found it to be a pretty average city with some distinct pluses and minuses.

-It's a young city full of the kind of positive energy that young people bring to a community
-It has some great older city neighborhoods full of character
-It has a very large airport that makes it relatively cheap to fly almost anywhere in the US
-Politically, Colorado is a pretty mixed state, so you'll be able to find some like-minded folks and you'll also run into folks on the other side who can help you avoid remaining inside a political bubble
-There are tons of jobs as companies flee to CO in search of tax credits, cheap labor and (relatively) less expensive housing for their employees
-If you like winter sports, the mountains await you

-The winters SUCK. The cold is not as severe or as prolonged as Minnesota or North Dakota, but you'd better be ready for days where the HIGH Read More

Overrated - 7/22/2018
I moved here 8 years ago from Tampa, and my love for this metro has completely grown cold. To begin with, I will focus on the positive. Colorado has gorgeous mountains, and they line the west edge of the Denver area, offering numerous opportunities to explore nature. Colorado as a whole offers a decent variety of geographical wonders to discover for yourself, peppered with different styles of picturesque mountain towns throughout.

Unfortunately, the negatives outweigh the positives.

First, you must love winter, and when I say love, I mean, not just tolerate it, but love it. And by winter, I don't just mean the dead of winter when it's in the teens and snows, I mean the lingering effects of winter that appear as early as October and last as late as May. This includes the snow, but also the ugly, brown and grey dormancy which is apparent from October to May. The problem with the snow along the front range is it has a way of crashing the other seasons, Read More

Sad to witness - 7/13/2018
I grew up in Colorado and moved back from Seattle after the Dotcom bust. Denver was a a quiet urban oasis with great restaurants + plentiful jobs + and proximity to the mountains. It was a dream... a dream that too many people shared. With heavy hearts we moved on earlier this year to preserve our health and sanity. Not saying where because, no offense, but it’s great and we don’t want to give anyone ideas about coming here.

First of all, Denver stinks, and I mean it smells bad. The smog and forest fire soot in the air actually leave a thin black coating that covers everything, including your lungs. And the smog is no wonder because traffic has become outrageous (this is coming from someone who lived in Seattle, remember). Public transportation is an absolute joke—whether no not the light rail is running is actually a running joke on a local news station. So you and everyone else must drive. Everywhere. Always. Plenty of Denver’s recent transplants are obviously new to Read More

I have questions?!! - 5/4/2018
I'm a 30 year old, married woman. I'm covered in tattoos, I have two dog. I worked in restaurants/bars for 10 years. for now I work as a bank teller, until my doggy daycare business picks up more.I currently live in Seattle, I am from Washington state. I want to move away in a few years, and Denver was my number one pick. My main reasoning for moving away is the fact that Seattle is covered in homeless people and filth. I had a homeless try to sleep in my garbage area, and the cops told me they cant remove him because my garbage area is TECHNICALLY public property, even though it is gated and pushed in behind my building. My husband wants to move because he hates the influx of unsocial tech people. He's not convinced Denver is much better.After reading these reviews, I'm loosing faith, but I was really hoping to move to a place that still out-door activities to offer, that's not a desert. we are narrowing the search down to a couple cities and then visiting them all. I'm just curious Read More

its not that bad.. - 3/17/2018
good restaurants, alot of inexpensive things to do, people are overall pretty friendly, but its hard to make friends to hang out with. traffic is not any worse than anywhere else. downtown and capitol hill get crazy at night, arvada, buckley/quincy area is pretty chill. most of the white trash is up north in thornton/westminster and the thugs in the montbello/green valley ranch area. cost of living has gone up, but its gone up everywhere. winters are mild, summers are awesome. Read More

Don't listen to the Garbage - know the facts - 3/12/2018
I constructively disagree with the person from Philly who says "don't listen to the reviews." Believe me, listen to it, because it's been consistent for 10 years on this forum and not a lot has changed. Moving forward:

1. Denver is filled with White Trash from everywhere, but especially the Midwest looking to get out of awful winters. That I respect, but maybe try not being a "Passive Aggressive" a-hole redneck loser? Maybe try it?

2. Denver ppl hate on CA and the Northeast. They won't tell you that, but that's an insult from people from the coasts. It's upsetting to all walks of life who move here with a "big city mentality." God, I love to see you hicks fit into where I live in Los Angeles. Go back to Iowa!

3. Dating market sucks and (I called it) just got rated as the worst place to date in the country. Well, I knew that moving in, guess I'll go back and say F-U (already did, rather fart in your face than put up with your passive aggressive Read More

Denver is crowded and high crime. - 3/10/2018

Ive been in SW Denver Sep 2017-March 2018 for 6 months staying at friends home to see if want to live here, my wage as spa receptionist is 10.25 hr, average 30-35 hrs weekly. At 575.00 bi weekly net there is no way as a single I can pay for a decent apt with gym or pool that runs 1275.00 month. Even if I had a roomate to split one bedroom rent I still could not pay the half rent 640.00. WAGES ARE LOW AND RENT IS HIGH IN DENVER.

Food & gas is high, the wind is bitter cold, you will spend money for coats, snow boots, hat & gloves, snow brush, you will budget extra time removing snow from your auto, sometimes with a broom, extra time is needed to warm up car & drive in snow, all stresfull.

First job was retail, 10.25 hr mngr used me to do stockroom work no other emoloyees would do at low pay for strenuous work, she would not file accident report when my back was hurt, boxes were constantly piled up in front of fire exit, among other OSHA violations, co Read More

These Reviewers Don't Listen to Them - 2/27/2018
There are people on here trashing Denver that have not lived here long enough to do such a thing. This is a great city and there is a lot to do. I moved out here in 1998 from the Philadelphia area with nothing. I got married here, I had my son here, I got my career here, and I meant great people that I am still friends with to this day.

I am not going to ramble on about how it used to be, but I will talk about the present. I have lived in Capital Hill, 5 Points, downtown, Englewood, and now near the Tech Center. I would say I am qualified to talk about Denver. So here we go.

The good

The weather is freaking awesome compared to back East. If you like sun, moderate temperatures (all 4 seasons), low humidity, and vast open scenery -- this is the place. Like they say. If you don't like the weather in Colorado, wait a few hours. The people are cool and for the most part and chill. People seem to not get in your business, and just want to Read More

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