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Overall, a Good Place to Live - 6/19/2016
Like any place, Pueblo West has its pros and cons. Having lived here for 7 years, I feel qualified to give an honest assessment on the quality of life here.

Overall, it's a very nice place to live. The cost of living is very reasonable, it's generally peaceful and quiet, the views of the distant mountains are awesome, traffic congestion is almost non-existent, and the crime rate is quite low (especially the violent crime rate). The schools are highly rated, the air and water are clean, local shopping is adequate and much more shopping is available in nearby Pueblo, 90% of the lots are large (at least 1 acre), which provides "elbow room" and reasonable privacy. There is a large state park and reservoir abutting the south border of Pueblo West, which provides water, hiking, and bicycling opportunities. The climate is relatively mild, with 4 distinct seasons, which allows for outdoor activities almost every day of the year (although some summer days can be Read More

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Weather - 1/24/2012
Most people thing winter in Colorado is cold and snowy, but here in Pueblo West (that's just west of Pueblo) we are kept warmer because of the mountains, when we have a west to northwest wind. Over all a great place to live, we love Read More

Temps reported are from Airport NOT near Pueblo We - 5/8/2011
I have lived in Pueblo West many years and always knew Pueblo West was hotter than Pueblo doe to many reasons that seemed logical such as fewer trees, further from river valley, higher elevation (but not high enough to cool it), and soil type. The snow melts faster, the temps on news will not be what you see at bank or your own window thermometer. etc.

People should realize if looking up historical info on weather that almost all is taken from Pueblo airport which is on the east side of Pueblo while Pueblo West is a few miles to West of Pueblo (name kinda gives it away haha). People should also consider that I and others believe the airport temp readings are not reliable either. For example they report by tenths of degree yet when I looked back to a heat wave one year they show 5 days straight of exactly 100.0 for max temp. If you know anything about temp then you realize how unlikely that is. you may have 5a days at 100, but all at 100.0 is quite unbelievable. I suspect Read More

Utilities - 5/1/2011
Seems like it is very hard to find actual rates anywhere for any city. Most people have no clue how to read a utility bill and the utilities disguise charges. Well, in Pueblo West there are good and bad.
Garbage is done by private companies which makes it usually cheaper than most cities. I pay $15 per month but use my own container. The driver brings can back up to house when it is empty (not all companies do).
Electric is $8 service fee every month plus $0.13952 per KWH. That is higher than average of about 10 cents per KWH. For an average family it could mean $30 higher bill per month.
Water is supplied by Pueblo West and is about average at $7.95 monthly service fee plus $3.62 per 1000 gallons but rate typically increases for high usage. We use average of 5000 gallons per month. Most people use more than that.
Sewer on acreages is septic and very nice to have no bill for that. Septic systems are VERY easy and cheap to maintain and MOST situations of having Read More

Great weather, Dusty, Quiet but military noise - 1/28/2011
It can be windy but far from how bad most people make it out to be. Have lived hear many years and never seen a scorpion so person who said that it very very 'special'. The very few tornados that ever occur right here are so weak you cam shake hands with them. It is almost always sunny and being high elevation the sun can be intense even when only 85 degrees. Today it is January 28th and 66 degrees at 12:30 pm. The one thing people neglect to mention is it is very very dusty here especially if you live in West or North areas where all homes are on 1 acre lots or larger and there are many empty lots. That does lead to it being very quiet though and little traffic. You will get noise from military with low flying aircraft and artillery firings. It isn't every day, but some days it can seem irritating if you are sensitive to noise. The artillery can just barely vibrate windows and sounds like someone closing door somewhere in house which takes a bit to get used to. The low fly overs are Read More

be grateful to live in pueblo west - 7/22/2010
i read some of the negative comments some people wrote like no jobs in pueblo, well really there are no jobs anywhere else, i suppose if you can retire in pueblo west or be able to afford raising a family in pueblo west then you are privilaged, you have to be a person owning a bussiness, or retiring and have money, and their are people who have money God Bless them for they are fortunate people to be able to reside in pueblo west colorado, it is healthy, and dry heat, nice weather all year, good schools compared to other states, pueblo west is going to flourish even more one day for it has become a desirable community, land is nice and homes are nice, tell others about this community to settle in pueblo Read More

Easy Living - 7/10/2010
My husband and I moved to Pueblo West two years ago. We had moved to Parker, CO, after he retired, thinking we wanted to be close to all the amenities that Denver offered. We loved the area but were frustrated in the choice of homes in our price range. We also got tired of fighting the traffic and crowds.
While searching for homes on the Internet I found several in Pueblo West that were attractive and affordable. Our home is a ranch style, stucco, with an unfinished basement, on an acre of land. I like this area because all the homes are unique and different. We aren't in a cookie cutter neighborhood where everything looks the same. People here are friendly, helpful, and hard working. The crime rate is low and utilities are reasonable.
It is hot (100+ degrees in the summer) so you have to put in a drip system and pay attention to your yard if you want anything to grow. If you are looking for a lush, green place with lots of trees, this is not it. We are on the Read More

Living in Pueblo West - 9/30/2009
I've been in Pueblo West for about 5 years. I love it. Retired and moved from Denver. It's a great place for retirement. Cost of living is much less than Denver. Most of the home lots are one acre so you have some breathing room. People here are very friendly. Pueblo has two large hospitals, arts center, museums, good restaurants and the RiverWalk downtown. If you want something more in a big city, Colorado Springs is just 45 minutes up the road. I think Pueblo West is the best kept secret in Read More

Pros and Cons from someone who's lived here 2 year - 1/26/2008
Having relocated here in the past two years, let me give you a list of pros and cons about Pueblo West:


Close to recreation, Pueblo Reservoir is gorgeous and has camping, boating and swimming all at very reasonable costs;
Mild winters with very little snow;
No humidity;
Housing is very affordable;
Lower property taxes than most other places;
Shopping close and convenient;
People living here are laid back and relaxed;
Retail stores and people are moving here and the community is growing.

If you want a job that pays decent money and is not in the retail sector, you will need to commute the 40+ miles to Colorado Springs. Most jobs here pay $8-$12 an hour unless you can find something in sales;
The wind - it gets windy a LOT here. TOO windy;
Scorpions - little brown ones that get into your house and nothing kills them;
School system needs improvement - 2/3 of my daughter's Read More

A Great Place to live - 8/11/2007
I have lived in Pueblo West for 28 years, the growth over the past 7 years is incredible. Most of the homes are built on one acre lots. The best thing about our area is crime is low, schools are excellent with smaller classes than you see in larger areas. The community of Pueblo and Pueblo West is welcoming and friendly to visitors and each other. It is a wonderful place to live and raise a Read More

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1067 W Camino Al Cielo Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

440 E Maher Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 2

566 N Canvas Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 2

242 S Siesta Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

25 E McCulloch Blvd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1880 W Escalante Ct
Bed 2 | Bath 2

380 N Hayden Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 4


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