Miami, Florida 

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Name Grades Type Rating
"Jesse J. McCrary, Junior Elementary School"PK - 05Regular3
"RAMZ Academy 6-8 Middle, Miami Campus"06 - 08Regular6
AA Children's Academy IIPK - KGPrivate
Abundant Life Christian Learning Center New JerusaPK - 05Private
Academir Charter School Middle06 - 08Regular5
Academir Charter School WestKG - 05Regular9
Academy of Arts and Minds09 - 12Regular5
Ada Merritt K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular9
Advance Christian AcademyKG - 12Private
Advantage Academy Santa FeKG - 05Regular7
Agenoria S Paschal Olinda Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Aktiv Learning AcademyKG - 03Private
Alberto's Dream Childcare and Learning CenterPK - KGPrivate
Alexander Montessori SchoolPK - 05Private
Allapattah Middle School06 - 08Regular2
Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High Biscayne Bay Campus09 - 12Regular6
Alpha Charter of ExcellenceKG - 05Regular2
Alternative Outreach ProgramKG - 12Alternative Education
American High School Academy09 - 12Private
Amikids Miami-Dade North06 - 12Alternative Education
Amikids Miami-Dade South06 - 12Alternative Education
Andover Middle School06 - 08Regular4
Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School09 - 12Private
Archbishop Curley Notre DAME High School06 - 12Private
Archimedean AcademyKG - 05Regular10
Archimedean Middle Conservatory06 - 08Regular10
Archimedean Upper Conservatory09 - 12Regular10
Arcola Lake Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Arvida Middle School06 - 08Regular8
Aspira Arts DECO Charter06 - 08Regular3
Atlantis AcademyUG - UGPrivate
Auburndale Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
Aventura Waterways K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular8
Bamby's Day Care CenterPK - 01Private
Banyan Behavioral Health Systems06 - 12Alternative Education
Banyan Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular9
Beacon College PreparatoryKG - 05Regular
Belen Jesuit Prep. School06 - 12Private
Ben Gamla Charter SchoolKG - 08Regular8
Bent Tree Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
Beyond Expectations AcademyKG - 12Private
Biotech@Richmond Heights 9-12 High School09 - 12Regular
Biscayne Gardens ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Blue Lakes Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular7
BOLA Childcare Learning CenterPK - Tr01Private
Booker T. Washington Senior High09 - 12Regular4
Bowman ASHE Doolin K-8 AcademyPK - 08Regular6
Bridgeprep Academy Interamerican CampusKG - 08Regular4
Bridgeprep Academy of Greater MiamiKG - 05Regular5
Bridgeprep Academy of Village GreenKG - 08Regular7
Bridgeprep Academy SouthKG - 07Regular9
Bridgeprep PreparatoryKG - 08Private
Broadmoor Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Brownsville Middle School06 - 08Regular2
Brucie Ball Educational CenterPK - 12Special Education3
Bumble Bee Daycare Learning CenterPK - 02Private
Calusa Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular10
Calusa Preparatory SchoolPK - 12Private
Caribbean Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Carrie P. Meek Westview K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular3
Cattoira Montessori SchoolPK - 05Private
Center of Life Academy02 - 12Private
Champs Brickell LLCPK - KGPrivate
Chapman Partnership Early Childhood Center NPK - PKRegular
Charles R Drew K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular3
Charles R Hadley Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Charles R. Drew Middle School06 - 08Regular3
Charter High School of the Americas09 - 12Regular
Children S Rainbow Day SchoolPK - 08Private
Childrens Creative Learning Center At FIUPK - KGPrivate
Childrens ResourcesPK - 04Private
Christian Learning Center IIPK - 06Private
Christian Montessori Children's House Inc.PK - KGPrivate
Christina M. Eve Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular9
Christopher Columbus High School09 - 12Private
Citrus Grove Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Citrus Grove Middle School06 - 08Regular2
Clara Mohammed SchoolPK - 08Private
Claude Pepper Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Coconut Grove Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Coconut Grove Montessori School - Main CampusPK - 04Private
Colonial Drive Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
Comstock Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Conchita Espinosa AcademyPK - 08Private
Concordia Lutheran SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Cope Center North06 - 12Alternative Education2
Coral Park Christian AcademyPK - 06Private
Coral Park Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular10
Coral Reef Montessori Academy CharterPK - 08Regular7
Coral Reef Senior High School08 - 12Regular9
Coral Terrace Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
Coral Villa Christian AcademyPK - 02Private
Coral Way K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular6
Crisda AcademicsUG - UGPrivate
Cushman SchoolPK - 08Private
Cypress Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular6
D.A. Dorsey Technical College09 - 12Vocational Education
Dante B. Fascell Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
David Fairchild Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular9
Debbie SchoolPK - 02Private
Design and Architecture Senior High09 - 12Regular10
Devon AIRE K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular9
District Instructional Center (Dic)KG - 12Regular
District Summer Center BKG - 12Regular
District Summer Center CKG - 12Regular
District Summer Center DKG - 12Regular
District Summer Center EKG - 12Regular
District Summer Center GKG - 12Regular
District Summer Center HKG - 12Regular
District Summer Center JKG - 12Regular
District Summer Center KKG - 12Regular
District Summer Center LKG - 12Regular
District Summer Center MKG - 12Regular
Dorothy M. Wallace Cope Center06 - 12Alternative Education2
Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School2 - 2Regular
Downtown Miami Charter SchoolPK - 06Regular6
Dr. Carlos J. Finlay ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Dr. Gilbert L. Porter Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Dr. Henry W. Mack West Little River K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular3
Dr. John A McKinney Christian AcademyKG - 06Private
Dr. Manuel C. Barreiro Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Dr. Michael M. KROP Senior High09 - 12Regular6
E.W.F. Stirrup Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
Earlington Heights Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Early Beginnings Academy Civic CenterPK - 02Regular7
Easter Seals Academy01 - 12Private
Ebenezer Christian AcademyKG - 12Private
Edison Park K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular2
Ekklesia Christian AcademyKG - 12Private
El Redentor Preschool and Daycare CenterPK - 01Private
Emerson Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
Eneida M. Hartner Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Epiphany Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
ESY Summer CenterPK - 12Regular
Ethel F. Beckford Richmond Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Ethel Koger Beckham ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Everglades K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular7
Faces Learning Academy01 - 12Private
Fairlawn Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular6
Fantasyland Learning CenterPK - 01Private
Felix Varela Senior High School08 - 12Regular6
Flagami Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular6
Florida Christian SchoolPK - 12Private
Florida High School Academy12 - 12Private
Frances S. Tucker Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
Frank Crawford Martin K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular10
Franklin Academy E2 - 2Regular
Frederick R. Douglass ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Future Leaders Academy of Kendall Corp.PK - 03Private
G. Holmes Braddock Senior High08 - 12Regular6
Gables Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
George T. Baker Aviation Technical College09 - 12Regular
Glades Middle School06 - 08Regular7
Glendale Christian AcademyPK - 01Private
Gloria Floyd Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
Good Shepherd Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Gordon Schools of Beth DavidPK - 05Private
Grace Baptist AcademyPK - 12Private
Grace Christian PreparatoryKG - 12Private
Gratigny Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular2
Greater Miami Adventist AcademyPK - 12Private
Green Springs High School Charter09 - 12Alternative Education7
Greenglade Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
Gulliver Preparatory School Miller Road Campus09 - 12Private
Hammocks Middle School06 - 08Regular6
Happy Memories Learning Center Corp.KG - 01Private
Henry E.S. Reeves Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Henry M. Flagler Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular6
Herbert A. Ammons Middle School06 - 08Regular10
Hibiscus Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Highland Oaks Middle School06 - 08Regular7
Highpoint AcademyPK - 08Private
Highpoint Academy ESE CenterKG - 08Private
Hollywood Education Literacy Project MiamiKG - 12Private
Holmes Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Hosanna Learning CenterPK - KGPrivate
Howard D. McMillan Middle School06 - 08Regular7
Howard Drive Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Hubert O. Sibley K-8 AcademyPK - 08Regular3
I Preparatory Academy09 - 12Regular10
Imater Preparatory Academy High School09 - 12Regular3
Immaculata-La Salle High School09 - 12Private
Instructional Center System WidePK - 12Regular10
International Studies Charter High School09 - 12Regular8
International Studies Charter Middle School06 - 08Regular9
International Studies Virtual06 - 12Regular
Itech@Thomas A Edison Educational Center09 - 12Regular
It's A Small World AcademyPK - KGPrivate
It's A Small World Elementary SchoolKG - 04Private
Jack David Gordon Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Jackson SIPP Child Crisis06 - 11Alternative Education
Jacobson Sinai AcademyPK - 08Private
Jane S. Roberts K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular9
Jeremiah AcademyKG - 10Private
Joe Hall Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
John A. Ferguson Senior High09 - 12Regular7
Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School06 - 08Regular6
Jose DE Diego Middle School06 - 08Regular3
Jose Marti School #204 - 08Private
Jose Marti School 1PK - 03Private
Just Kids CentersPK - 05Private
Juvenile Corrections (JC)07 - 12Alternative Education
Juvenile Justice Center Alt Ed06 - 12Alternative Education
Kelsey L. Pharr Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Kendale Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular9
Kendale Lakes Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Kendall Christian SchoolPK - 05Private
Kensington Park Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Kenwood K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular7
Key Point AcademyPK - 08Private
Keystone National High School09 - 12Private
Kid StationPK - KGPrivate
Kids Adventure Learning CenterPK - KGPrivate
Kids Learning Center of South DadePK - 05Private
Killian Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Kinder House Learning CenterKG - 03Private
Kinderland 4 KidsKG - KGPrivate
Kingdom AcademyPK - 05Private
King's Christian SchoolPK - 08Private
Kinloch Park Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
Kinloch Park Middle School06 - 08Regular4
KLA Schools BrickellPK - KGPrivate
La Prima Casa MontessoriPK - KGPrivate
La Progresiva Presb SchoolPK - 12Private
Lakeview Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Lamar Louise Curry Middle School06 - 08Regular8
Law Enforcement Officers Memorial High School09 - 12Regular3
Learning Care Group 7525PK - KGPrivate
Learning Links School HouseKG - 08Private
Leewood K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular9
Lenora Braynon Smith ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Liberty City Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Lillie C. Evans K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular4
Lincoln-Marti #23PK - 08Private
Lincoln-Marti Charter School Little Havana CampusKG - 08Regular6
Lincoln-Marti Community Agency # 34PK - 01Private
Lincoln-Marti Community Agency 01-931PK - KGPrivate
Lincoln-Marti Elementary Charter School2 - 2Regular
Lincoln-Marti Schools # 10KG - 12Private
Lincoln-Marti Schools #01PK - PKPrivate
Lincoln-Marti Schools and Daycare Center 21KG - 06Private
Lindsey Hopkins Technical College09 - 12Vocational Education
Little College At Ludlam C Corp.PK - KGPrivate
Little Language AcademyPK - 07Private
Little Promises Daycarelearning CenterPK - 03Private
Little Village Daycare and Learning CenterPK - KGPrivate
Lorah Park Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Madison Middle School06 - 08Regular3
Marjory Stoneman Douglas ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Martin Luther King Elementary SchoolPK - 02Regular
Mater Academy East CharterPK - 05Regular10
Mater Academy East Charter High School09 - 12Regular6
Mater Academy High School (Miami Beach)09 - 12Regular8
Mater Academy High School of International Studies09 - 12Regular9
Mater Academy Miami BeachKG - 08Regular6
Mater Academy Middle School of International Studies05 - 08Regular7
Mater Academy of International StudiesKG - 05Regular5
Mater Brickell Preparatory AcademyKG - 08Regular7
Mater East Academy Middle School06 - 08Regular5
Mater Grove AcademyKG - 08Regular8
Maya Angelou Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Mays Community Middle School06 - 08Regular5
MC Glannan School01 - 08Private
Melrose Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Metro West Detention Facility06 - 12Alternative Education
Mia Piccolo Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Miami Arts Charter06 - 12Regular9
Miami Baptist PreschoolPK - KGPrivate
Miami Bridge North06 - 12Alternative Education
Miami Central Senior High School09 - 12Regular3
Miami Children's HospitalKG - 12Alternative Education
Miami Children's Museum Charter SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Miami Christian SchoolPK - 12Private
Miami Coral Park High Adult EducationAE - AERegular
Miami Coral Park Senior High09 - 12Regular4
Miami Dade Christian Academy09 - 12Private
Miami Dade Online Academy-Virtual Instruction Course OfferinKG - 12Regular
Miami Edison Middle School06 - 08Regular2
Miami Edison Senior High School09 - 12Regular3
Miami Heights Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
Miami Jackson Senior Adult Ed CenterAE - AERegular
Miami Jackson Senior High School09 - 12Regular4
Miami Killian Senior High School09 - 12Regular6
Miami Norland Senior High School09 - 12Regular5
Miami Northwestern Senior High09 - 12Regular4
Miami Palmetto Senior High AdultAE - AERegular
Miami Palmetto Senior High School08 - 12Regular8
Miami Park Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Miami Senior Adult Education CenterAE - AERegular
Miami Senior High School09 - 12Regular3
Miami Southridge Senior High08 - 12Regular3
Miami Sunset Adult Education CenterAE - AERegular
Miami Sunset Senior High School09 - 12Regular5
Miami Youth Academy06 - 12Alternative Education
Miami-Dade Online AcademyKG - 12Regular
Miami-Dade Online Academy- Virtual Instruction ProgramKG - 12Regular
Miami-Dade Virtual High School Franchise06 - 12Regular
Mini ME Daycare Learning Center IIPK - KGPrivate
Montessori Achievement CenterPK - 08Private
Montessori Childrens AcademyPK - 03Private
Montessori Children's HousePK - KGPrivate
Montessori Learning CenterPK - KGPrivate
Morningside K-8 AcademyPK - 08Regular4
Morningside Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Mother of Christ Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
New Horizons Private SchoolKG - 01Private
New Jerusalem Christian AcademyPK - 05Private
New World School of the Arts09 - 12Regular10
Norland Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Norland Middle School06 - 08Regular3
Norma Butler Bossard Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Northwest Christian AcademyPK - 12Private
Norwood Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular6
Oak Grove Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular4
OJUS Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
Oliver Hoover Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Olympia Heights Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
One Learning Academy2 - 2Regular
Orchard Villa Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic ElementaryPK - 08Private
Our Lady of the Rosary SchoolPK - 02Private
Oxford Academy of MiamiPK - 08Regular5
Pace Center for Girls06 - 12Alternative Education
Palm Glades Preparatory Academy06 - 08Regular4
Palm Glades Preparatory Academy High School09 - 12Regular3
Palmetto Bay Academy06 - 12Private
Palmetto Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular9
Palmetto Middle School06 - 08Regular8
Parkway Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
Paul Laurence Dunbar K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular3
Paul W. Bell Middle School06 - 08Regular4
Pentab AcademyPK - 08Private
Peter Pan Childcare and Learning CenterPK - 08Private
Phyllis R. Miller Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Phyllis Wheatley Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Pine Lake Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Pine Villa Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Pinecrest Academy (North Campus)KG - 05Regular10
Pinecrest Academy (South Campus)PK - 05Regular9
Pinecrest Academy Charter Middle School06 - 08Regular7
Pinecrest Academy Middle School (North Campus)06 - 08Regular10
Pinecrest Cove AcademyKG - 08Regular10
Pinecrest Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular10
Pinecrest Palm AcademyKG - 08Regular
Pinecrest Preparatory AcademyPK - 05Regular10
Pinecrest Preparatory Academy Charter High School09 - 12Regular6
PK Early Intervention ProgramPK - PKRegular
Poinciana Park Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
PREK InterventionPK - PKSpecial Education8
Prestige Christian AcademyPK - 08Private
Primary Learning CenterPK - 05Regular10
RAMZ Academy K-5 Miami CampusKG - 05Regular4
Richmond Heights Middle School06 - 08Regular4
Richmond Perrine Optimist06 - 12Alternative Education1
River Cities Community Charter School06 - 08Regular3
Riverside Baptist Child Development CenterPK - KGPrivate
Riverside Elementary Community SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Riviera Middle School06 - 08Regular5
Riviera Preparatory School06 - 11Private
RJW the Academy of Arts and SciencesKG - 11Private
Robert Morgan Educational Center09 - 12Regular8
Robert Morgan Educational Center and Technical College09 - 12Vocational Education
Rockway Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
Rockway Middle School06 - 08Regular7
Royal Green Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Royal Palm Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular9
Ruben Dario Middle School06 - 08Regular5
Ruth Owens Kruse Education CenterPK - 12Special Education1
Santa Clara Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
School for Advanced Studies - South11 - 12Regular8
School for Advanced Studies North11 - 12Regular7
School for Advanced Studies-Wolfson11 - 12Regular7
School of Virtue and Academic Excellence04 - 11Private
Schoolhouse Academy09 - 12Private
Scott Lake Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Secondary Student Success Center 80206 - 12Alternative Education1
Secondary Student Success Center 80306 - 12Alternative Education2
Secondary Student Success Center-80406 - 12Alternative Education
Seminole Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular6
Shadowlawn Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Shenandoah Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Shenandoah Middle School06 - 08Regular5
Shining Light Childcare Development CenterKG - 03Private
Siloye Christian Ministry Academy01 - 11Private
Silver Bluff Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Snapper Creek Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Somerset Academy BayKG - 05Regular10
Somerset Academy Bay High School2 - 2Regular
Somerset Academy Bay Middle School06 - 08Regular
Somerset Academy CharterKG - 05Regular9
Somerset Academy Charter Middle School06 - 08Regular9
Somerset Virtual Academy06 - 12Regular
South Miami Heights ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
South Miami Senior High School09 - 12Regular4
Southside Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
Southwest Miami Adult and Community Education CenterAE - AERegular
Southwest Miami Senior High09 - 12Regular6
Spirit of Christ Child Dev. Center and AcademyPK - 12Private
Sports Leadership and Management (Slam) Charter Middle Schoo06 - 08Regular3
Sports Leadership of Miami Charter High School09 - 12Regular6
St. Agatha Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Brendan Catholic High School09 - 12Private
St. Hugh Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. John Neumann SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Kevin Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Lawrence Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Marys Cathedral SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Michael the ArchangelPK - 08Private
St. Timothy Parish SchoolPK - 08Private
Stellar Leadership Academy09 - 12Alternative Education1
Sts Peter and Paul SchoolPK - 08Private
Sunflowers AcademyPK - 08Private
Sunrise School of MiamiKG - 07Private
Sunset Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Sunset Park Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Sunset Preparatory SchoolKG - 08Private
Sunshine Learning CenterPK - KGPrivate
Sweetwater Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
Sylvania Heights Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular6
Tamiami United Methodist Daycare and Elem. SchoolPK - 02Private
Teenage Parent ProgramPK - PKRegular8
Temple Beth AM Day SchoolPK - 05Private
Terra Environmental Research Institute09 - 12Regular10
The Bitmore SchoolPK - 04Private
The Carrie Brazer Center for AutismUG - UGPrivate
The Creative Learning CenterPK - KGPrivate
The English CenterAE - AERegular
The Heritage SchoolPK - 08Private
The Learning Experience SchoolUG - UGPrivate
The School for Unique LearningKG - 06Private
The Victory CenterUG - UGPrivate
Thena Crowder Early Childhood Diagnostic Special Education CPK - KGSpecial Education
Theodore R. and Thelma A. Gibson Charter SchoolPK - 08Regular3
Thomas Jefferson Middle School06 - 08Regular3
Toussaint L'Ouverture ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Town Center PreschoolPK - 04Private
Tropical Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
Turner Guilford Knight06 - 12Alternative Education1
United Cerebral Palsy Transitional Learning10 - 12Private
United States International Christian Academy09 - 11Private
Van E. Blanton Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
VANN AcademyPK - 04Private
Village Green Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Village South (Girls)07 - 12Alternative Education
Vineland K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular9
Virginia A Boone-Highland Oaks SchoolPK - 05Regular8
W. R. Thomas Middle School06 - 08Regular7
Wesley Matthews Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular9
West Dade AcademyPK - 12Private
West Miami Middle School06 - 08Regular3
Western General EducationPK - 12Private
Westview Middle School06 - 08Regular6
Westwood Christian SchoolPK - 12Private
Whispering Pines Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
William H. Lehman Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular9
William H. Turner Technical AdultAE - AERegular
William H. Turner Technical Arts High School09 - 12Regular7
Winston Park K-8 CenterPK - 08Regular8
Women in Need of Greater Strength Wings06 - 12Alternative Education
Women's Detention Center06 - 12Alternative Education
World Hope Academy04 - 12Private
World of Kids AcademyPK - 02Private
Worshiper's House of Prayer AcademyKG - 12Private
Yeshivas Doresh09 - 12Private
Young Men's Preparatory Academy06 - 12Regular6
Young Womens Preparatory Academy06 - 12Regular9
Zelda Glazer Middle School06 - 12Regular7
Zora Neale Hurston Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
Name Grades Type Rating

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Unless you earn 6 figures, go elsewhere - 12/27/2018
I am born and raised in Miami, my family all live in Miami. Miami is a great city if you earn 100k/year and up. Then you will be able to have a nice home in a nice... Read More

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Great Warm Weather Beach CITY - 10/17/2018
I moved here from Bland Diego after coming here for business..dramatic upgrade. If you desire a true warm weather CITY (not collection of beach towns) on the ocean then... Read More

liked it - 1/30/2017
smaller than I thought, traffic seemed thick, good food and nice... Read More

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3715 SW 89th Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 2.0 |

3020 SW 92nd Pl
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

720 NW 18th Pl
Bed 4 | Bath 3.0 |

460 Flagami Blvd
Bed 5 | Bath 3.0 |

6730 SW 27th St
Bed 2 | Bath 1.0 |

2145 SW 13th St
Bed 2 | Bath 1.0 |

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