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Zip Codes Please - 6/24/2015
Please post your zip code with a review. Orlando is very spread out and letting readers know what part you lived in will help tremendously.

I have been to visit Orlando number of times and loved the downtown and Winter Park areas.

Reviewers please make your reviews objective as possible. I put zero credibility for any review of any city that can't find one positive thing to say. I've traveled extensively in this country and can always find something good even in the worst places.
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Gave it 3 years. Adios, Orlando - 12/12/2014
In a nutshell, orlando is... poor minorities and nouveau riche, sprawl, poor infrastructure, sleaze and scam artists, slow, boring, expensive, crime ridden, very low wages, humid, and void of culture. It's pretty much an incredibly poorly done poor mans imitation of LA. You've been forewarned. You're Read More

Watch it! - 12/4/2014
Watch "Hotwives of Orlando." This parody says it Read More

orlando economy - 11/11/2014
do not come here unless you want to work selling timeshares or at Disney. It seems that there are only two major economies in the Orlando area. The tourism and elderly care industries. If selling timeshares wasn't hard enough or shady enough, most of these companies pay their employees $ 9.00/hr plus commission and the fact that they are always advertising job openings leads one to believe that obviously, there is incredible turn around at these companies.

There is much more opportunity down south in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area. The problem is that rent and housing costs are through the roof. Aside from all this, the weather is unbearable due to the humidity for at least 6 months of the year. There are native Floridians who still are not accustomed to the heat. In all fairness to Orlando, from the months of November to April the humidity dies down and it could be pleasant on most days. Read More

It's not all Disney - 7/31/2014
I lived in Orlando for 10 years and was pretty happy for most of that time. The heat, especially in summer, is oppressive but, being single, I would just head to the beach or stay indoors. Once I had my daughter, I began to see things differently. Crime is horrific. We lived in a nice middle-upper middle class, gated neighborhood. One night a man who had stolen a vehicle and was evading police was shot and killed on our front lawn. Every night I could hear drag racing and what I believe were gun shots in the distance. A family owned convenience store around the corner from our neighborhood was robbed in the middle of the day by 4 men wielding sawed off shotguns...saw them speeding away shooting into the air. I was a high school teacher at one of the 'better' high schools in Orlando....it was a nightmare. The students were thugs - they wore ankle monitors to school, PO's visited them, they conducted business in class, more than one male student flashed the other students, one even Read More

Searching a new place to live - 6/9/2014
I'm from Puerto Rico and I'm looking for a good place where I can find a good home a job a school and medical facilities in a very peacefull place. the weather is important Read More
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Senior Health Plans Supplements have lower Premium - 3/17/2014
You can get a plan F in Orlando for as low as $150/month this is not a Select plan either. The highest premiums are for those 80+ but are still significantly lower then New York more then $100/month less then everyone in New York pays. You also lock in your enrollment age for the rest of your life. If you want to discuss this or Medicare advantage plans or PDP plans please call me. I am a licensed Healtn Insurance agent. Call (407) Read More

Professional Health Care : No Fear of Regulation - 10/12/2013
As far as Orlando / Orange County Fl goes, you can find some great professionals here. Google search (Tosh Florida Flat Hot Dumb) Many professionals care less about professionalism, courtesy, the law etc..

I think, they believe we are "dumb" and unsophisticated. Food service - health department, no enforce, refusing to recycling business! Orange County - no money to enforce. There is an underlining provincial, intellectual (if you call it that) isolationist. They have no clue about the world here and eating healthy is hard w limited access to fish.
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This ain't Mickey Mouse or you're Grandparent's Fl - 9/28/2013
(My Synopsis) If you're rich, white and obnoxious you'll love it here. If you're anything other than that, turn around and go back to where you came from, or be prepared to enter your new living hell.

"You need to speak Spanish to live here." False. Mostly everyone here knows how to speak English and will speak it if necessary. It is true though that there are companies that won't hire you unless you're bilingual. This seems to be an increasing number all the time.

"It's hot and humid and there are a lot of bugs." True

"You need a car to live there." TRUE. VERY VERY TRUE The public transportation here is the worst I've ever seen. The "city" is very spread out and it's pretty much impossible to get around without wheels of some sort.

"Disney controls everything here." False. Rich white folks control everything here. Disney isn't even in Orlando, it's in Kissemmee.

"There's lots to do in Orlando." The downtown is lame as Read More

Too hot! - 4/20/2013
Too hot! Too humid! Too many Read More

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1941 White Heron Bay Cir
Bed 4 | Bath 3

8968 Palos Verde Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 4

7654 Bear Claw Run
Bed 4 | Bath 2

1507 Campbell Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

4426 Seawater St
Bed 3 | Bath 3

2301 Buckingham Run Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 3

6123 Merriewood Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 2


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