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I put my plan of escape into action
Star Rating - 8/2/2021
I moved to Atl in 2016, stayed 3 1/2 yrs. I hated it. I was born in Los Angeles, I'm a Cali Girl. Grew up accustomed to seeing all races, think nothing of it. Cali people tend to accept everyone. I'm Chinese and really look Chinese, but from LA, I'm as American as can be. I first "felt" racism in Atlanta. Didn't know what I was feeling. I was in an all Black Walmart. Who are they looking at? I looked behind me. Are they looking at ME?! What's going on? The feeling I felt was like a movie where a white person walks into a black nightclub and the music stops, everybody looks, that's what it felt like. I saw confederate flags. :0 I saw the Governor's Commercials with him holding a shot gun and saying he'd take all the Mexicans back in his bus, I thought it was a skit from Saturday Night Live! At my job, a coworker called me "ching ling" to others (I haven't heard that since elementary school) OK, now everything else. The traffic is horrible and the way they drive, a car went all the way across the lanes from the fast lane to get to the exit ramp, another car stopped on the fwy for no reason, crazy. The weather is unpredictable. I found out that it rains more in Atlanta than in Seattle, why does Seattle get such a bad rap for it's rain! In Atl, you better carry an umbrella in a holster like a gun in the western days. It can rain at any moment and the weather forecasts are always wrong, it's a waste to pay the news weather people. It will be sunny one minute and raining the next. Georgia is not conservation minded. There aren't any recycling places. No one uses fabric bags for shopping. Georgians complained when the State instated the "hands free" law no cell phones while driving. In general, Georgia isn't very proactive and progressive. Ethic restaurants: mexican, asian foods, going to find a lot of "generic" ethic eateries. It's my openion that Georgians wouldn't eat something that's "foreign" so businesses don't sell it. (a million Taco Bells) Lots of segregation areas. If you want to find Korean, go to Duluth. Mexican, go to Norcross. Soul food, go to Stone Mountain and other areas. The only good thing is their gas prices. And people LOOK angry. Everyone looks so unhappy. Customer service sucks everywhere. I had to set my plan in action to escape. I'll gladly pay the higher gas price for the sunshine, the many different people and the "vibe" of California.
Joi | Banning, CA
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i totally disagree with you , everything you mentioned here about the Atlanta /ga is the opposite, i live in la for 35 years now , and I and getting the hell out! to Atlanta, i have visited Atlanta and every time i stayed about 10 to 12 days , every time was a delight, for me ! i did not notice any unfriendly people during my stay every time i was there, but in los Angeles you have to deal with so many crack heads, marijuana brain people that makes you sick every time you have business lets say at a bank or a fast-food joint and everywhere in between, pls don't tell me los Angeles is good, i wish this city to burn down, or maybe California as a whole, you are not safe anywhere in los Angeles at all. this isn't America here, its Tijuana.. come on give me a break! everyone is escaping los Angeles, people here are fed up with housing prices and taxes, and i can go on and on. just because we have sunshine doesn't mean you are not breeding poison into your lungs, Los angels, has the most dangerous weather in the entire union! these arent my words , these are the lung specialist words , so you have rain every day overthere so what, its a blessing , i can't even remmember when was the last time we had rain here, o yes i think it was in late october in 2019, ONCE! are you kidding me right now? Georgia is bad? i don't believe you, i am moving there on a midnight train baby! ok maybe they are a little racist, but then again here we see these things too! maybe not as much, but we see it , I myself am an immigrant, (i know your not ) and when i first came over i noticed these things but it kind of wore off as the time passed. the Atlanta community has a good number of Chinese as well and Koreans, I noticed it during my stay over there,
Bruce | Beverly Hills, CA | Report Abuse

Another whiny, complacent Californian transplant who cannot see pass their nose. Why do Californians move to Republican-led states and then complain about "their" culture, way of life and economy? Maybe you "felt" racism for the first time in your life in Atlanta, because of your attitude. California is not welcoming to everyone and neither is LA. I get it. Being in a city that has a large Black American population made you feel uncomfortable. Asians, Blacks, Whites, Latinos, etc have been residing in Atlanta for decades. Georgia is a conservative state and most southern conservatives and liberals care about people's jobs. Eliminating plastic bags for fabric bags aces hundreds of jobs everywhere, but Californians are too busy thinking about how environmentally, eco friendly they will appear to be for their own egos. Do yourself a favor and stay out of conservative states. Too much diversity isn't for you and probably any other southern state.
Reese | Bloomingdale, GA | Report Abuse

Seems more like you were freaked out at being in an “all black WalMart” and chose to project your crap on other shoppers. Please go back to LA, we have enough racist idiots without adding you.
Bunny | Atlanta, GA | Report Abuse

I lived in Atlanta for 11 years, it is funny I am Black but I did not like it either but for completely different reasons. She should have been there before the Olympics to see how racist and segregated it is.
Stuart | Tampa, FL | Report Abuse
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