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Moscow...maybe. A few things to consider. - 10/1/2020
I paused to reread my comments below. What was missing is the heart of the matter, which I’d like to explain now before you read my experience and opinion.

While I was so anticipatory of moving here, I have become saddened and troubled. If you’ve ever cut into a fresh apple only to find a maggot…that same repulsion is at play here. If you were to speak with me in person, you’d hear the sadness and grief that I feel about the way these people behave. Under the flag of these United States of America, and the values established in blood circa 1776, I am saddened.

I moved here in 2020. This might not seem like very long to know many details, just color me surprised:

- Because the University of Idaho is located here, there is an unusual degree of pedantic snobbery. Elitists on campus apparently feel entitled to carry their hoity-toity sensibilities into the community. It is inescapable. A small thing perhaps.

- There is the matter of Read More

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Moscow Palouse area AOk - 9/18/2020
Moved to Moscow, ID in retirement. Great to leave Seattle and whacky WA state Gov. Small quaint town. Christian based safe place. Housing is hard to come by. Based upon relative low earnings here, our necessary home upgrade was handled well by contractor and personal effort. So far so good. Nice, safe, less crowded place to Read More

Gentrifying at light speed - 9/14/2019
Development is only a good thing when it's beneficial for the whole community. Lived here for 36 years. It's changed from a strong, middle class community with a university to dominated by a very wealthy church that is very powerful (and shelters perverts.) Emsi, a tech company, has members of this creepy church at their upper levels. The expensive private college affiliated with this church is buying up property downtown, though the city council put a stop to that, for now. Three real estate companies opened in the past ten years are owned by this church's members, and incidentally, housing prices have become ridiculously high. A 2 bedroom bungalow was $180K in 2010. It would now be $300k. As of writing this in 2019, i don't see how prices can't crash.

Local families are unable to buy new houses, as the cost of living is artificially inflated by this church. This church actively seeks "culture war," and at one point maintained a directory of church member businesses to Read More

Heart of the Arts? Try Heart of the MOLD. - 6/25/2015
For a small town, Moscow (say Mos-coh, not Mos-KOW) isn't really that bad. It is ridiculously expensive to live here, but there are a lot of natural recreation options, a few cute little stores, some nice restaurants, and a fun local culture (if a bit snobby/yuppie/liberal/hippie in some areas).

However...I feel that I must caution the potential resident of Moscow: mold grows on EVERYTHING here and the water is AWFUL.

I'll start with the mold. Since we moved here a couple years ago, we have had a pervasive mold problem. From the black mold that keeps appearing on our walls in different locations throughout the house, to the pink mold in our bathtub, we have had to battle mold every step of the way. It grows on the baseboards, the windowsills and screens, in the closets, and in the sinks. It grows EVERYWHERE. It even grows under the water in the toilet bowls.

Now, before you write me off as a bad housekeeper...I'm not. I clean regularly, and I Read More

Not enough for kids to do & expensive to live here - 2/4/2014
Housing is very expensive compared to other areas of Idaho. Expect to pay upwards of $225,000 for a decent 3 bedroom home, and more if you want a good-sized yard (there are also very few flat yards). Groceries and gasoline are costly too.

If you have kids, this might not be the best community for you. Moscow caters almost exclusively to the college-aged students and adults, and activities revolve around the university. The downtown is charming and always bustling with college or adult activities (lots of bars, coffee shops, and the farmers market). Free resources available to school aged children include a gym (when sports teams aren't using it), Eggan Youth Center (for young kids), and public library. Activities for kids that incur cost are the movie theatre, ice rink (open during the winter), and aquatic center (open only for two months during in the summer when college kids aren't in school). The mall is very limited. So there isn't much for kids to do unless Read More

Climate - 7/7/2013

Thank you for your detailed comments on Moscow, ID, esp. the climate. We are in the process of selling our home in preparation to move to Moscow (sight unseen). I've researched the town thoroughly & feel we will be happy living there but it's always nice to read positive comments.

Read More

Update on A Newcomer's Perspective - 5/25/2013
After initially expressing some trepidation concerning winters in Moscow, I've now lived here through two of them, and I have to say that my fears were unwarranted. I expected months of constant snow cover, daily car window brushing/scraping, and precarious commutes. We got a couple of decent snows each winter, but the roads were fine within a day. Other than that, you can expect a dusting of snow ~60% of the mornings in December and January.

It turns out, the climate is one of the best things about Moscow. The summers are short, with nice chilly nights...We don't even have AC; we just open the windows at night and close them during the day. Last year, we didn't see a drop of rain from sometime in June all the way into October. The winters are warmer than you would expect for this latitude. Our average highs in the dead of winter are still a couple of degrees above freezing. We have extended Springs and Autumns compared to many places I've lived, where they pass by in the Read More

Lock you bike - 2/11/2013
After living in urban areas all my life, this place is like no other. It is like going back in time 30 years where children can play outdoors and people watch out for each other. There are some bike thefts and car prowls, but overall it's a very safe place to live and Read More

A great place to live for college students and fam - 10/29/2012
This small college town offers a unique sense of community, a variety of year-round cultural activities, and easy access to plenty of recreational activities throughout our four Read More

A newcomer's perspective - 11/10/2011
I have lived in 14 different locations, in 10 different states in my adult life, on both coasts, in the south, and in the cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural areas. So it really means something when I say that Moscow, Idaho is my favorite place I've lived.

I've only been here about 4 months, but from what I can tell this town has everything. Between UofI and WSU there are plenty of amenities and activities (lectures, concerts, festivals, etc). But Moscow doesn't feel like a college town, with unkempt lawns, loud parties, or teenage thugs roaming the streets.

Housing is affordable. There are plenty of shops and restaurants, both local and chain, to choose from. Crime is low; I feel safe anytime of night, anywhere in town. Traffic is non-existent. Honestly, my wife and I have both remarked how Moscow feels like a town out an 80s sit-com. It's the kind of place where you talk to your neighbors while your kids jump in a pile of leaves.Read More

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944 Mabelle St
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2215 E 3rd St
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