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Where my heart is! - 8/9/2009
God Bless Noblesville. My small hometown has blossomed into a great place to live. The recreational opportunities abound. The schools are very nice. The people are great. A beautiful place to raise kids. Everything one would look for in a Read More

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Dreary and gray - 2/2/2009
Moving from a place with over 300 days of sunshine per year to this place has been uh... difficult.

Most months out of the year you cannot get outside to do anything. The winter is frigid and the summer too humid. Spring and fall is acceptable. Better join a gym if you come here, and get one of those sun lamps so you don't get Read More

Moved to Noblesville, IN and very disappointed - 2/2/2009
We moved to one of the "Best Places" but are very disappointed in all aspects of this city. First, our realtor did not do a good job and let us get taken advantage of (very badly) by the builder. Second, our house, made by a famous nationwide builder is poorly constructed, poorly insulated, poorly designed, and costs a fortune to heat and cool. Third, the yards are unusually small for a city and state with so much land. Fourth, the people here are backwards and clique-ish. Fourth, there are no jobs! I have a Master's and have applied again and again and gotten zero response. Fifth, the kids around here are rough and I do not want my child playing with them. Sixth, the neighbors do not care for their properties. The weeds grow and grow all summer long. Seventh, the cops are gun-ho here. My tags on my very recently purchased car expired (Go figure!) because we ended up somehow only purchasing three month plates. The cop pulled me over and despite my perfectly clean record, he ticketed Read More

What I Love about my Small Town - 8/10/2008
Noblesville Indiana and the surrounding countryside is a great place to live and raise a family. The community is conservative with a great love of family religion and country. The air is clean we have plenty of rolling fields of corn and soybeans and wheat - We like our government small and our ability to
control our own lives large. In my township you need to own at least 3 acres to build - That's nice because we all have plenty of space. You have a choice of the big town groceries malls etc with Indy only 30 miles away or
Noblesville or Tipton with smaller groceries and the family owned theatre (over 100 years running in the same family ) - Movies only $3.00 and the
popcorn is so much better than the chains. Loving my Small Town in Read More

Noblesville - Hamilton County (Great Quality of Li - 7/25/2008
We moved north of Indianapolis to an apartment from Ypsilanti Michigan. Our apartment was in between Carmel IN an Westfield IN. While it was a nice place we have now moved to Noblesville IN. Not only do we pay less per month while we wait for our house to be completed (also in Noblesville) we are paying much less for rent. Just nearby are fantastic parks, shopping, restaurants. Essentially Noblesville is more rural than other cities in Hamilton County and less flashy overall but it is fantastic for the pocket book. We are moving into a new home in the fall for 153K. It has all the features we wanted and was at least 40K less for same house in Fishers IN (rated in the to 10 by Money Magazine). Noblesville is a high quality life on a budget my friend. Also we have a great school system and the job growth is higher than Fishers. Not only that there is less traffic Read More

smoking - 6/18/2008
Is public smoking (i.e. restaurants etc.) allowed in Read More

Flooding - 6/11/2008
Hello Everyone,

I would like to know how bad the flooding is around the Noblesville area, is is in the residential areas? How often does severe flooding occur.

thanks Read More

Wonderful place to live... - 5/24/2008
Noblesville is a great town. It's a safe place, has everything you need, and it has a small-town feel. I would recommend Noblesville to anyone who is moving to the Indianapolis Read More

Why Live Anywhere Else? - 4/1/2008
Why live anywhere else?

Noblesville, my home town for over 60 years is the place to be.

It is within 30 minutes to Indianapolis, where you can take in a Colts game or a Pacers basketball game. You can enjoy the Museums in the city. Everything from a Western Art museum to a museum for children. There are great places to dine while enjoying the downtown. I could go on and on but Noblesville it the place to be.

We have a small town environment with all the ammenities of a larger city.
We have major shopping within just a few minutes from home. We also have the quaint little shops around the square.

We have the lake at Morse Reservoir for the water lover. There are miles
of water for skiing, boating or just enjoying the water access.

We have several parks, whether for just taking a walk (Potter's Bridge Park) or for a day of playing on the playground (Forest Park). There are several more that if you Read More

GRIDLOCK/Corruption - 10/15/2007
The roads are turning into potholed parking lots while the politics are nothing short of criminal, from the council to the Mayor. Boss Hog had nothing on this Read More

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12608 Braddock Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 3

13019 Bridgeview Ct
Bed 5 | Bath 5

19282 Edwards Grove Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3

5220 Aegis Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3

15116 Blazier Trce
Bed 4 | Bath 3

19460 Pathway Pt
Bed 3 | Bath 3

11277 Seabiscuit Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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