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Cedar_Rapids, Iowa Reviews

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Get to know Cedar Rapids with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Cedar Rapids

Racist and cursed - 11/2/2021
Such a horrible place. The racism is too much. You cant even take a walk to the park without hearing a racial insult thrown at you. You cant even go to the store without encountering angry cold stares. You can barely enjoy your life in this underdeveloped poorly run and boring city. The roads are horrible, the city water services charges you an arm and a leg for water, storm drain, recycle, garbage, and more! You cant even negotiate (for example, take out the garbage, or the recycle to bring my bill down in the future). Such a disgusting place. I never felt safe there. Been living there for 30+ years. I became depressed. The public treated me as if I was an enemy to them, just for being a different skin color.  Read More

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Great place to live, average place to visit. :) - 4/27/2021
I grew up here, moved away, came back to raise my family and have been back since 1993. I love this city!!! There is SOOO much to do. There are 3-4 community theatre groups that do high calibre plays and musicals, some very "edgy". There are museums; African American Museum, National Czech and Slovak Museum, CR Art Museum and Grant Wood's Studio. There is a history center that gives walking tours of CR and I always learn so much about our clever founders and great people who came from here (Mamie Eisenhower pops into mind). There are fabulous restaurants at every end of the price range and there are up-and-coming food trucks and stalls at NewBo. The Cherry artist gallery space has a ceramics studio open to the public and artists open their doors for sales or displays at various times during the year. NewBo has cooking classes taught by Kirkwood Community College culinary program chefs and local chefs. There is music outdoors for free once a week somewhere downtown in nice Read More

Hehe, I'm in 6th grade. - 5/30/2019
I want the people who live here to be happy, 5 Read More

Avoid if possible - 5/24/2017
The streets here are TERRIBLE. Speed Scameras everywhere! People are rude! One way streets start and stop without warning all over downtown. nothing to do but drink and eat. Lots of rain, clouds, high humidity, gets very cold. Very few jobs and pay is very low. Rockwell collins runs the NE side of town so you are at their mercy. Town should have been flooded away back in Read More

About transportation - 7/13/2015
I would like to share about transportation here in Cedar Rapids IA. here the service of transportation it's very slow because you have to wait no less than one hour to find a bus. but the city like Milwaukee you have to wait only 15 to 30 min a Bus. That why here you have to do your best to have your own car to be able to reach quickly where you want to like at job, an appointment Read More

Unfriendly folks - 5/18/2015
One thing I've noticed about the people in Cedar Rapids is most are unfriendly. People hear how wonderful and friendly Midwest folks are-well not here. If you wave at someone, there's only about a 20% chance the other person will wave back. Most of the time they'll just look at you. I ran into an employee outside at Walmart and I asked him how he liked the cold weather that particular May day. He said nothing and just looked forward. I thought "another friendly Iowan." Seems like most of the people have a chip on their shoulder. The vast majority of people don't use their turn signals. They are very inconsiderate drivers. Really they are just rude people here. Read More

Great Place to raise kids!! - 1/7/2015
Everyone always says what on earth is in Iowa?? Well, Cedar Rapids is in Iowa and it is a great place to raise a family. If you like 4 seasons and enjoy summer and winter sports it is a great place. Housing is affordable, food is a tad expensive but well under the national average. They have two awesome hospitals here and good doctors and the Univ of Iowa Medical Center is 20-25 minutes away. UofI, Iowa State, Mount Mercy University and several other reputable education institutions are local with plenty of opportunities. Come check it Read More

Don't move here if you are a minority - 4/18/2014
My spouse works for the Feds and we have travelled and lived all over the US. This is the only city I have been refused service at a coffee house. I am a minority, Asian. I have to deal with the incessant stares from locals who apparently have never seen an Asian before. At the Marion Hyvee, this guy literally turned his head around to watch me as I passed him as if I was an alien from outer space. At the MAC gym, I get stares from people. I work at a hospital, patients and their families looked shocked when I am going to provide medical treatment and I also get stares from the staff. The Asians in Cedar Rapids are either adopted and speak fluently or they are immigrants/refugees who have super thick accents. I speak English fluently and have a PhD. So many people here think I was adopted! The Good: The crime rate is low, the schools are okay, and the housing/rentals are decent. The Bad: passive/aggressive natives, bad drivers who think they have the right away when getting onto the Read More

Time to market - 1/3/2014
This is a fascinating area. There are very large employers that are international in scope with the associated forward thinking. The city tends to be bogged down in its ability to get things done - the amount of time to recover from the flood, the unwillingness of the population to support a small tax to address the future, the strange distrust between the city and its leaders, some of the persons voted into office. Very Read More

Best Place to live - 12/9/2013
I've read some terrible reviews about this city and wanted to set it straight. I've lived here all my life and every time I think about relocating, the city always brings me back. Pros: low housing costs, lower gas prices, lower housing/car insurance, best schools in the country, nature trails. Cons: not the best concert scene, sometimes can be boring. We are not hillbillies or farm people, sure they exist here, but I never see them since we live in the city. Our city is expanding the culture scene, we already have an Art Museum, but we are gaining a couple of organic/natural food markets and expanding one of our malls. The best part about living in this city is that we are a 20 minute drive from Coralville/Iowa City which is a cultural hub at half the cost of living. Read More

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