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Background Information:

Manhattan, Kansas is a vibrant college town located in the heart of the Midwest. With a population of over 50,000, it is home to Kansas State University and has a rich history and strong sense of community. It is known for its affordable cost of living, diverse dining options, and access to outdoor activities. However, like any city, it also has its drawbacks. In order to get a better understanding of what it's like to live in Manhattan, we have gathered user reviews from the website

According to user reviews on, there are many positive aspects to living in Manhattan, Kansas. One reviewer, named Jake, raves about the community feel of the city, stating "The people here are so friendly and welcoming. It really feels like a small town even though it's a decent size." Another user, named Emily, highlights the affordable cost of living, saying "I was pleasantly surprised by how cheap it is to live here. I can afford a nice apartment and still have money left over for fun activities." Additionally, Sarah notes the abundance of outdoor activities available, stating "I love being able to hike, bike, and kayak all within a short drive from my house. The scenery here is beautiful."

However, there are also some downsides to living in Manhattan, as mentioned by some users. John expresses frustration with the traffic, saying "It can get pretty congested during rush hour, especially around campus. I've had to plan my commute carefully to avoid getting stuck in the chaos." Similarly, Maria points out the lack of diversity in the city, stating "I've noticed that there's not much racial or cultural diversity here. It can feel pretty homogenous at times." Despite these drawbacks, the majority of users seem to enjoy living in Manhattan and highly recommend it as a place to call home.

 based on 33 Reviews
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Good memories - 1/12/2016
I lived in your city briefly this past year of 2015. Liked it. The cost was a bit too high, but generally you have a decent town compared to some places I've visited. I am in Pueblo CO right now because of my job. Filthiest city I've ever seen. Manhattan, on the other hand, is nice and clean. I have fond memories of your town. You are the best, and cleanest small town in Kansas that I have been in. May visit you again sometime. Read More

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Great City - 10/29/2014
Manhattan is one of the best educational environments I have ever seen. The local school district is filled with passionate employees and the facilities are modern and well-maintained. Also in town are 3 wonderful colleges, Kansas State University, Manhattan Area Technical College, and Manhattan Christian Read More

Really depend on who you are and what you're looki - 7/26/2012
Manhattan is a wonderful place to live if you are thinking about retiring here, want a family away from the big city, or if you are a college student. Because it is a small, peaceful, city in Kansas there are a lot of older people that come here to retire and a lot of families that want their kids to grow up away from the city. However, Manhattan is home to Kansas State University (Im a student there!) so being a college town makes it beam with young energy as well. But, for young people looking to go up in the world and looking for No, no, no, and throw in another no just in case. It is quite boring after a while and there are definitely no opportunities for career growth here. Nightlife is very limited, though at least not non-existent. It is very safe, but police are...kind of out of control. I think they are just bored out of their minds because there is virtually no crime so they make it up, and they will stop you for the stupidest reasons so watch out for them. Read More

Best place to live - 7/4/2012
I moved back to Manhattan,Kansas about 11 years ago after being gone for about 30 years because it is still the best place to live, and has been recognized as such by several national magazine and survey Read More

whoo - 11/18/2009
:) Read More

health - 11/18/2009
low outbreak of Read More

Its great - 11/18/2009
Manhattan is Read More

RETIREMENT - 10/12/2009
The fastest growing county in the United States. Ther is NO Read More

Military- College Town - 9/17/2009
I only lived in Manhattan, KS for 11 months. This city is seriously in the middle of no where, but there are a lot of things to do there. Lots of scenic driving and hiking, movie theater, decent size mall, public pool, ann a nice size city park. This place is family- AND college Read More

College Town - 5/11/2009
Manhattan is an undiscovered gem of a college town. The cost of living is quite reasonable. I remember that when we first arrived here I asked my husband how long we had to stay. I have since let loose all my coastal prejudices and have become charmed by Manhattan.

Manhattan sits in the Flint Hills. We have woodlands, lakes, undisturbed tall grass prairie, good fishing, and a mild climate. I've been quite happy here for the past 15 years, and am no longer sure that moving away for retirement will find us a better Read More

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