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As one of the largest cities in Michigan and home to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor offers a diverse and vibrant community for its residents. With a population of over 120,000, the city boasts a thriving downtown area, access to outdoor recreation, and a renowned education system. However, living in Ann Arbor comes with its own set of pros and cons, which can be seen through the various user reviews on

According to user "Linda" on BestPlaces, Ann Arbor is "a great place to live" with "plenty of culture, restaurants, and outdoor activities." She also notes that the city is "very eco-friendly and progressive," which is a major draw for many residents.

In contrast, "Mark" shares his experience of living in Ann Arbor as "expensive" and "crowded." He explains that the cost of living is high and the traffic can be overwhelming, especially during rush hour. However, he also mentions that the "quality of life is pretty good" and there are "plenty of job opportunities."

Another user, "Caroline," praises the city for its "sense of community" and "excellent public schools." She also highlights the "beautiful parks and nature areas" that provide a great escape from city life.

On the other hand, "Jason" expresses his frustration with the "lack of diversity" in Ann Arbor. He mentions that the city is "predominantly white" and there is a "lack of representation for minority communities." However, he also notes that the city is "very welcoming" and has a "strong sense of community."

Overall, the user reviews on BestPlaces provide a well-rounded view of living in Ann Arbor. While some residents rave about the city's cultural offerings and quality of life, others point out the high cost of living and lack of diversity. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to weigh these factors and decide if Ann Arbor is the right place for them to call home.

 based on 49 Reviews
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Good - 8/2/2017
Highly educated city. traffic and parking is bad. university culture is nice, not sure about elsewhere. no good pizza! if you're looking for food, I recommend "a taste of india / suvai" which is great. Read More

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Hope to like it more with time... - 3/7/2017
Uh, compared to my other favorite college towns this one lacks flavor. Safer and kinda pretty, but not the greenest place, it's fine. Good restaurants, music, art, culture but lacks some diversity and alternative lifestyles. Awesome public schools, though. Fantastic quality there. Just lacking some oomph I hope to find. People kinda stand offish and keep to themselves, but not really rude. Traffic not that bad, crime low, services adequate but not best--lack of public parks in my opinion, but probably good compared to most cities. Kinda like wonder bread here. Good but not Read More

public transportation - 2/18/2015
Ann Arbor bus service (AATA) is quite good. The Detroit Metro Airport is only a 20 min. drive away and is also quite good. The traffic in Ann Arbor is usually mild except around the University of Michigan Stadium on a game day. Even then its not so Read More

Streets and - 2/16/2015
Streets and roads are third world. This is pothole city. It has been awful for 40 years and has reached the point where you need an SUV. Read More

Dreaming of moving to Charleston, but worried I'm - 10/9/2014
My husband and I are sick of MI winters and are ready to move to the South. We fell in love with Charleston on a trip a few years ago. I literally have been dreaming of living there ever since (like many others.) I think we'd love the weather, beaches, recreational opportunities, music, art and theatre scene and the rich culture & history. And also the amazing restaurants! We were SO impressed with the top notch restaurants there! We are in our mid-thirties with a 1 and 4 yr. old and finding a good job won't be an issue (because I've spent hours on job boards and see there's not a ton but a few good job opportunities for us.) I see us living in Mt. Pleasant or maybe Daniel Island since some of the best K-12 schools are there. Our budget would be around $ 500k. However, I worry that because we're from the North and have a more moderate to liberal political perspective, that we might not fit in. Are we going to meet some like-minded young families in Mt. Pleasant? Or are we Read More

Summers: Bearable. Winters: Bearable. - 7/14/2014
The summers aren't great in Ann Arbor. They're drier than the south but not nearly as nice as anywhere out west. The winters are cold but it doesn't snow *that* Read More

A Great Place to Live - 4/21/2014
We moved to Ann Arbor in 1999. Of course the University adds to the vibrancy of life here, but it goes beyond that. We have found Ann Arbor to offer a good quality of life, Good Schools, Neighborhoods and people are very friendly. A place where you can feel safe going out for a walk or a bicycle ride. Culturally, there is a good mix of Music and Art depending on your individual taste. The Annual Art Fair is a fantastic event, we attend each year and because it is so expansive, it is never boring. The Artists have so may wonderful works to look at. If you are a "Foodie" then you will enjoy the endless variety of unique restaurants along Main Street and throughout the area.  Read More

Excellent university town - 2/23/2012
Ann Arbor is an excellent -- if not small - University town. Indeed I would not be using this website if it were a town of close to 300,000 instead of 120,000. It has nice restaurants, and great music that the University brings in, but it lacks a bit more culture. Plus my siblings live far away and so that is why I'm looking at this site to see what I've giving up versus would be moving too. But if you like small town feel than Ann Arbor is you place to be for sure. The culture it has is excellent. It is close to lots of parks and trails -- so if you are an outdoors person then you have access to that. It lacks mountains and ocean, but I guess you can't have Read More

As expensive as Portland, Seattle, outskirts of Sa - 2/8/2012
It's great here if you're going to the University. Otherwise, there is no reason to put up with 6 plus months long winters, 100% cloud cover for 3/4ths of the year, FREEZING cold weather and overly humid and mosquitoed weather for 3 months and very few job opportunities combined with VERY little to do. Sure, there's the hands on museum and a couple small things to do- but really, this is not enough (for me) compared to other places to justify the cost of living here. The gas prices are some of the highest in the nation, housing costs are RIDICULOUS, and you NEED a car or two in a family to get around due to the lack of transportation. It's not uncommon to pay over $2000 a month just in Morgage or rent for a house in Ann Arbor, plus don't forget the $500-$1000 on top of that for a car or two, then add you're utilities. NYC is the same price! For what??! Read More

retirement town - 2/5/2011
I've lived here for 35 years and don't plan to leave. I'm retiring here. As a university town there is much cultural activity--several theater venues for plays, music, dance, international events, lectures, athletics and the largest summer art fair in the country, many places for life-long learning, an art museum, an art center, various galleries, a hugh number of restaurant choices including the nationally known Zingermans Deli, the requisite large shopping mall. There are endless things to explore and people of all ages to connect with including an active gay and lesbian community. A much larger city would have similar options without close access to outdoor activities summer and winter and rivers and lakes. The Huron River and Kensington Park have canoe and kayak rentalsf. Detroit is 45 min away, Metro Airport 30 min away, Grand Rapids the home of a world class sculpture garden and exhibit gallery within a complex of greenhouses is 2 hrs away, Chicago 5 hrs away, Toledo with Read More

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