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Star Rating - 2/8/2012
It's great here if you're going to the University. Otherwise, there is no reason to put up with 6 plus months long winters, 100% cloud cover for 3/4ths of the year, FREEZING cold weather and overly humid and mosquitoed weather for 3 months and very few job opportunities combined with VERY little to do. Sure, there's the hands on museum and a couple small things to do- but really, this is not enough (for me) compared to other places to justify the cost of living here. The gas prices are some of the highest in the nation, housing costs are RIDICULOUS, and you NEED a car or two in a family to get around due to the lack of transportation. It's not uncommon to pay over $2000 a month just in Morgage or rent for a house in Ann Arbor, plus don't forget the $500-$1000 on top of that for a car or two, then add you're utilities. NYC is the same price! For what??!
debra | Saline, MI
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Agreed. The cost of living is completely failing anyone who didn't buy here in the the decades before 2000. To put it truthfully, it doesn't exist. A house that would cost you 225k in the suburbs will easily be double anywhere within city limits. Good luck driving around the potholes. The infastructure around AA has not been modified to take on the population increases during the past 25 years, expect heavy traffic and lots of accidents on US-23/I-94 on a daily basis. Not fun for commuters. Some wonderful signature dining/retail establishments have been driven off by unaffordable commercial leasing and overall commercial space availability much like with residential properties. This city SCREAMS yuppie and it doesn't take much more than a walk downtown to figure this out. Lots of arrogance in general - no sign of the vibrant counter culture/activist happenings that once thrived outside of a few bookstores and museums. Gentrification of the downtown area has taken much of the overall character. I'd rather walk in to a dive and drink warm beer then walk in to Bar Louie for anything. U of M (whole different thread) football fans pack the city on Fall weekends and love to trash the place and leave without cleaning after themselves. Public transportation and recreation (trails, water etc.) are top notch and it's very nice to have access to such affordable modes of transportation and exercise. Bottom line is you have to have money to live here. Very few employers pay what it takes to live here (Zingerman's for one, and they sell $15/plates of mac n cheese). The rents and mortgages and tuition will continue to rise and like everywhere else deemed likable, the middle and lower class will be squeezed out in order to make room for corporate America's fine upper class. Fun to visit but I'd move somewhere else if you're not part of "I have multiple bmw's in the garage" crowd.
Les | Ann Arbor, MI | Report Abuse
- 8/2/2017
Highly educated city. traffic and parking is bad. university culture is nice, not sure abo...
Jaba | Ann Arbor, MI | No Replies

- 3/7/2017
Hope to like it more with time...
Uh, compared to my other favorite college towns this one lacks flavor. Safer and kinda pr...
Jason | Baltimore, MD | 3 Replies

- 2/18/2015
public transportation
Ann Arbor bus service (AATA) is quite good. The Detroit Metro Airport is only a 20 min. dr...
Laura | Ann Arbor, MI | No Replies

- 2/16/2015
Streets and
Streets and roads are third world. This is pothole city. It has been awful for 40 years an...
m.c. | Canton, MI | No Replies

- 10/9/2014
Dreaming of moving to Charleston, but worried I'm
My husband and I are sick of MI winters and are ready to move to the South. We fell in lov...
Jami | Brighton, MI | 1 Reply

- 7/14/2014
Summers: Bearable. Winters: Bearable.
The summers aren't great in Ann Arbor. They're drier than the south but not nearly as nice...
Matthew | Ann Arbor, MI | No Replies

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