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Best skiing/snow. A Great place to live healthy! - 10/15/2019
I lived here for 6 years. Best powder skiing I have ever had in my lifetime. This place has world class recreation second to none and extremely close to town. I'd never felt healthier than when I lived here due to lifestyle. Great air quality. Overall a fun town day and night. Bozeman is wonderful and has wonderful people!! And lots of sunny days to Read More

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Over-rated Bozangelas - 11/23/2018
I've held a mailing address since 2004. It was nice when it was a sleepy cow town. The town has become so overrun with Californians and Boulderites. Lift lines are insane at the local ski areas, hiking trails are overrun, dogs are banned in all open spaces, public land access is a zoo with idiot hunters and the fishing has gone to sh*t with every joe in a drift boat. What is worse is idiots walk up next to you while you are wade fishing and cast into the same pool... you don't come to big sky country to stand next to somebody while fishing. Plus dirt bikes rip up the single track mountain bike trails within a few years of their creation. Individuals visit here and think its nice on a summer day then move in and realize winter lasts 9 months. These same individuals bring in their wealth from Orange County and drive the real estate prices to insane levels. Crappy built spec homes on 1/8 acre with a granite countertop for $500K+. The town has no concept of zoning for new growth Read More

This IS our last best place! - 12/10/2017
We have lived on the west coast, in east-central, in the south, and in the midwest. The sense of humor of the residents of Bozeman, who often have also lived in numerous other areas of the United States, pleases us. Most people in Bozeman are articulate, honest, polite, and church members. If those attributes are what you value, then you, too, will value Bozeman. Admittedly housing is more expensive than expected, but this is a DIY-style place. Admittedly the dog population is hi, but the animal control officer is highly effective. Admittedly the winters are often very cold, but puffers and heavy jeans and cowboy boots are the style. Yep, in our opinion, Bozeman is the last best place.  Read More

Local Who Hates It - 5/24/2017
I grew up in Bozeman. I still live here. This place is overrun with 1) Californians, 2) East Coasters, 3) Boulderites, 4) trustfunders, 5) assorted rich assholes from out-of-state, and 6) itinerant bros coming for the skiing and flyfishing . Categories 1-5 move here, push up real estate prices, don't support the local economy by creating new jobs or working here, and in general have made it a hostile environment for those of us who grew up here and hoped to stay here. I make $60K a year (which is an anomaly in Bozeman), and I still can't afford a house here. Otherwise, the transplants who move here are cliquey and snobby.

Wages are REALLY low, and most of the jobs are in the service industry. Prices on EVERYTHING are near or above the national average. We get winter 6-7 months out of the year. This year, in fact, we had snow on May 17. If it's not snowing, it's cold. Even in the summer, it cools down at night enough to merit a jacket and long pants.

The Read More
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Montanan suggesting living anywhere else in state - 4/24/2017
I'm a born and raised Montanan and have lived in every part of the state and Bozeman is my least favorite place so far. I came here for the college (which is way too experience for being taught only by TA's) and can't wait to get out.

Pros: Beautiful views, great hiking paths, dog friendly, low crime

Cons: Housing is insane! Everyone has a dog here and yet no rentals allow pets so you're forced to either buy a house or sneak your pet in. Bozeman is currently the fastest growing city in the U.S. at 4.6% growth and the city has not prepared at all for it. The streets are confusing and it is a 3-hour wait to get a title certificate or licence plates from the Treasurer's Office. The winter gets depressing if you aren't a snow bum because there is nothing else to do but that or become an alcoholic and join everyone downtown. It seems like everyone here is unfriendly and depressed, which actually could be the case considering how few sunny days there are. The Read More

Nice to visit, but you don't want to live there - 4/7/2017
I move to Bozeman in Sept of 2016. Nice weather at that time. Renting a house. $2200/month for 3br on a .5ac with a fenced yard. It's a nice little city. Expensive to live here. Very little pet friendly rentals. Housing costs are high, pay is low. There doesn't appear to be much crime other than graffiti. People are nice. Winter is long and very cold. Still getting snow in April. If you ride dirtbikes....forget it. There are only a handful places you can ride year round. Most places are closed from October to June. The local MX track costs $400/yr for 1 person to ride. I'm planning move further south as soon as Read More

Affordable rentals are a rarity - 1/6/2017
The housing stats are flawed for the cost of rentals in Bozeman. I don't know where they got their information. Perhaps they came to these rates based on an average including the surrounding communities. A quick search on Craigslist will reveal that there is no such thing as any housing for less than $600; if you found a studio apt for that price, or less, it would be a hovel an old motel room or a room in someone's basement. For one to live alone in this town would cost at least $800/month for rent. Most rentals are $1,000+. And if you have a pet, you can forget it. If a place is posted on Craigslist that is affordable and/or allows pets, it is snatched up immediately (within an hour or two). Good luck if you are a regular person trying to find affordable housing (30% of gross earnings); you will need it. Read More

Pls Review Bozeman MT - 1/30/2016
I currently live in the SF Bay Area and 3 of my empty-nester friends have recently moved to Bozeman. These 3 different families moved there because friends of theirs also moved there. It feels like a quiet migration is happening. Can you please do a more in-depth review of Bozeman, MT? Thanks, Read More

Earns the name "Last Best Place", if you can handl - 6/29/2014
I'm a southern transplant here & I've been here for over 12 years. I've lived all over the US. This is my Utopia. (Almost!) But it's not for everyone. The winter is WAY long, but if you enjoy snow, it is the perfect place. The air is very dry, and hot in the summer, although it is a brief season. Most houses do not even have A/C. The college MSU provides a lot of opportunities.
I've seen many young families move in and out over the years, because it is expensive - but still less than most major cities. You are paying for the view. And it's a good one, from almost every neighborhood in the Gallatin Valley you have a 360 view of mountains.
I'm not too worried about this post attracting too many people, because like I said, the winters are LONG, growing season is short, & I've seen a lot of people move away. Bozeman is perfect- for the right Read More

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374 Kimball Ave
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535 Quinn Creek Rd
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1783 Star Ridge Rd
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5410 Snowbrite St
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1950 Stewart Loop
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78800 Gallatin Rd
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50 Ramshorn Peak Ln
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