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Happy in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho after three ye - 12/31/2016
Technically I live in Rio Rancho -- across the river from Albuquerque but this is essentially one place. I've been here three years and I'm retired and happy. People complain about traffic but it is almost always a problem with bridge traffic over the Rio Grande. Schools in Rio Rancho are good. In Albuquerque it is a little spotty and there are quite a few families using private academies. Do some research. I chose Rio Rancho mainly because I wanted more land than a city lot.

The climate is wonderful if you like sunny four season weather. Nights are below freezing now but days are sunny and in the 50s and we have not had snow in the city yet -- mountains and ski areas have snow. It rarely gets into the 100s in summer (107 is the record). Swamp coolers are more common than AC. There are many recreational options -- even in town. The hiking and bike trails go well into the back country. This is high desert but with forested mountains minutes away.

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So much wasted beauty - 9/2/2016
My wife and I came to Albuquerque to retire 3 years ago. We explored the city first to see if it seemed like a good fit. It is a very deceptive city because it's beautiful, with mountains and forest nearby, and frankly probably the best year around weather in the U.S. if you like a little variety, with no extremes.

We are moving back to the frozen northern U.S. because this place is pathetic.

The incompetence and corruption here will drive you nuts and is literally life threatening. If you deal with any kind of business including medical institutions, they will not do what they say they will do, and you have to follow up about 15 times before you get an appointment. This of course is unacceptable in medical settings. People die here because of incompetence and neglect. This ALONE is a reason nobody should retire here.

As everyone mentions, the crime is through the roof. We live in one of the better neighborhoods in the far N.E. Heights. In the Read More

Crap Hole - 8/16/2016
This place has bad violent crime and gangs. I can hardly wait to leave this crap hole. The US should give this state back to Read More

Cool and beautiful little city except for......... - 7/31/2016
Ahh...........quirky, cute, landscape glorious and just downright abstract
little ABQ. I lived there for a month shy of 4 years and wouldn't take back
that time for anything. There's something cosmic about central to northern
NM and if you're asingle man with nothing chained to your feet then this place
is a must. However, you have to be in government work or have a medical degree
or you will NOT make a decent living. New Mexico is 2nd to dead last in job
growth and the fiscally liberal policies keep welfare #1 there. However, if you
have money or a good job there then holy moly can you live a great life. That is unless your idea of living involves sports bars and video games. If you want to get or feel inspired then from anywhere in real albuquerque, most anything east of I-25, you're only within 12 minutes of world class hiking, cross country skiing, rock and mountain climbing and wilderness that is vast and potentially life threatening Read More

Pig hole - 7/23/2016
Use to be a nice city in the early 1990s. Crime is off the is an illegal immigrant haven. Few respect the police here. Government is corrupt. I would not even visit here unless I had Read More

From a native New Mexican who has lived elsewhere - 6/8/2016
I have lived in Albuquerque for the past 13 years (originally from Santa Fe), and I love it here!

I have traveled extensively and lived out of state, so I have seen many other places, and Albuquerque has so much to offer!

- Amazing climate! Not too hot, not too cold. Four distinct seasons.
- Natural beauty you will be hard pressed to find in any other state. So many day trips to national parks, monuments, and forests. And our parks aren't overcrowded! You can actually get some solitude outdoors here.
- Incredible outdoor recreation opportunities in your backyard: hiking, mountain biking, fishing, camping, climbing, hunting, skydiving, paragliding off the Sandia Mountains! World-class skiing is only 1-2 hours away! You don't have to make a three day schlep to Colorado and shell out a ton of money in order to get in some good skiing. And our slopes are not crowded.
- Affordability! Home ownership is within reach. Many charming Read More

39 year Native from ABQ NM - The Good, the bad, an - 5/23/2016
I was born and raised in Albuquerque NM and lived there for nearly 39 years (minus 4 years in the military). I will never dispute the fact that Albuquerque is my hometown and there are many things I absolutely love about the high desert Southwest, but there are probably more things that I've grown to dislike as I've gotten older. In the past year, my family decided to move away from my hometown in search of a better quality of life. Here are some of the reasons that play a part in our decisions to leave Albuquerque.

I am formally educated, having a BBA and MBA degrees, and have been a working IT professional for nearly 19 years. In a nutshell, Albuquerque's job market is pretty miserable when compared with other similarly sized cities. I remember in college at UNM, I learned that New Mexico has the highest number of government jobs (per capita) and the lowest number of private sector jobs (per capita) in the entire country. What that Read More

Abq is just ok - 3/15/2016
I agree that doing business here you will deal with a lot of unprofessional types and much depends on your standards and what you will tolerate. I cannot say more how this unprofessional business standard is accepted here. I have personally'fired' an insurance agent, a realtor, a dentist, tried to swap my kid's elementary teacher (she wanted a second chance), dealt with unmindful service writers at a dealership, a snotty gym, home developers. I think the swindle like business manner exists. I have noticed this character more while living in similar apocolyptic desert conditions like California and Arizona desert areas. On the other hand, UNM medical/dental facility has been pretty satisfying for family medical/dental care. Also, as secondary level medical/dental provider I have been reluctant to obtain my licensing in this state due to many reasons but NM asks for a lot of fees other states do not ask for.
Local People: can behave friendly except when they are driving.  Read More

Home Invasions/Property crime - 2/6/2016
Property crime is at an all time high. No one is talking about what measures need to be taken for prevention.
People need to be aware, don't leave your garage opener in your vehicle parked outside of your house. Lock your car. Don't leave anything in your car of value, especially if you are going walking near the nature center, don't let anyone see you locking items in your trunk. You will see the warning signs in just about every parking lot for a reason. Install cameras at your residence, if you are lucky you can catch an image of the offender. Sometimes PD will look at the footage, most of the time they don't care. If you will notice, many neighborhoods use bars on windows, this should be a red flag if you are looking to purchase in that area. Many residents are now fighting
back and arming themselves to protect their property and Read More

DWI in NM - 2/6/2016
The culture of drunk driving in NM is rampant, even the politicians get busted, if anything is to change it
needs to come from the 80 years of legislature. The changes will not happen because the politicians don't want change or any real reform. Read More

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6408 Gonzales Rd SW
Bed 3 | Bath 1

305 General Hodges St NE
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12520 Apache Pl NE
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11412 Golden Gate Ave NE
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6431 Duero Pl NW
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2304 Dietz Pl NW
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212 Montclaire Dr NE
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