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Akron from the perpective of a 23 year-old - 5/6/2018
My goodness, I had to create an account to counterbalance all the negative people. I grew up in Ellet, went to an Akron Public School, graduated with a bachelor's from the U of Akron, and now am a student at Mount Union in near-by Alliance. I personally enjoy living here. Parks are great and it's geographically located in a great location. I take trips to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Columbus quite often. Akron has a lot of working class neighborhoods and a lot of people really take pride in up-keeping their house. Of course, we have ghettos too. Akron has given me a lot of opportunities (I got a full-ride to U of A because I actually work hard in life). A lot of people want hand-out in life and expect city's to cater to them. Reality is, life is what you make it. I'm going to be an innovator in this city and that's exciting to me. I see an economy that's begging to be reawakened. Final note, The Black Keys and LeBron James both have roots here, that's all I need. Read More

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what Akron was - 11/9/2017
I lived here 66-81. My home was in West Akron, and I went to Firestone High class of 74. I went back in 2015 Aug. and I was shocked to see how the town has gone down. Jobs are scare, and my old neighborhood is nothing like it was. It's so sad. Many of the families I once knew are dead or long gone. For me it's a city of ghosts, and I really wish I could come back. Akron has a great library system, parks system, and state univ. It's easy to handle the traffic, and if you can take cold winters it's not too bad. The worst part is the local economy--how people survive I don't know. I left for TX in 81, did well, but I would return but to what? The quality of the people I knew in Akron was very good compared to lots of other places I've been. Akron has low housing prices, and if they could bring jobs back, the city would prosper again. I don't see how it could happen in my lifetime unless they get a windfall of some Read More

crime in akron - 1/4/2016
The city is a turd hole living in Akron for forty Read More

A city going downhill... - 5/6/2015
I lived in Akron and other surrounding cities for 30 years and unfortunately I witnessed this city go downhill rapidly throughout this time. I only regret that I didn't get out sooner. This is a city that is basically a suburb of Cleveland and resembles the same depressing qualities but on a smaller scale. It has been hit hard from the loss of industrialized jobs and the rubber factories that once brought many people to the city and has had a difficult time recovering. All of the neighborhoods are full of abandoned buildings and dilapidated houses and it is no wonder that everyone is leaving the city which is proven by it's high loss of population that continues to this day. I can't think of one good neighborhood to live in any more and the only ones that are worth it are cities and towns outside of the Akron such as Fairlawn and Stow.
The economy is poor as it is very difficult to find a decent job even if you are college educated and also crime is increasing by the day. It Read More

Akron, OH - 10/22/2012
Not going to move anytime soon...it looks pretty good compared to many places I've been in the past few years, even for all of the complaining folks do about how much things cost. I find the most complaints come from folks who do not get out of the Read More

Living in Akron Ohio - 4/22/2010
We were transplants to Akron nearly 30 years ago and it has been our home ever since. In those intervening years we have seen the rebirth of the downtown area, the expansion and development of the University of Akron campus, and the development of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Biking and hiking trails, a scenic railroad line, and proximity to a variety of cultural activities make Akron a pleasing place to Read More

Weather is tolerable, but lack of sunshine is depr - 1/8/2010
Weather is tolerable compared to many midwestern cities, but so many cloudy days and lack of sunshine are Read More

No Jobs, High Crime & Racial Tension what’s not to - 9/8/2009
I think it’s funny that most of the people saying Akron isn’t that bad don’t live there.
The surrounding areas have nice schools and low crime. Hudson, Tallmadge, C. Falls, or Stow are all decent areas. After living in Akron my whole life and watching it fall apart and get worse by the day I was finally able to move my family out. If you do move there I would recommend buying a gun.
I can’t say enough about how bad the crime in Akron is. The hospital I worked at received about 3 gunshot wounds a week and we are only one of 3 trauma centers equipped to deal with them. That’s not including the ones that died on the scene. For a city with less than 250,000 that is ridiculous.
Racial tension is high. By that I mean that the blacks really mess with the whites. I’m sure I will be called a racist for saying that. If you’re a white family and you send your kids to public schools they will be in tons of fights. The school will ignore it.
There are no jobs in Read More

Housing - 8/3/2009
I am presently looking for some really private senior housing which will include my dog. Rents are the cheapest I've seen, having come from Vineland, N.J., which is sky-high.

The social services are adequate, but need to do more for disabled, handicapped, homeless, jobless and otherwise people who are going down the tubes. What are we? A welfare state rapidly turning into a third world country? Get with it, Mid-West! Be an example for the rest of this joke!
Andrea F. Read More

school project - 1/23/2009
This website is amazing! It's the best website to use for any Read More

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